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From Identity Visuals comes Animalators: curious conversations from the world of animation. On each episode, animator Zac Dixon sits down with members of the animation community to discuss life, art, business and the creative process.

From Identity Visuals comes Animalators: curious conversations from the world of animation. On each episode, animator Zac Dixon sits down with members of the animation community to discuss life, art, business and the creative process.
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From Identity Visuals comes Animalators: curious conversations from the world of animation. On each episode, animator Zac Dixon sits down with members of the animation community to discuss life, art, business and the creative process.






Episode 51: Austin Mann

Austin Mann is a travel photographer who is constantly on the move creating content for today’s best brands. He also founded Weld, a co-working space and community for creative pros. On the episode, we talk about fostering creative communities, how to face closed doors in your creative career and how to pitch yourself. Links: Website: Twitter: WELD: Good To Great:...


Episode 50: Wesley Slover

Wesley Slover is the founder of Sono Sanctus, a sound design studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. On the episode, we talk about Wesley’s music library, learning to think like a designer, and his love for game development. Links: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Marmoset Music: Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences: Twenty Thousand Hertz:...


Episode 49: Ross Plascow

Ross Plascow, is a freelance animator and creator of Meat Mysteries. Having worked with the likes of Google, Target, Disney XD, Hulu, and Facebook, he told us a little bit more about his university beginnings, falling into freelance and the London animation scene. Links: Website - Twitter - Instagram - / Meat Mysteries - Animade - Greg Gunn...


Episode 48: Wednesday Studio

Daniela Negrín Ochoa and Iria López are the co-founders of Wednesday Studio based in London, UK. We talk about how they work together as a team, why they often exchange roles, and the importance of always having a personal project on hand. Links: Website - Twitter - Instagram - Anchorpoint - Strange Beast - NFTS - Daniel Clarke -...


Episode 47: Lana Simanenkova

Lana Simanenkova is an animator and designer at Animade in London, UK. On the episode we talked the Animade created program, Boards, gathering inspiration from tumblr, and the Estonian animation scene. Links : Website : Twitter : Animade : Notes : -Animade -Character work -Talking to Clients and being nervous -Storyboards and style frames -Boards -Boards drawing tools and photoshop -Gathering inspiration...


Episode 46: Lauren Hartstone

Lauren Hartstone is a new staff creative director at Sibling Rivalry, having worked with a myriad of companies like Stardust, LoyalKasper, MTV, Imaginary Forces, and Gretel. On this week’s episode we talked about the pros and cons of being scatterbrained, how she approaches a pitch, pulling references, and the necessity of learning from other people. Links : Website : Sibling Rivalry : Imaginary Forces :...


Episode 45: Bee Grandinetti

Bee Grandinetti is an independent graphic designer, animator and illustrator who is currently working on a team at Google Creative Lab. On the episode, we talked about her consistent desire to learn, her love for small companies and working in her PJs, and how she manages to still be social while working so many hours. Links: Website: Motionographer Article - Notes: -Hyper...


Episode 44: Daniel Savage

Daniel Savage is a designer and director based in Los Angeles, CA. On the episode, we talked about his deep love for Instagram, why animation is best done in the context of a team, and the reason for mixed parts. Links: Website: Twitter: Motionographer Article: Vanity Fair Article:...


Episode 43: Joey Korenman

Joey Korenman is the founder of School of Motion and author of The Freelance Manifesto. During the episode, we talk about why and how he started School of Motion, a few tips from The Freelance Manifesto and his love for teaching, his kids and a short commute. Links: The Freelance Manifesto School of Motion: Toil: Twitter: Highlights: - - Story behind his new...


Episode 42: Live at Blend Fest 2017

On this week’s episode, we were live at Blend Fest 2017 with Andrew Kramer, Patrick Osborne and Erica Gorochow. During the panel, we talked about how originality is a byproduct of authenticity, how their is power in saying yes to something you may not be ready for and the importance of creating in new mediums. Links: Andrew’s website Patrick’s website Erica’s Website Tilt Brush -...


