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EP. 30 - Red Dawn Christmas

Merry Cryptmas guys and ghouls! It’s the 3rd annual AYSOTS Scaremas! As Russia invades the United States, the members of the Scary Storytellers Society pass the time by telling each other spooky Christmas stories about spiders, time travelers, and clip shows. Special Guest: Santa Claus and his tactical reindeer assault unit. instagram: AYSOTS twitter: @aysots

Duration: 01:17:06

EP. 29 - "The Crystal Boy Collectors"

The Scary Storytellers face the wrath of Zatarains Baby Kane, an inter-dimensional creature that will do whatever it takes to turn one of the scary storytellers into a dark crystal. To fight Zatarains, one member of the scary storytellers society reluctantly enlists the help of a time-traveling vaudevillian that's summoned by a Casio keyboard. Twitter: @aysots instagram: aysots

Duration: 01:01:37

EP. 28 - "America's Funniest Home Snuff Videos"

The Scary Storytellers try to win the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos only to discover that Bob Saget uses AFV as a front for his snuff video ring involving Hollywood's 90's sitcom dad elite. Twitter: @aysots instagram: aysots

Duration: 01:04:40

Are You Scared of These Sponsors? - BuhLighLihme Beer

Buh Ligh Lihme is the taste of the summer

Duration: 00:01:18

EP. 27 - "My House is a F#%king Oven"

The Scary Storytellers hear a terrifying story about a mad man named Dr. Jeff Blaze who is so obsessed with burning people alive that he's turned his house into a fucking oven. twitter: @aysots instagram: AYSOTS

Duration: 01:27:04

EP. 26- A Grizzly Boy's Journey to the Center of the Planet of the Bears

In episode 26, the Scary Storytellers are mauled to death by bears. twitter: @aysots instagram: AYSOTS itunes:…/are-you-scared-the…/id1059640032…

Duration: 00:43:25

EP. 25 - Mark Mallowcup vs The Army of Gatorade Machine Darkness

Calculator salesman Mark Mallowcup is turned into a cyborg by Japanese physicist Michio Kaku before teleporting through time and space to the soon-to-be Lost Colony of Roanoke in the year 1588 AD. The only thing standing between the Colony of Roanoke and the army of sentient, blood-thirsty Gatorade Machines hell-bent on its destruction, is a half man, half calculator with a score to settle.

Duration: 01:19:16

EP. 24 - "Prank Phone Calling People Sent Me To Guantanamo Bay"

For the most heinous of prank phone call offenses, criminals against the American way of life who commit these phone related acts of terror are sent to a black site used by the F.C.C.'s Special Anti-Prank Phone Call Enforcement Squad (S.A.P.P.C.E.S.) located beneath sunny Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where officers acting on behalf of the United States government enact brutal corporal and psychological punishment. The Scary Storytellers prank a fellow member who turns them into S.A.P.P.C.E.S. and...

Duration: 01:03:58

EP. 23 - What If God Was One of Us?

Joan Osborne's immortal classic "What if God Was One of Us?" was probably written about a homeless man named Roofus who loves to eat beans, party with malt liquor and crap his pants. Unfortunately for the members of the scary storytellers society, the almighty Roofus has staked claim to their campfire spot and will fight off anybody who tries to "blow up his spot" with his trusty cursed knife.

Duration: 01:05:40

EP. 20 - Surge Rangers Part 1

The Scary Storytellers quickly learn the true power of Surge after being sucked into an action-packed episode of a show that's sponsored by the fully loaded soda. Surge Rangers Theme performed by Johnny Dicarlo of Neverwake and Josh Revels of Chaos Killed

Duration: 01:17:08

EP. 17 - The Frequency That Turned My Uncle Into Spawn To Fight Dreddo the Hell Clown

One of the members of the scary storytellers uses an old CB radio to communicate with his dead uncle across time and space so they can stop his murder.

Duration: 01:08:15

EP. 15 - "Holiday Inn Presents: The Al Hitchcock Inspired Story of Walter Pith/Perth's Rear Window"

After one of the members of the Scary Storytellers loses half of his family in a horrible accident, he inherits a collection of Al Hitchcock films that inspire him to follow his dreams of being a filmmaker. He tells the guys the plot of his upcoming film, the story of Walter Pith...Perth a man who watches the world with eyes that pop out of his skull like the lady from Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Duration: 01:20:58

Ep. 12 - "The Time A Tattoo Became an American Hero and Married Helen Hunt"

There's a growing schism dividing the Scary Storytellers Society after one of the members gets a questionable tattoo to honor his friend.

Duration: 00:19:10

Ep. 11 - "The Story of Bloody Joe: The Unofficial Retelling of the Super Mario Bros. Movie"

Guest storyteller, Tim Napolitan, tells the Scary Storytellers a story about a detective that involves cops, drug addicts and serial killers and The Super Mario Bros.

Duration: 00:28:15

Ep 10 - The Time I Partied on Spring Break and Discovered the Dark Secret of the band Savage Garden

Owens tries to remember the awesome time he had partying with his new bros at their lake house near Savage Hill and uncovers the dark origin of the band Savage Garden in the process

Duration: 00:57:29

Ep. 5 "I Think That Gatorade Machine Down the Hall Is Trying to Kill Me"

Cross country calculator salesman, Mark Mallowcup, enters a world beyond natural, dare we say, supernatural. When Mark attempts to quench his thirst, he gets more than he bargains for and falls prey to a living, breathing Gatorade machine.

Ep. 3 - "My Uncle Dutch Went to Jail For Breaking a Clown's Neck In 1988"

Owens tells a spooky tale of his bad ass Uncle Dutch dealing with the dangerous demon clown, Dreddo.