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Episode 38

Here it is! The last episode of the year! Thomas and Mary go through their favorite titles of 2017...everything's up for grabs and the stakes are high! Will they agree on the same best titles? And, as a bonus, they review an oldie but goodie. Who doesn't love the Spirit Gun?

Duration: 00:53:32

Episode 37

Why should you read The Promised Neverland? Listen and find out. Also we're very tired.

Duration: 01:04:06

Episode 36

What a week we had for anime! Just Because and MMO Junkie are in the front of Mary and Thomas' minds...with Inuyashiki also rocking it. There's also a lot of exciting(and sad)news in the anime world that has to be mentioned! Also, what's better: watching weekly vs binging? You have to listen to find out!

Duration: 01:05:48

Episode 35

Thomas is back!! We get right back to where we left off, loving anime and life! We gush over Inuyashiki and Net-Juu no Susume. Then, we have a super interesting conversation about Death Note, Erased and other psychological thrillers. What makes them so good? Plus a bonus Thanksgiving segment!

Duration: 00:55:55

Episode 34

In Thomas' abscence, our good friend John is back! Listen to him give Boruto the attention it deserves and a few serious throwbacks. When was the last time you thought of Katekyo Hitman Reborn or Ouran High School Host Club. Best friends for ten years, listen to Mary and John at their anime finest as they reminisce and be their Doubleplay best!

Duration: 01:07:01

Episode 33

Mary's riding solo this week in her own episode! She finally gets a chance to talk about Sangatsu no Lion and Boruto, as well as some of her other favorites! She also goes through the limited edition release of the Kimi no na wa DVD/Blu Ray set and one of her favorite anime openings of all time. GUILTY CROWN! Thomas isn't here but she's still happy you are! Come enjoy the ride!

Duration: 00:42:50

Episode 32

We mix it up and play a crazy ridiculous/awkward/fun game of smash or pass. Who would we smash? Who would we pass? It's definitely interesting and, since we're recording in person, insanity ensues! We also talk about one of our favorite manga ever, Hikaru no Go!

Duration: 00:53:25

Episode 31

Brought to you by Mary! We talk about one of Mary's favorite parts of the anime experience: the music! Climb on bored as we go through some under-appreciated anime OPs, EDs and OSTs as Mary gushes and raves about her favorite songs and the recent anime she's been watching. Warning: you are about to listen to an enthusiastic musician. Be warned. Mary's thoughts on Kids on the Slope:

Duration: 01:05:33

Episode 30

Are you ready to be Doubleplay Approved? Thomas and Mary throw ratings around left and right, talk about the rest of the Fall 2017 season and handle a serious topic; anime vs. manga. Also, do you know who's got the power? Who's gonna cast the spell? Well, they're gonna save the day! Mary's thoughts on Sangatsu no Lion:

Duration: 01:01:38

Episode 29

An episode about first episodes! To celebrate our first episode on YouTube, we talk about more first episodes of Fall 2017 and our favorite first episodes of all time! We also go back to the usual routine and have our Random Anime Review and OP discussion! We laugh, yell and omg black clover why. One of the most fun episode to record in a while!

Duration: 00:57:30

Episode 28

We wrap up the Summer season and start to dig into Fall 2017! Just a little taste of what we thought of the newest shows to hold you over until next week's mega episode!

Duration: 00:38:31

Episode 27

What an action-packed episode! We DISAGREE and YELL and is anime mainstream? Is Bakugo a future villian? Is Nichijou actually funny? Is Thomas ever going to learn anyone's name? We don't know because WE CAN'T STOP YELLING AT EACH OTHER! This one is fun guys. We love you and love this podcast! Thanks for being a part of it! Also, here's Mary's blog:

Duration: 01:07:14

Episode 26

We bring to you non-stop anime this week! With the one season's end and another's beginning, Mary and Thomas take the time to reflect on some of the Summer's finales and choose some of their favorites for the Fall 2017 anime season. There's so much anime packed into this episode, it's hard to keep straight!

Duration: 01:11:01

Episode 24

GENRE CHANGE! We talk about anime where people...don't beat each other up? It's time for some ROMCOM! Rom coms and Japanese checkers, what an interesting episode we have tonight!

Duration: 01:03:21

Episode 22

Thomas is back with a bang as he brings research and hard facts to the age old question, is anime getting better or worse? Also, we dive into the watery world of Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet, our usual weeklies and...a lot of oppai!

Duration: 01:05:59

Episode 21

Sometimes, manga doesn't translate to anime the way we thought. We talk about that! And we mix things up in our usual anime reviews. Instead, we play a little game. Plus we dig into one of our favorite anime movies! But wait...where's Thomas?

Duration: 01:03:42

Episode 20

In a week filled with down episodes, we take a sec to recall how we're feeling about the Summer season so far and our favorites #TSUREDURECHILDRENROCKS. Also, we touch on anime that has disappointed us over the years. Shows that looked great...but actually sucked. What a shame =(

Duration: 01:04:39

Episode 19

Interview episode! We talk Interviews with Monster Girls and interview our friend and 2D animator John @JohnnyBoges about all sorts of anime and gaming. We finally get a long conversation about Boruto and its potential, jump into about 2 dozen different anime (See the tags) and relive some of our anime glory days. This episode is chalk full of stuff you don't wanna miss!

Duration: 01:11:35

Episode 18

A lot of great weekly anime this time around, including a surprising performance from Gamers! Speaking of surprising, we talk about some anime that really surprised us with their quality! Aaaaaaand, how can you not like Shelter by Porter Robinson?

Duration: 00:59:05

Episode 17

Ahoy! We bring ye a pirate episode! But probably not in the way you expect. Yes, of course we talk about One Piece but what about anime pirating? We also fight over minute details in Koi to Uso, wrangle the more Haikyuu greatness and talk about how Boruto is pretty decent all while Thomas munches on a half eaten pizza!

Duration: 01:01:49

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