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A taste of Apple on the regular Join Simon and Nic for a fresh Australian perspective on all things Apple. Each fortnight, get the latest Apple tech news, rumours and opinions on products, software, services and more.

A taste of Apple on the regular Join Simon and Nic for a fresh Australian perspective on all things Apple. Each fortnight, get the latest Apple tech news, rumours and opinions on products, software, services and more.
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A taste of Apple on the regular Join Simon and Nic for a fresh Australian perspective on all things Apple. Each fortnight, get the latest Apple tech news, rumours and opinions on products, software, services and more.




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If you are one of our very awesome subscribers, then Apple Slice have a special announcement for you. Apple Slice have become part of the Auscast Network. This will help us achieve a wider reach of listeners while also supporting other podcasts in our region. As a listener, you get the same Apple-focused content from myself Simon and Nic, released each fortnight. Unfortunately in the transition to Auscast it was impossible to transfer our subscribers from this original podcast feed to...


Ep 40 - HomePod Plan, Apple Focus Down Under, Ad Xplosion

It’s sayonara to the idea of a HomePod for Christmas… we discuss reasons for delay and how this may affect the HomePod’s viability. As an Australian podcast, we also get psyched on several Apple events happening Down Under! Plus it’s quality AND quantity with Apple’s holiday advertising. Want Applelicious audio? Get Apple Slice! More at


VOX PIP - 5 of 6 Tech Guests Love iPhone X

With the iPhone X now in the hands of many, Simon took to the (internet) streets to give 6 special guests a chance to drop their hot take on Apple's flagship device. Simon invites Daniel (Geeks Interrupted), Lance (Review Culture Podcast), Xalirate (Tech Blogger), Alasdair (Novastream), Nathalie (Wiplabs) and Lachlan (MacMen Podcast) to the Apple Slice soapbox! More details at SPECIAL...


Ep 39 - iPhone X Review, Reserve & Pickup in Australia

In a rare turn of events, Simon AND Nic acquired an iPhone X each via Reserve & Pickup in Australia - get all the details and our official review of this top-tier device. Also joining in the conversation is special guest Doyle Digital. Plus what’s a CaddySack? It’s ripe and ready for listening, it’s Apple Slice! More at


Ep 38 - iPhone X Pre-order Panic, Truth on Face ID, iMac Pro IRL

The iPhone X pre-order madness took place last week - Xperience our play-by-play in podcast form! We also drop the truth-bomb on recent controversy involving a fired engineer and Face ID accuracy. Plus the god-like iMac Pro had an “event” and more - it’s an Xceptional taste of Apple Slice! More at (Note: Accidental audio issues on Nic’s mic in the first half - oops!)


Ep 37 - Made By Google: The Apple perspective vs Android guest

Simon enters the danger zone with Android-loving guest Jared to discuss Google’s latest hardware announcements. Get the Apple Slice view on the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel Buds and expanded Google Home line-up… boxing gloves (hopefully) not needed. Plus Apple to ditch Samsung for LG? Talk about a tense tech trip! Wrap your ears around Apple Slice. (Note: Heavy rain hits from 45:00 - 50:00, darn weather!) More details at


Ep 36 - Wrist-on Series 3, watchOS 4, iOS 11 on iPhone, Aussie TV app

We silence the critics with Nic’s Series 3 Watch review, followed by our take on watchOS 4. Given the iPad-centric nature of iOS 11, we also delve into the iPhone experience of Apple’s latest major release. Oh and Apple tell us how Face ID does and doesn’t work. Plus TV app lands down under and… AR furniture? It’s a timely tech treat we call Apple Slice! More details at


VOX PIP - Tech guests talk iPhone X / 8, Series 3, TV 4K and leaks

Introducing a new bonus format: VOX PIP. In this debut, Simon talks to four Apple-loving guests on everything to do with the September Apple Event and the products presented. Simon is joined by Heidi (UI Designer), Lance (Review Culture Podcast), Ty (The Podcast Post) and Xalirate (Tech blogger) in this Apple Slice first! More details at SPECIAL GUESTS @heidi_helen /reviewculture @thepodcastpost


Ep 35 - Event Wrap-up: iPhone X, 8 / 8 Plus, Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K

Apple’s long-awaited Special Event for 2017 is now over, and what a show it was! Recorded merely hours after the live stream, Simon and Nic deliver early-morning impressions for you to take home. Our thoughts on iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K and more. It’s the podcast with a-peel, it’s Apple Slice! More details at


Bonus Bite - Event Spoilers: iPhone 8 and LTE Watch Details

You have been warned! This quick little Bonus Bite contains confirmed details for the new iPhone before this week's event including naming, features, Face ID and more. Plus, LTE Watch design and data usage. It's a sneaky snack, it's Bonus Bite by Apple Slice!


