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Antemortem is an exploration of any person, thing, or weird accident that results in human fatality

Antemortem is an exploration of any person, thing, or weird accident that results in human fatality
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United States


Antemortem is an exploration of any person, thing, or weird accident that results in human fatality




AM020: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

In 1911, the employees of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory were practically working in a tinderbox. And that was on top of being overworked, underpaid and disrespected. The tragic fire took dozens of lives and brought attention to their plight.

Duration: 00:25:25

AM019: Cholera

Cholera is a waterborne bacterial illness but don’t bother telling that to the medical community of the 1830s. The disease confounded doctors for decades while pandemics raged across the world, killing millions. It remains deadly in some parts of the world today.

Duration: 00:26:01

AM018: Graham Young

A mysterious illness spreads through a family, killing one. Years later, it reappears at a place of business and two more die. Is the culprit food poisoning? Radiation sickness? Or could it be the young man involved in both?

Duration: 00:28:30

AM017: The Donner Party

Times were hard for the pioneers who traveled westward across North America in the 1840’s. For the Donner Party, a series of unfortunate events and bad advice turned very fatal. The snowbound people resorted to extreme measures to stay alive and almost half of them died.

Duration: 00:30:41

AM016: Florida Man

This collection of stories is brought to you by the Freedom of Information Act. Thanks to Florida's high degree of transparency regarding public records, everyone can learn about crimes involving alligators, small swords, nudity, and more!

Duration: 00:29:33

AM015: New Mexico State Penitentiary Prison Riot Part II

The riot rages on this episode as we get an account of the violence inside the New Mexico State Penitentiary. As the siege continues, there will be demands, confusion, and eventually the retaking of the prison by law enforcement. Not for the faint of heart.

Duration: 00:34:53

AM014: New Mexico State Penitentiary Prison Riot Part I

Antemortem begins the grisly tale of the New Mexico Penitentiary riot in this episode. We’ll first look at the precipitating incidents and poor conditions that led to the uprising. Then, we’ll move on to the events at the beginning of the riot.

Duration: 00:37:07

AM013: The Great Molasses Flood

There was a time when everyone though of molasses as a slow and harmless product for making rum but that all changed in Boston in 1919. On that fateful day, a tank holding 2.3 million gallons of molasses burst its seams and spewed through the North End. The ensuing chaos was both deadly and sticky.

Duration: 00:32:59

AM012: Robert Hansen

Between 1973 and 1983, Robert Hansen killed at least 17 people. Operating in and around Anchorage, Alaska, he used his wild surroundings to his benefit. Antemortem explores his life, victims, and many crimes.

Duration: 00:27:58

AM011: Mercury Poisoning

What has 80 electrons and will destroy your brain? Mercury. It's in your fish, your fluorescent light bulbs, and your old-timey hats. Find out more about this deadly element on today's episode of Antemortem.

Duration: 00:24:15

AM010: LA Times Bombing

Early in the morning of a warm autumn day, a bomb explodes in an empty alley. The blast that follows rips through the building that holds the Los Angeles Times and ignites a deadly fire. It was just one incident in a pro-union plot that would backfire.

Duration: 00:28:59

AM009: Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide Part II

In the second part of Antemortem’s exploration of assisted death, we’ll dig into the laws and regulations governing its use around the world. We’ll also take a closer look at some cases where it has been either used or denied.

Duration: 00:29:09

AM008: Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide Part I

This is Antemortem's first two-part episode and its most controversial topic to date. Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide are linked but distinctive practices that people have been arguing over for centuries. Part one goes over the history, religious stances, and medical ethics related to assisted death.

Duration: 00:28:16

AM007: Mountain Climbing

Are you thinking about summiting Everest? This episode of Antemortem is about the sport of mountain climbing. We’ll discuss how it’s done and the hazards faced by mountaineers. Bring your bottled oxygen and watch for falling rock.

Duration: 00:32:23

AM006: Craigslist Killers

The internet is a dangerous place. Whether you want to purchase used clothes, get a job, or are seeking "female companionship," you should always be wary of potential Craigslist killers. Antemortem will explore four kills linked to the website in this episode.

Duration: 00:28:51

AM005: Duels

Pistols at dawn, rapiers at noon, or homemade spears at midnight? This episode of Antemortem is all about the duel. We'll check out their origins, decline, and everything in between.

Duration: 00:26:00

AM004: Workplace Killings

Murdering your coworkers or former boss isn't just for postal employees. It turns out that individuals in many lines of work can "go postal." This episode will dig into workplace killings both within the post office and without.

Duration: 00:24:21

AM003: Landslides and Mudslides

Two deadly forms of natural disasters, landslides and mudslides wreak havoc all over the world (but usually near slopes that are at a minimum 15 degree angle). We'll explore their causes and impacts.

Duration: 00:17:49

AM002: Richard III

Richard III was a bad guy. Or was he just vilified by the Tudors? He almost certainly had some children murdered. And he survived all the Wars of the Roses until that last one. We'll look at his life and death in this episode.

Duration: 00:23:46

AM001: The Black Death

The Black Death killed a whole lot of people. How many people? Sorry, it's too hard to get a precise number. This is the inaugural episode of Antemortem. We'll take a look at the plague's causes, spread, primitive treatments, and more. Put a frog on your bubo and enjoy!

Duration: 00:22:25