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Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.




Episode 99: Bounce Music As Praxis (with April Ryan, feat. HaSizzle)

This week, we take some time to process what happened in Charlottesville, and talk about how to persevere in the age of emboldened white supremacy. Then we chat with April Ryan, the National Association of Black Journalists' "Journalist of the Year," on twenty years spent in the White House press briefing room. We check in with Vice News DC Bureau Chief Shawna Thomas and BuzzFeed political reporter Darren Sands about how they ask difficult questions and cover news in 2017. Plus: HaSizzle,...

Duration: 01:11:01

Episode 98: The Anne Hathaway of Politics (with Cory Booker)

This week we bring you our conversation with Senator Cory Booker, taped live at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Booker chats with us about reformative justice (and whether he’s a prison abolitionist), fundraising with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump for his Senate campaign in 2013, and whether he ever feels like the Anne Hathaway of politics. Come for the political discussion, stay to find out if he’s actually Mindy Kaling’s baby daddy. Follow Senator Cory Booker on Twitter at...

Duration: 01:07:13

Episode 39: The Betrayer of the Patriarchy (with Anil Dash) - Encore

This week we're bringing you an encore episode featuring friend of the show and OG tech guy, Anil Dash! First we have a little What Had Happened Was featuring young Heben (and the headaches she gave her parents), followed by a long conversation with Anil Dash about mangoes, representation on screen and in tech, and teaching his son about feminism (with a little tangent about Bee Movie). Follow Anil Dash on Twitter at @anildash. Follow us: @heavenrants and @brokeymcpoverty Email us:...

Duration: 01:08:20

Episode 19: Was That a Microaggression or Just Tuesday? (with Audie Cornish) - Encore

Tracy tells the story about her racist goldfish, and we chat with Audie Cornish, host of NPR's All Things Considered.buzzfeed.com/anotherround/newslettershop.buzzfeed.com

Duration: 00:55:42

Episode 97: Ding Dong Ding-a-ling (with Matt Bellassai)

This week we chat with writer and all-American internet guy Matt Bellassai about his new podcast, Unhappy Hour, where he demonstrates how complaining can truly be an art form. In addition to discussing a variety of bodily functions, Matt reveals his go-to karaoke jams and the genre of Tweet that gets on his last nerve. And in the spirit of complaining, instead of buying rounds this week, we cut people off. You're cut off! Jk, not you personally - come hang! Everything is Awful: And Other...

Duration: 00:52:33

Episode 96: Trap Improv (with Sasheer Zamata)

This week, we chat with actor/comedian Sasheer Zamata about trap improv, the wig room at Saturday Night Live, and her new stand-up special on Seeso called "Pizza Mind." And we answer the question you've been dying to know: what's the whitest opening song lyric of all time? Plus shout outs to street meats, cheese juice, and hard shells. Last but not least...come to our live show in London on August 5th! For tickets and more information, check out www.solivefestival.com. Follow Sasheer...

Duration: 00:58:41

Episode 95: No Stone Left Unturnt (with Jonny Sun)

This week, we talk with writer/illustrator/Twitter hero Jonny Sun about his new book, Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too, Twitter personas and bot theft, and why his dad loved the Danish Eurodance group, Aqua. And, back by popular demand, we have for you another rousing game of Y'all's Parents Was Nasty...we're sorry but also, you're welcome. Plus shoutouts to Heben's favorite condiment and Tracy's beloved hometown heroes. Follow Jonny Sun on Twitter at @jonnysun and on Instagram at...

Duration: 01:05:43

Episode 94: Another Round LIVE in Chicago!

This week, as a part of WBEZ’s Podcast Passport series, we bring to you our live show from Thalia Hall in Chicago! Dr. Eve Ewing, sociologist extraordinaire, schools us on why poetry is not a luxury (shout out to Audre Lorde!), and plays a lil game we like to call Six Degrees of Education Policy. Let it be noted that she plays this game like a BOSS. Then we go with poet and vocalist Jamila Woods to the First Corinthian Leather Church of God and Christ in Obama - may we all be saved - and...

Duration: 01:06:11

Nah, Ceebs (with Tkay Maidza)

This week we bring you an interview with Zimbabwean-Australian rapper Tkay Maidza, who we sat down with at SXSW earlier this year. We talk with her about what she listened to growing up (from Rod Stewart to Rihanna), all the natural hair on The Simpsons, and her favorite Australian slang. If you ever had thin eyebrows in the 90s (who didn't?!?), this episode is for you! Follow Tkay Maidza on Twitter and Instagram: @TkayMaidza Follow us: @heavenrants and @brokeymcpoverty Email us:...

Duration: 00:48:20

Episode 13: Another Round Live! (with Roxane Gay) - Encore

This week we catch up with inimitable writer Roxane Gay about her new book Hunger, paid and unpaid emotional labor, and "The Bachelorette." Then we bring you the encore episode of our very first live show, where we were blessed to have Roxane on as a guest. She chats with us about women in the publishing industry, flirting strategies, and even moderates a spirited game of Drunken Debates. Plus, Heben quizzes us on white guys in public radio, and Tracy stands up for an animal slandered by a...