Ep 34 - New iOS 11 icons, Series 3 Watch, POTA review, Tekken on iOS

With iOS 11 under a month away, we are sprung with new icons, potential new app switcher and other features to discuss. Plus Planet Of The Apps wrap-up, finer points on the Series 3 Watch and more - a cut above the rest, it's Apple Slice! More details at


Ep 33 - HomePod leaks ‘iPhone 8’, Face ID, LTE Watch, ‘Copper Gold’

Someone has a lot to answer for with leaked HomePod firmware revealing iPhone 8’s ‘top notch’ design, Face ID, HomePod specs and more. Plus Nic’s 2017 12” MacBook review and potential LTE Watch - all in a top secret Apple Slice! More details at


Ep 32 - New iPhone SE, 10.5” iPad Pro review, The Rock x Siri, Encryption ban

This episode get a sizeable serving of slice-sized news - we look at a potential iPhone SE 2, Aussie encryption ban, Apple’s ML journal and The Rock’s love of Siri. Plus Simon reviews the 10.5” iPad Pro and more, in another Oscar-nominated Apple Slice! More details at


Ep 31 - Fate of Touch ID, iPhone 8 ‘Mirror’ finish, Presence sensing Mac

Whoever thought a fingerprint sensor could hold such mystery? Simon and Nic discuss all possible Touch ID options for ‘iPhone 8’ and reflect on the idea of a ‘mirror’ finish. Plus, wake your Mac just by being there? This and much more in a must-listen Apple Slice! More details at


Ep 30 - Apple’s AR future, Hands-on iPad Pro, Forstall breaks silence

Apple's next move draws near with Augmented Reality: what does this mean for current / future devices and app devs? Nic also goes hands on with the new iPad Pro. Plus, Scott Forstall opens up on Apple and more in a forward-thinking Apple Slice! More details at


Ep 29 - WWDC unpacked, Planet of the Apps, New products we want

After having calmed down post-keynote, Simon calls in a special guest to peel out more WWDC greatness and talk features you may not know about. Plus does Planet of the Apps live up to the hype? All this and more in the tasty treat called Apple Slice!


Bonus Bite - iOS 11, watchOS 4, High Sierra, iPad Pro, iMac Pro, HomePod

Fresh after WWDC 2017, we give you our impressions of iOS 11, watchOS 4, macOS High Sierra, amazing Pro products and HomePod. Plus we reveal a few extra features not contained in the keynote. It’s short but sweet, it’s Bonus Bite by Apple Slice!


Ep 28 - iOS 11 concept, Aussie iOS wallpaper, Inside Apple Park, Neural Engine

With the last episode pre-WWDC, Simon flies solo to talk potential iOS 11 features, Apple’s new ‘Neural Engine’ and his exciting front page news iOS discovery. Apple Park is further revealed, Nike accessorise again and Australia gets some HomeKit love. Plus a dedicated Apple Podcasts Studio? Get it all in a one-man-band version of Apple Slice!


Ep 27 - WWDC Rumours, Google Home review, Dark Data, Zelda for iOS

In the lead-up to WWDC, we speculate new rumours of the 10.5” iPad Pro and long-awaited Siri Speaker. Nic also brings Google Home home to see if this ‘ambient tech’ offering hits the mark. Plus Apple find dark data, and Zelda for iOS? All in a mostly mysterious Apple Slice!


Ep 26 - iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Enviro goals, NikeLab Watch, Car road tests

Fake sweat, grass-fed yaks and buildings that breathe? It all comes together for major enviro action from Apple. A new NikeLab Watch is also revealed and we confirm known details for iPhone 8. Plus Siri Speaker and road tests, in a sweetly self-driven Apple Slice!


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