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Appitalize On Your Idea will help you bring your ideas to fruition. We'll help you find ideas of things to build, and how to go about building them. We'll talk to people have have successfully Appitalized on their ideas, and show you how you can too!

Appitalize On Your Idea will help you bring your ideas to fruition. We'll help you find ideas of things to build, and how to go about building them. We'll talk to people have have successfully Appitalized on their ideas, and show you how you can too!
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Appitalize On Your Idea will help you bring your ideas to fruition. We'll help you find ideas of things to build, and how to go about building them. We'll talk to people have have successfully Appitalized on their ideas, and show you how you can too!




Season 2 Episode 5 - Command Control Power - Find your Niche

Be an expert and find your niche Happy Thursday everyone. Today on the Appitalize On Your Idea podcast I have Jerry Zigmont and Sam Valencia, who are both Apple Consultants and 2 of the three members of the Command Control Power podcast. The CCP team was at ACEs Conference this year to both do a presentation on Managed services and also taped a live episode of their wildly famous podcast. Today we discuss why they started the podcast. In their mind there wasn’t a niche filled for...

Duration: 00:27:17

Season 2 Episode 4 - Amy McKnight - Empower your Customers

Empower your Customers Hey Hey everyone! It’s time for another great episode of the Appitalize On Your Idea podcast. Today we have Mac Spa owner Amy McKnight on. Amy was an attendee of the 2015 ACEs Conference who then turned into a speaker for the 2016 conference. Amy has a great angle on empowering customers. Many of us would believe that teaching a customer how to do something would eliminate the need for us, but not with Amy. She believes (and rightfully so) that if you empower your...

Duration: 00:24:57

Season 2 Episode 2 - Peter Shankman

Know Thyself Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to another episode of Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast. Today we have Peter Shankman, most famously known for the founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), and now a public speaker. Peter has a great grasp on customer service, and even has written the book on it - Zombie Loyalists. Peter’s golden rule is to “hire for people”. Hire people who can deal with people first and then teach them the technical aspects of their job. Peter has a...

Duration: 00:23:42

Episode 37 - Victor Agreda Jr - Tell the Story

Tell The Story Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to another episode of Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast. Today we have on Victor Agreda Jr, of Angry Dad Gamer and SuperPixel studios. Victor has done a lot of things in his life that has brought him to where he is now. Having started as just a commenter on a blog, turned him into the Editor-in-chief (yes I’m skipping a lot of that story here) and when that blog shut down he continued on telling stories with his comedy, his magic and now...

Duration: 00:34:55

APC: Episode 34 - Doug Fluckiger - Advance your idea

Help advance your idea With today’s episode, I have brought on Doug Fluckiger from Silver Creek Studio. Doug happens to be my outsourced graphic designer, but I didn’t have him on to talk about us. I brought Doug on today to talk about how to find a graphic designer. With some great tidbits, Doug talks about finding someone who will not just do the graphics and be done, but will help you advance your idea. When you are outsourcing anything, you want someone who will be a partner on the...

Duration: 00:27:56

Episode 29 - Jeet Banerjee - Serial Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

The 22 year old Serial Entrepreneur Today I bring on Jeet Banerjee. Jeet, at 22 years old, has started multiple successful business, wrote a book, and has even spoke at TEDx! It amazes me how Jeet even has time to sleep! Jeet and I discuss how he gets through his days. Jeet talks about prioritizing your tasks. Figure out your day. What important things MUST get done first? Then he delves into something I think a lot of struggle with - figuring out your strengths and weaknesses. It’s ok to...

Duration: 00:24:10

Holiday Episode!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Just a quick note from me to all of you, happy holidays and have a safe new year. This weeks podcast is a special one because I was able to get some of the past guests on to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy hanukah, happy kwanza and happy new year. Thanks to:Jason WomackElizabeth and Richard GearhartMartin WaxmanDavid PostolskiJason FrascaAllen Hancock Michael Sorrentino

Duration: 00:07:01

Episode 22 - Martin Waxman - The Zen of Content Marketing

Content is King! In today’s episode I have on Martin Waxman, digital communications and strategist. Martin and I discuss one of the biggest parts of Appitalize, marketing. More specifically, content. Martin explains how content is such a big thing when it comes to any company. Content isn’t just blog posts, it’s also pictures, videos, white papers, etc. Martin gives some great examples of how and where to post your information. Using tools like Slide Share, writing an ebook, and making...