Duration: 01:16:26

Episode 93: Find Your Cackle (with Doreen St. Felix and Durga Chew-Bose)

This week, we invite writers Doreen St. Felix and Durga Chew-Bose to join us for a playful and pensive round of PewPewPew with Friends! We talk about Doreen’s New York Magazine cover story on Kara Walker (read it if you haven’t already!), and Durga’s new book, Too Much and Not the Mood (it's exquisite). We study Heben’s perfect laugh, celebrate porch life, and figure out why white girls in the 90s all wanted to be marine biologists. Plus we might even learn you a Gmail hack that will...

Duration: 00:43:03

Episode 92: Sliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich (with Marcus Samuelsson)

This week we chat with Marcus Samuelsson - Top Chef, Red Rooster restauranteur, and maker of the world's finest mac & cheese (we've tried it...it's reallll good). He dishes about Ikea meatballs, the flavors of Harlem, and answers Heben's hard-hitting question: is aioli really just gentrified mayo? Plus, Tracy brings us a What Had Happened Was from her days as a college activist/troll for justice. And rounds for furniture and just one thing - you know the one...not that one...thaaaat one....

Duration: 01:05:18

Episode 12: Casual Negro Spirituals (with Jean Grae)

This week, we're bringing you a vintage episode with our very talented in-house musician, Jean Grae. She chats with us about being a woman of many hats and why she can't get behind the term "femcee." Then we try some dating apps - not at all because our love lives could use a lil boost, but instead strictly for, you know, podcast research. Really. You believe us, right? Follow Jean Grae on Twitter @JeanGreasy. Follow us: @heavenrants and @brokeymcpoverty Email us:...

Duration: 00:40:48

Episode 12: Casual Negro Spirituals (with Jean Grae)

This week, we're bringing you a vintage episode with our very talented in-house musician, Jean Grae. She chats with us about being a woman of many hats and why she can't get behind the term "femcee." Then we try some dating apps - not at all because our love lives could use a lil boost, but instead strictly for, you know, podcast research. Really. You believe us, right? Follow Jean Grae on Twitter @JeanGreasy. Follow us: @heavenrants and @brokeymcpoverty Email us:...

Duration: 00:41:22

Over That Rainbow (with Morris Day)

This week, writer and resident Prince expert Nichole Perkins joins us to chat with the one and only actor and musician, Morris Day. He played Prince’s arch-nemesis in the iconic film "Purple Rain," and he’s helping us remember Prince in light of the one year anniversary of Prince’s passing. Come for a thoughtful remembrance, stay to find out how we made Morris blush. Follow Morris Day at @TheMorrisDay. His new song is called “Over That Rainbow” and you can find it on Spotify. Follow...

Duration: 00:28:45

Episode 89: Sister Girl Bonds (with Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw)

This week we chat with Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw about her term "intersectionality," the #SayHerName campaign, and her favorite Prince song. And Animal Corner is back! Tracy counters Heben's bat skepticism with a fervent defense of bats aka little puppies dressed up like Dracula. Shout out to bats. Plus rounds for shower sisters and long lost sisters. Follow Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw: @SandyLocks on Twitter, and check out the African American Policy Forum at aafp.org. Follow us: @heavenrants and...

Duration: 01:06:23

Episode 88: I Got Indian In My Family

This week, we're trying something a little different: we team up with our friends at WNYC's Only Human podcast to find Tracy's roots. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, she always heard that her ancestors were, in her mother's words, "black, white and American Indian." But, like many black Americans, she's found it hard to trace her family heritage with ancestors forced into the American slave trade. So Tracy turns to DNA ancestry tests, and experts on DNA and race, to find out where she...

Duration: 00:42:19

Episode 87: The Original Bad and Boujee (with Karyn Parsons)

Fresh Prince alum Karyn Parsons stops by the stude to chat with us about Sweet Blackberry, her non-profit that makes educational materials for kids featuring lesser known stories of black excellence. Plus, What Had Happened Was is back, with Tracy’s Lyft driver from hell. Come to find out if Carlton would have been a Trump supporter, stay to find out who was banned from The Underground Railroad Museum and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Follow Karyn Parsons at @Karyn_Parsons and check out...

Duration: 01:08:13

Episode 86: The Spicy Double Down (with Lizzo)

This week, we take you back to our live show at SXSW! First, Heben debuts her conspiracy theory that Donald Trump's entire presidential career is inspired by KFC. Then, back by popular demand, is the return of Tracy's Joke Time. Finally, the radiant and talented Lizzo chats with us about growing up religious, collaborating with Prince, and being body positive. If you need a pick-me-up this week, put your headphones on and sit back - we gotchu. Follow Lizzo on Twitter @lizzo and on...

Duration: 01:03:34

Episode 22: A Dude Named Hot Sauce (with Yassir Lester) (Encore)

Heben catches up with writer/comedian Yassir Lester about his new TV show "Making History," then revisits a conversation she and Tracy had with him about light-skinned dudes, writing for "Girls," and the best teen ever: Malia Obama. Plus, Nicki Minaj's famous pickle juice speech, celebrating little victories, and candles...!

Duration: 01:06:55

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