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Episode 125: 2018 resolutions and TV to look forward to

We spend a few moments thinking about our TV resolutions for the new year. For Andrew and Kathryn it's mostly about specific TV they'd like to check out; for Margaret it boils down to "actually watch some TV." We then take a look at the field of new TV to look forward to in the new year, and pick out some of our most anticipated series, including Sharp Objects, Good Girls, and the truly concerning 9-1-1. Finally, we announce our next TV Book Club, Slings & Arrows!

Duration: 00:37:42

Episode 124 - The Dreadful Jeremy Piven and the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This week’s episode is pretty much what it says in the title - we briefly celebrate the unceremonious and thoroughly deserved cancelation of Wisdom of the Crowd, and then we talk about the pleasant surprise that is the first season of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. SHOW NOTES Wisdom of the Crowd Canceled Amid Jeremy Piven Sexual Assault Scandal: Me, Myself, and I...

Duration: 02:04:15

Episode 123: Five Came Back and a 2017 TV retrospective

Margaret actually watched some television! She shares that information with us, and we make appropriately impressed noises. We also think back on the year in TV, and the way 2017 shaped the stuff we watched, the stuff we stopped watching, and the stuff we watched but then completely forgot about. If you have not watched The Good Place, we do not spoil it! But you should really watch it.

Duration: 01:24:40

Episode 122: The Crown, and trying to make fetch (and a podcast episode) happen

This week’s abbreviated holiday week episode is all about characters that TV shows want to make “happen.” Sometimes shows and showrunners have a character or a performer that they want us to love who we just can’t love, and that would be fine if they’d just stop trying so hard. SHOW NOTES Kathryn’s recaps of The Crown season two: Jason Mantzoukas: Fred Armisen:...

Duration: 01:21:02

Episode 121: A Christmas Prince

It's holiday time, so we dedicate the entire episode to a close reading of one of Netflix's forays into the wide world of dedicated Christmas programming: the Hallmark Christmas-style movie A Christmas Prince. Strap in for lying! Mothra! Negging! Jellied meats! Birther scandals! Romance! Tokenism! Constitutional crises! And so much more!

Duration: 01:40:03

Episode 120: TV to binge over the holiday, and Alias Grace

This week, Kathryn makes a new round of TV recommendations, just in time for the holiday break. We then check in with the adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace, available on Netflix in the US. TV recommendations! Endings: Valley: and Arrows:...

Duration: 02:14:06

Episode 119: Separating the art from the artist and Stranger Things 2 Book Club Part 3

In the ongoing discussion about how we feel when we find out artists are jerks (or worse), we talk about separating the art from the artist. This discussion happened in the context of Louis C.K., but we think you'll find it relevant for all of your most recent #metoo-era feelings. Afterwards, we wrap up Stranger Things 2 and talk about our thoughts on Bob the Brain, the awesomeness of Dustin, and the less awesomeness of episode seven.

Duration: 01:47:11

Episode 118: Lord of the Rings Redux and the Geico Caveman Show

This week we talk about Amazon’s attempt to make the next Game of Thrones by revisiting the spring from which Game of Thrones sprang, and the kinds of Tolkien-flavored shows we’d really like to see. Then, one of our listeners and Patreon donors makes Andrew watch the pilot for Cavemen, the super-regressive short-lived mid-2000s sitcom based on the old insurance commercials.

Duration: 02:21:40

Episode 117: Tiny House Hunters and Stranger Things 2 book club part 2

This Thanksgiving, we're grateful for our Patreons, one of whom forced Andrew to watch an episode of Tiny House Hunters and then share that experience with us. It's pretty amazing. We continue along in our Stranger Things 2 book club, and discuss such things as: does Radio Shack still exist? And, why would you keep a baseball bat covered in nails in the trunk of your car? Finally, stay tuned at the end for some brief yelling about motion smoothing.

Duration: 01:46:44

Episode 116: A busy TV November and our favorite women who make TV

This week’s episode is all about the somehow weirdly busy November TV schedule, and then we boost the work of some of our favorite women working behind the camera (and why that’s important).

