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Armchair Fancast Ep 30: Spurs On Son But Arsenal Lack-A-Zest

Even when trying his hardest not to be smug following victory in the North London derby, Dave still manages to refer to Wembley as the “Spurnabeu” and demand that Dan and Ali concede there is now a permanent power shift in the capital. Meanwhile Mark has gone mysteriously AWOL since failing in his attempt to get payback against Dave over the weekend, so the panel are joined by Chelsea fan Willis, who has flown all the way across the Atlantic to explain why his team conceded 4 goals at...


Armchair Fancast Ep 29: When Harry Met Salah

There was plenty of drama at Anfield on Sunday when Tottenham salvaged a point at the death, and Liverpool fan Joe is back to tell us why his boys were robbed by a fame-hungry linesman. Or something. Meanwhile Dan attempts to explain why he proclaimed last Wednesday as Arsenal’s most important day in over 13 years, and gets upset at Dave’s suggestion that even Lionel Messi would be rubbish playing in a side coached by Old Man Wenger. But our main event this week is Mark’s reluctant hip hop...


Armchair Fancast Ep 28: Ayew Ready For Deadline Day?

Two big FA Cup casualties happened this past weekend as West Ham and Liverpool were eliminated from the competition, but were injuries and VAR to blame for their respective defeats? We’re discussing the best of the weekend’s action and the 5th round draw, but there’s plenty more to talk about too, including transfer deadline day, Mourinho’s new contract and the Nations League draw. Plus Dave continues to throw serious shade at Watford, new boy Charlie reveals that he thinks Nottingham and...


Armchair Fancast Ep 27: His Name Is Theo And He’s Playing For Big Sam

The Alexis Sanchez transfer saga has finally reached its thrilling conclusion, with the Chilean heading from the Emirates to Old Trafford and Henrikh Mkhitaryan going the other way. This week we’re asking what this means for both United and Arsenal. Plus we ask whether the Watford board have actually lost the plot by sacking Marco Silva, we question whether Sean Dyche eating worms is classic bantz or a sign that he’s seriously unwell, and we wonder whether Theo Walcott is the answer to...


Armchair Fancast Ep 26: VAR-city Blues for Swansea and Southampton

The streak is over! Manchester City finally lost a game this weekend, succumbing to the attacking force of Liverpool. Today we’re talking about how Klopp and co pulled it off. Plus, as Arsenal’s January keeps getting worse, Dave asks (with absolutely no glee, of course) whether the Gunners are now no better than a top 10 side. We’re also talking about Sam Allardyce’s threat to become even more boring, debating the greatest game in Premier League history, and asking why everyone kept...


Armchair Fancast Ep 25: Why Coutin-He-Go In The Summer?

Philippe Coutinho smashed the transfer record for a UK-based player this week when Barcelona bought him from Liverpool for a probable £142 million, so what better way to celebrate this landmark than by inviting two Liverpool fans onto the show?! Joe and Owen both try to put a brave face on the loss of their star player, but they’re not the only ones who have had a bad week – Dan has some explaining to do too after Arsenal got knocked out of the FA Cup at the very first hurdle by Nottingham...


Armchair Fancast Ep 24: Another Saint Goes Marching Out

Virgil Van Dijk became the most expensive defender in the world this week as he became the latest in a string of Southampton players to be poached by Liverpool – but what other comings and goings can we expect in the Premier League during the January transfer window? That’s just one of the questions up for discussion as we come to the end of a busy festive season, but there’s plenty more for Dave to discuss with newcomers Oli and Tom: Is Harry Kane now indisputably the best striker in the...


Armchair Fancast Ep 23: The 1st Annual Armchair Fancast Christmas Quiz-Off – Part 2

The cliff-hanger ending of yesterday’s episode saw Dave surge into a half-time lead in our quiz, but can he maintain that momentum into Day 2? Will referee Mark continue to call it down the middle, or will his pro-Arsenal leanings influence the final outcome? Will Ali’s round of questions make any sense? Will the acerbic putdowns of one Alex Louch make anyone cry? And what the hell has Dan been drinking for the past 24 hours? It’s a chaotic climax to the 1st Annual Christmas Quiz-Off, with...


Armchair Fancast Ep 22: The 1st Annual Armchair Fancast Christmas Quiz-Off – Part 1

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Armchair Fancast Christmas Quiz-Off… is what people will be saying in a few years, when this has become a national festive tradition even more beloved than the Queen’s Speech. But for now, all traditions must start somewhere – so sit back and gorge yourself on the first half of this festive trivia feast, featuring a round from Louch about football’s most frequent foulers, and a round from Dan about the 1990s, which leaves Ali in a strop....


Armchair Fancast Ep 21: Hark! And Herald Raheem Sterling

Manchester City head into the Christmas period with a 16th consecutive win under their belts and plenty to celebrate – unlike Everton, whose new manager Sam Allardyce has cancelled their Christmas party because they’ve been so dreadful for most of the season. Meanwhile, several other clubs are receiving their presents early: Crystal Palace asked for an away goal, Liverpool for the ability to defend, and Arsenal for back-to-back games without an injury to Jack Wilshere. All of those wishes...


