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Speaking Part 1 with Miguel and Pau, PassFCE-12

Mansion interviews Bob Wilson from Autoenglish

Grammar:Even though, Even when, Even so, Even if. Vocabulary: Crime - AIRC48

Mansion Interviews Alex from Verbling

Uses of the pronoun 'it', Dentist vocabulary, How about...? and What about...? - AIRC49

Mansion Interviews Grammar Girl

Indirect questions and travel in Morocco with special guest Nicola - AIRC50

Prepositions at the end of questions and phrasal verbs - AIRC51

Phrasal verbs with 'up', England, Britain, Great Britain and the UK, gerunds and infinitives, asking for directions - AIRC52

Word Formation: Reading and Use of English part three - PassFCE13

Other and another, currently and recently, ordering in a restaurant - AIRC53

Mansion interviews Paul Urwin from 100percentbusinessenglish.com

Phrasal Verbs with special guest Marie - AIRC54

Mansion interviews Kevin Chen from iTalki.com

Linking words: but, even though/although, however, in spite of/despite etc, shopping expressions - AIRC55

Full FCE Speaking Test with Bea and Tatiana - PassFCE14

Either and Neither, Parts of the body - AIRC56

Adverbs of frequency and strong collocations with 'and' - AIRC57

Job Interview Questions - AIRC58

Today Mansion Interviews Mónica Stocker from El Blog Para Aprender Inglés and EBPAI.com

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