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ApRecs is a Professional Services Team organized under Centricty, LLC. We are aligned to meet the current and impending requirements of Food Safety and Sustainability compliance. While others have developed functional and effective databases to address similar issues, our approach differs in that we start from the ground up; studying how growers, field advisers and processors work and then adapting to meet the logistical realities of working with “boots on the ground not under the desk”.




Welcome WSU Grad Sawyer Werner to ApRecs

The most recent addition to the ApRecs staff is Sawyer Werner. Sawyer is a recent Washington State University Graduate where he majored in Agricultural Technology and Production Management. His agricultural background goes far beyond a four-year stint at WSU. Sawyer is a fifth generation grower and as a result has been part of this industry […]

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Introducing ApRecs Align

Bureaucracy and Food Safety Record Systems demand a hierarchy structure for reporting. But growers receive recommendations from a variety of suppliers and in different formats. Even single growers with multiple locations may do record keeping differently within the same organizations. There is also an array of consultants, academics, auditors and associations, and bureaucrats influencing growers […]

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Food Safety Management Programs

Debby Newslow is president of D. L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. located in Orlando, Florida. Debby is the author of The ISO 9000 Quality System: Applications in Food and Technology and of a HACCP-based chapter included in John Wiley & Sons release of the Food Safety Compendium. Debby just completed her second book titled, Food Safety […]

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What Do You Know About Food Safety Auditing?

Ben Marchant is VP of Marketing with NCSI (now BSI) assisting develop and promote 3rd party standards. 4 years ago, Ben moved to Seattle, WA, to help start the satellite business in the US, with a special focus on food safety. In this time, the market had grown strongly, seeing almost exponential growth as organizations […]

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