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The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.

The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.
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The world's leading source of information on why Bryn Packard is not Famous, Yet.




Interruptions the Remix - Episode 3.5

0:00-7:05 The perils of wireless in a city where the signals never sleep 09:10 - Laura arrives and we discuss the new song 15:16 - The interruptions of a scrambling actor 19:16 - Dealing with powerlessness 22:20 A discussion of being "Equity," AKA in the Actors Union, vs. Non-Equity. 30:14 - USPS interrupts the podcast and we hear from Bryn's roommate 31:20 - Brief discussion of "The End of the World" 33:02 Social Media section: The fate of the "Almost Tweet" is revealed and I try to...

Duration: 00:45:19

The Cast of Three Cat's Holiday Radio Show - Episode 209

00:46 - Devri Chism, Rachel Livingston, Lauren Miller, Beverly Munro, and Steph Vondell are the cast of this show that they just finished performing and will start again in about an hour. 01:41 - What is "Three Cat's Holiday Radio Show"? 02:59 - Letters from the audience. 07:54 - Favorite audience interactions. 10:29 - Favorite moments of playing various characters. 12:46 - How do the actors interpret the parts? (as themselves or as their main characters) 14:41 - Another favorite...

Duration: 00:32:40

Perpetuum Bruce Lee - Episode 6

Re-release of the classic episode 6 from Dec 23, 2013. Our sound was a bit off back in those days (mac standard microphones recorded through FaceTime) so please do forgive us. 00:34 Nilsa, Bryn's girlfriend who is also an actress, joins the podcast 01:05 The guests keep coming! Matt Shuemaker, who's known Bryn since high school, shows up. 02:40 Some auditions for Bryn 05:34 The Time To Live calculation! How long until Bryn runs out of money? 07:04 Bryn's whirlwind week sponsored by:...

Duration: 00:58:35

The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy - Episode 208

01:58 - Origin story of group and name: "Courtesan and the Cabin Boy" 03:25 - International Cosplay Corps 07:58- How they developed the name of the group. 13:12 - Colonel Quick Stitch. Picture of them meeting: 21:09 - What was the first song they felt they really...

Duration: 00:58:59

RUFY 207 - "Avenge Our Blood" w/ David Finney and Bec Willett

03:37 - "Avenge Our Blood:" inspiration. 08:08 - How David and Bec found each other and how they made "Avenge Our Blood" a one person show. 11:12 - How does David Finney relate to this play/is he religious? 13:00 - As a director, how does Bec portray this solo show? 18:51 - Collaboration between the playwright and director in development of "Avenge Our Blood." 24:12 - What surprised David and Bec about the process...

Duration: 00:45:06

Changes with Jake and Laura - Episode 206

Jake and Laura Scruggs talk about: Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?" - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "AYFY 1" - Christopher Kriz

Duration: 00:46:17

We’re Holding Out for a Hero: Captain Ambivalent - Episode 33

06:34 - Origin of “Captain Ambivalent” 09:41 - “Precious” a song about “Lord of the Rings”’s Gollum in the style of country 15:05 - Almost all of Captain Ambivalent’s music is up on SoundClound as free samples 23:09 - How Captain Ambivalent’s costume & persona came about 28:09 -Video of Cafe Vivaldi performance in New York City 31:00 - Discussion of Capt. A’s song “Everything” 33:48 - “If I Were A Pirate Ninja Zombie” & how it is possibly the most romantic song Capt. A. has ever...

Duration: 01:12:34

Amy Crider is About to Re-read All of Proust - Episode 205

02:21 - Debate about the pronunciation and the basis of 'Leda,' Amy's play. 06:31 - Julia Swift. 08:16 - Reading in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 09:40 - Director Pat Henderson! 11:31 - All ticket proceeds will go to the charity, Mercy Corps! 13:01 - Amy's next project, "Charlie Johnson Reads All of Proust." 15:22 - Amy has applied to the Millay Colony to work on her Proust play....

Duration: 00:32:23

Tony Mendoza Has Wanted to Make Movies Since "La Bamba" - Episode 204

01:33 - "Stuffing the Turkey." Workshop a version in 2014. Coming again next year. 05:29 - Tony's theatre experience. Illinois Theater Center 07:11 - Studying play writing at Milliken 23:06 - Differences between performing onstage and on film. 25:09 - Seven Deadly Sins...

Duration: 00:51:11

The Q Brothers' Burgeoning Empire - Episode 125

Apologies for the "blow outs" and the "thumps" - it was a great interview with a few recording issues. 01:55 - How the Q Brothers started writing and performing hip hop using Shakespeare as the source text. 07:50 - GQ on how he got involved with "Drumline." 09:40 - Video for "White Nigga from Drumline" by the Retar crew: 10:38 - Genesis of "Funk It Up About Nothin'" and how it came to Chicago Shakespeare...