Duration: 00:36:24

Episode 20 - Jason Frasca - Google+ and Evernote

Google+ will raise your SEO ranks! Today I bring on my friend Jason Frasca to talk about two very different, yet still connected, technologies: Google+ and Evernote. In the world of both Google+ and Everynote, Jason is considered an expert - but the reason he is, is the reason why they are connected. Jason used his Google+ skills to promote his knowledge of Evernote. Thanks to the way Google ranks Google+ information (such as posts, +1’s and comments) it allows your profile and your brand...

Duration: 00:33:24

Episode 18 - Matthew Hintz - Your trademark tells what your company is goin

What is your company going to be? It’s your trademark! Today I have Matthew Hintz, a trademark lawyer from New Jersey, on to talk about trademarking your business. What’s the difference between a trademark and a patent? A patent is protection on a method or a system, where trademark is protection on the word (a.k.a. Wordmark). Trademark’s come in a few variants, such as trademarks, servicemarks, and trade secrets. A trademark protects your name, whether your company or your business. A...

Duration: 00:40:44

Episode 17 - Hostful - What’s up Justin!

What’s been happening lately? I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a podcast episode, and today’s episode is a little hostful episode describing what’s been happening lately. While many of you know I’ve been super busy with Virtua Computers, building new apps with Autriv, and my wife and I are expecting our first child. Today I discussed some new cloud tools I’ve been using such as ZenDesk, Freshbooks, and, and prepping you guys for upcoming episodes.

Duration: 00:18:24

Episode 14 - Dennis Bone - Do it yourself economy

Entrepreneurial Students On this episode I’ve interview Montclair State University’s own Dennis Bone. Dennis was the former CEO of Verizon New Jersey before being tapped to be the director of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship at MSU. Dennis instituted a new 3 class program that will help students become entrepreneurs. I say this a lot during the actual episode, but do I wish this was around when I was a student. Having this kind of hands on experience really allows students to...

Duration: 00:28:30

Episode 11 - David Postolski - Patents, Patents and more Patents

Lawyers are your friends! Today I sit down with David Postolski of Day Pitney, LLP. David is an Intellectual Properties lawyers in NY and today we discuss how, what and who should patent and protect their idea (the answer is everyone who has an idea!). David and I talk about the need for protection. How do you keep people from stealing your idea and making money when you should be! David breaks down the three major intellectual property types: Copyright Trademark Patent All three items...

Duration: 00:47:02

Episode 10 – Liana Knudsen – Time and Passion

Be Passionate! In todays episode we have Liana Kundsen, CEO and master baker of Auntie Liana’s Bakery. Liana and her company really hold up the ideals behind Appitalizing on Your Idea. Liana has a full time job (disclosure: she works with my wife), and a part-time entrepreneurial track. In her after hours she runs Auntie Liana’s Bakery and makes this delicious cakeballs. Liana and I discuss time management in this weeks episode of Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast. Her day job is very...

Duration: 00:32:39

Episode 8 - Hostful – MVP and Vetting

Create a value helping position, not a marketing position. Today I decided to a do hostful episode. I wanted to share with you two things that have been on my mind lately. The first is MVP - Minimum Viable Product. When developing an idea you need to learn your core competency of your idea. Build just that in your first version and get it out in the wild. Don’t fall subject to “feature creature”. Not sure what your core competency is? Describe your product in 1 sentence, that’s it! For...

Duration: 00:21:52

Episode 7 - David Murray - Value Marketing via Social Media

Create a value helping position, not a marketing position.March is upon us! Todays episode is a great one for people who need marketing help. David Murray, social media directory at Blue Cross Blue Shield joins us to discuss how to use Social Media to communicate with your audience. David talks about how to get started by listening to your customers. Listen to what issues they are having, and then answer them. It’s not always about a sales pitch. “You need to create a value position.”...

Duration: 00:45:45