Duration: 02:05:13

Episode 115: TV recommendations and Stranger Things 2 Book Club

Surprise! It's a new TV book club! We're returning to the world of Hawkins Indiana to talk about Stranger Things 2, and in this episode we consider the first three episodes of the new season. Before we get there, though, we run through a few personalized TV recommendations that've come in the ATV mailbag lately. For instance: what should you watch with your parents this Thanksgiving?

Duration: 01:46:42

Episode 114: Bad dicks, good dicks, and American Vandal

This week we really lean into the whole dick thing - first, we have an (admittedly couple weeks old) discussion about the ever-widening aftershocks of the Weinstein sexual assault allegations. Then, on a funner note, we talk for like half an hour about how much we love American Vandal.

Duration: 01:52:43

Episode 113: The good Mayor and the idiocy of the crowd

This week we're continuing our "good fall TV / bad fall TV" voyage with some really, truly, exceptionally bad TV: CBS's Wisdom of the Crowd, a show so bad that it decided the best way to solve crime was to invent a worse version of reddit. Before we get there, though, we take a look at a much more promising new series - The Mayor. Who could've thought a campaign run as a joke would actually be a funny premise in 2017!

Duration: 01:23:15

Episode 112: Return to the mailbag and farewell to Kings

This week we jump back into the mailbag to chat about, among other things, queer TV couples and other stuff we missed in previous episodes. Then we say a fond-ish farewell to NBC’s Kings, a one-season wonder that nevertheless lasted way longer than it had any right to.

Duration: 02:06:41

Episode 111: Patreon, bad fall TV, and Star Trek Discovery

The big news this week is the launch of our patreon! We would so appreciate your support to help us continue this podcast, and let us keep improving and growing. But just as important is the first installment of our fall TV 2017 good show/bad show selection. As you may have guessed, Me, Myself & I is not a good show, but you'll need to tune in to find out how we feel about the new Trek.

Duration: 01:21:15

Episode 110: One-season wonders and Kings S01E07-10, with special guest Jackson McHenry

Vulture editor and Kings enthusiast Jackson McHenry joins us this week for a discussion of our favorite one-season TV shows, those poor creative projects that made it to the screen but just couldn't hang. And speaking of, we move on to episodes 7, 8, 9, and 10 of our TV Book Club on NBC's 2009 drama Kings.

Duration: 02:19:59

Episode 109: Amazon is not great at making TV, but Rob Lowe is

After some recent announcements from Amazon on its TV programming future, we talk a little about how it seems to have no idea what it's doing, and why you can't just decide to make the next Game of Thrones and expect that to happen overnight. In more successful TV news, we then chat about a series called The Lowe Files. This essentially involves us just repeating lines from The Lowe Files.

Duration: 01:18:10

Episode 108: A Grand Discussion of Grand Designs and Kings S01E03-06

This week we spend some extra time waxing poetic about a show we've only mentioned in passing so far—the long-running Channel 4 home renovation show Grand Designs. After that, we return to the land of Gilboa for our continued tour through NBC one-season wonder Kings, a series that ran for exactly as long as it probably should have.

Duration: 02:04:50

Episode 107: Outlander and TV couples

Outlander is back for its third season - without any spoilers for season three, we get into some of the show's flaws, what works about it, and why we're willing to extend it lots of goodwill even when it's also a bit nonsensical. Inspired by the characters from Outlander, we talk a little about what makes for a good TV couple and some of our favorite examples. Oddly they're all from Michael Schur shows?

Duration: 01:23:39

Episode 106: TV fashion and NBC’s Kings, our most obscure TV Book Club to date!

This week we kick off with a discussion of the TV costuming that we like, the people who make it happen, and the people who write about it. We then grant one of Kathryn’s longstanding wishes and start in on our TV Book Club about NBC’s Kings, a weird and fascinating show that never should have existed but somehow, improbably, does.

Duration: 02:11:30

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