Episode 41: Block & Tackle

Ted & Adam are the founders of the NYC-based design and animation studio Block & Tackle. During the episode, we talk about what it’s like to work with FX, the difference between being fine artists and commercial artists, and how they balance the fear and unknown in projects. Links: Website: Twitter: Highlights: -Work habits -Managing staff -Working with people you like -Letting employees do what they do best -Varying...


Episode 40: Gunner

Ian & Nick are the founders of Gunner, a Detroit based animation and illustration studio. During the episode, we talk about their studio mantra “no bad frames,” how they attract good artists to their studio, and finding inspiration through old books. Links: Website: Twitter: Highlights: -Six people - studio growth -More comfortable now -Hiring people to do the things they don’t know how to do -How they began their...


Episode 39: Dave Chenell

Dave Chenell is on the motion team at Google. During the episode, we talk about his love for designing games, his new found joy in creating music, and the importance of finishing and sharing your passion projects. Links: Twitter: Website: Highlights: -Job at Google -Studied information studies -Failed startup -Learning to code -The more knowledge you get the more cautious you are to approach new things -The Dark Room -David...


Episode 38: Jay Grandin Interviews Zac Dixon

Zac Dixon is the creative director at IV in Nashville, TN and also happens to be the host of this very podcast. During the conversation, our guest host, Jay Grandin, (creative director / owner of Giant Ant) and Zac talk about why he started Animalators, how he built up his studio in Nashville and his love for personal projects. Links: Twitter: Website: Castle Rock Trailer:...


Mini Episode: Limited Edition T-Shirts

On this week’s mini episode, Zac shares about our new Animalator product: limited edition t-shirts featuring the animalators designed by our guests. For our first t-shirt, we chose Justyna Stasik’s hermit crab (Ep. 36)! To check out the t-shirt go to Fifty percent of all the profits go to the artist, while the other half goes to help support the costs associated with running Animalators. We are thankful for your support and are excited to continue cultivating community...


Episode 37: Linn Fritz

Linn Fritz is a designer and animator from Sweden, currently working at Buck in Sydney, Australia. During the episode, we talk about her experience at Hyper Island, the importance of being outside your comfort zone, and how she started Punanimation. Links: Website: Twitter: Hyper Island: Punanimation -Life at Buck Sydney, Australia -Small team creating...


Episode 36: Yeah Haus

Michelle & Chad are the owners of Yeah Haus a collaborative studio in Detroit, Michigan. During the episode, we talk about Michelle’s history in children's book illustration, a breakdown of their Short film: Victor, and the complex balance between work and life. Links: Website: Twitter: Short Film: Highlights: -Freelancers vs. Studio -Directors duo -Pros and cons of being a jack of all...


Episode 35: Justyna Stasik

Justyna Stasik is a Polish illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. During our conversation, we talked about her journey of developing her own style, how she begins personal projects and the importance of finding time for them in the midst of client work. Links: Website: Twitter: Highlights: -Working on some editorial work -Greeting card companies -Normally have one big project at a time -Started drawing in high...


Episode 34: Xoana Herrera

Xoana Herrera is an artist at Buck, a production company in Los Angeles, CA. During our conversation, we talked about how she finds inspiration, what it’s like working for Buck and the importance of finding a unique voice and having courage as an artist. Links: Kyle Brushes: Twitter: Website: Highlights: - Husband had a video noticed by Buck - Came from Argentina - Learning English - Figuring out what it looks...


Episode 33: Animade

James Chambers and Tom Judd are the founders of Animade, a studio based in London, England. During the episode, we talked about the pros and cons of pitching, their storyboard tool: Boords, and the importance of delegating. Links: Website - Twitter- Boords - Highlights: -Co-founder and Creative director -Started as a blog -Organic growth -Teaching internally and in universities -Storyboard...


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