Armchair Fancast Ep 20: Jingle Bells, United Smells, City Ran Away

The blue side of Manchester is celebrating after City’s win against United saw them equal the best-ever winning streak in the Premier League. Are Pep’s boys now unbeatable, and might they even smash through the 100-point barrier? That’s our main topic of discussion this week but there’s more too: after a car invaded the pitch during a game in the UAE this week (see we’re talking about football’s weirdest match delays, plus Dan and Mark put in an all-time worst...


Armchair Fancast Ep 19: England Moscow Through To Knockout Stage

After a spectacularly good draw in Russia on Friday, Dave tries to contain his new-found confidence that England are going to have a World Cup to remember. Speaking of remembering, that’s what Dan is trying to do after a heavy night out on Saturday to help him forget Arsenal’s defeat to Man United in a thriller at the Emirates. Meanwhile, Louch is putting on a brave face after Newcastle’s fifth consecutive defeat and is ready to weigh in on which of his club’s former managers – Allardyce...


Armchair Fancast Ep 18: One For Sorrow, Two For Joy, Three For Watford

Everton, West Ham and Newcastle are all currently absolute dog poo, but is there light at the end of the tunnel for any of those three massive clubs, especially now Palace are showing signs of life? That’s what we’re discussing this week, but it’s not the only thing: we’re also talking about the Wigan striker who had to be subbed so he could attend his son’s birth, the Luton goal that was scored from a postcode away, and a new list of all-time great Premier League teams that is dividing...


Armchair Fancast Ep 17: Spurs Left Wondering What Mike Have Dean

Dave is in a foul mood this week after Tottenham’s loss in the North London derby, not helped by the presence of Gooners Ali and Dan in the studio to rub salt in the wound. Also this week, Newcastle fan Alex tries to explain his side’s humbling at the hands of a refreshed Man Utd team, we attempt to make sense of West Brom firing Tony Pulis, and we look at the New Zealand national team’s eventful trip to Peru (it involves fireworks and snakes). All of that and more on this week’s Armchair...


Armchair Fancast Ep 16: You Can’t Win Anything With Kids

England manager Gareth Southgate has turned to youth during this international break, giving debuts to five players against Germany on Friday night… and it wasn’t awful. That’s the biggest compliment the England team has received for a while, so are we on the road to glory? And why did as many as 8 different England players break down by the side of this road before it passed through Wembley? Which other nations are also on this road, and are they driving faster than us? Why are UEFA...


Armchair Fancast Ep 15: Whinger Wenger Wound Up At Winger

After the glorious European results of last week, are English teams emerging as a major force once again in the Champions League, or are we doing that thing we used to do with the national team where we get overexcited at the first sniff of success? That’s up for discussion this week, as is Arsene Wenger’s moaning, Roman Abramovich’s ruthlessness, West Ham’s spectacular ineptitude, and football’s ability to produce some of the finest comeback stories in the known universe. All of that and...


Armchair Fancast Ep 14: England Wins The World Cup. Twice.

A spectacular triumph by England’s Under 17s this weekend means that we have now won two junior World Cups in 2017. Does this mean that we should all get our hopes up about the future of the senior team? Also, Dave empirically proves that Man United are the most boring team in the league, Alex bangs on about Celtic in a discussion about Spanish football, and Mark scores more than 2 points in the predictions league… just kidding, of course he doesn’t. All that and more on a spooky Halloween...


Armchair Fancast Ep 13: Not To Be For Shakespeare

It’s three games down and three to go in this year’s Champions League group stage, so this week we give all five of the English teams a completely objective and not-at-all partisan midterm grade. Meanwhile everyone on our panel quickly backpedals on outlandish claims from earlier in the week: Mark on his prediction that Liverpool would beat Tottenham 6-1, Dan on a drunken claim that he would take any of the Premier League’s managers as Arsene Wenger’s eventual replacement, and Dave for...


Armchair Fancast Ep 12: Pep Sees Team Score 7 Up Against Stoke

With Man City looking increasingly unstoppable, Mark and Dan try and fail to come up with a strategy to beat the league leaders over 90 minutes. Plus we ask why Liverpool v Man United was absolutely dreadful, how the reigning champions conceded twice against a team that hasn’t scored all season, and how Arsenal managed to out-Arsenal themselves at Vicarage Road. Oh, and Dave performs a rap written by Clint Dempsey. All that and more on this week’s Armchair Fancast! Like, share and...


Armchair Fancast Ep 11: England Putin Mediocre Performances To Reach Russia

The Three Lions are heading to next year’s World Cup, but are there any reasons to be optimistic after such a lacklustre qualifying campaign? Meanwhile, as Andrea Pirlo announces his retirement we ask whether he’s the most stylish man in sport, we look at some of the greatest excuses in football history, and we wonder whether a European Super League might be back on the agenda (see for a Times article on the subject). All that and more on this week’s Armchair Fancast!...


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