Duration: 01:14:49

Brittany Meyer: Fake TED Talks, Arm Wrestling, and Strip Joker - Episode 203

00:35 - Presenting: Brittany Meyer! 01:37 - Strip Joker w/You are Beautiful 04:22 - You are Beautiful campaign. 08:43 - The Kates 11:52 - How Brittany's act changed from before she took Feminine Comique with Kelsie Huff. 13:44 - Arm wrestling. 14:52 - Hari Kondabolu...

Duration: 00:39:59

Santa is the Baum w/ Laura and Jake - Episode 202

00:54 - Laura is adapting a story by L. Frank Baum, "A Kidnapped Santa Claus," for Three Cat Productions' holiday radio show: 06:52 - Laura is now curating the cabaret at Three Cat, starting in December. 08:39 - Laura is a co-host of Do Not Submit in the West Loop at Open Books at 651 W. Lake....

Duration: 00:37:12

Jacob Reyes Brings His Own Theater - Episode 201

05:13 - How Jacob got started in technical theatre and at Light Opera Works. 07:11 - "Disgraced" / the first time Jacob was doing focus work with lighting. 09:06 - American Theater Company. 09:16 - David Cromer! 11:06 - Oak Park Festival Theatre. 19:14 - The 24 Hour Bring Your Own Theater festival. 23:54 - Really long title of a...

Duration: 01:05:57

Bryn and Nilsa 200th Episode Spectacular!

06:54 - Gilbert Godfrey's podcast 07:25 - Gilbert's documentary 09:47 - What has Nilsa been up to? 14:50 - Nilsa was asked to join the company New York Madness Lonestar Theatre Company 20:06 - Nilsa is also writing for "The Lost Girls Blog" I am Not Your Negro,...

Duration: 01:11:57

Farah Williams Loves All of Chicago - Episode 199

01:41 - Shout out to Ines Bellina and her podcast: XX Will Travel 03:07 - How Farah got into podcasting. Serial Start-Up by Gimlet Media Sampler 06:40 - Farah's first interview with "L." 07:48 - The problem with interviewing a Trump voter. 16:16 - Most recent episode with Stacey. 19:35 - Mothers Against Senseless Killing. 21:48 - On the dude who...

Duration: 00:55:45

Ada Cheng's Change - Episode 198

02:10 - Ada's change from being a professor into a storyteller/improviser/stand-up comedian. 13:34 - Her one woman show, "NOT QUITE: Asian American by Law, Ahttp://www.fringefestival.orgsian Woman by Desire," at Fringe festivals. 24:10 - The subject of the immigration process in her show. 31:55 - The second story in her solo show, about teaching. 33:14 - Surprised by outcome of Fringe festivals. Capital Fringe Minnesota...

Duration: 01:00:35

Classic Episode - Uncle Fun: The Man Behind the Store - Episode 101

03:01 - Why is Ted Frankel Uncle Fun? What are the origins of the store called "Uncle Fun"? 09:55 - Goodies - Ted’s first store. 12:15 - Where did Ted get his stuff/new/old stock from? 19:56 - The really good stuff is at the bottom/developing relationships with warehouses 24:06 - Funny story, Mickey Mantle bobbing head dolls in a NY warehouse 28:47 - Does Ted watch shows like American Pickers? 29:53 - When the...

Duration: 01:15:19

New Place and Stuff in Our Lives - Episode 197

Jake and Laura record their first episode at their new place in Logan Square. They discuss Laura's holiday playwriting project with Three Cat Productions, updates on her Uncle Fun documentary and why they love their new neighborhood. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?" - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "AYFY 1" - Christopher Kriz

Duration: 00:33:42

John Battles: "Let's All Go To Uncle Fun" - Episode 196

05:58 - How John started playing music: high school band, "Born in an Elevator." 16:51 - John's two solo performance art acts: "Neutron Prom" and "Elvis From Hell." 23:59 - Joe Bob Briggs is a persona! 25:13 - "Let's All Go To Uncle Fun" song. 28:22 - "Dennis Dupre from Danville"song. 31:37 - "Harold's Fried Chicken" song. 35:20 - "Put the Hurttt on You," a song about cancer. 46:13 - Chic-A-Go-Go and "Werewolf in Wicker...

Duration: 01:03:45

Jamey and Susan Barnard - Episode 195

03:10 - How did Jamey and Susan meet? 11:30 - The Chipmonkeys. 12:36 - The many voices of Jamey Barnard and the "phone revenge" tapes. 20:59 - Favorite jokes Jamey has played on Les Scruggs. 23:50 - Susan's favorite costume designs. 28:15 - Favorite family project? 30:44 - Jamey's puppet thing with wrecked paintbrushes: Spent Brush Theatre. 31:27 - Animated phone revenge on Funny Or Die, Roseville Cemetery. 33:31 - The...

Duration: 00:46:15

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