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Faith, Firearms and Freedom. Armed Lutheran Radio offers commentary, news, tips, gear and firearms reviews from a uniquely Lutheran perspective.




Episode 79 - Tarheel Road Trip

Armed Lutheran Radio is on the road for this week's show. Recorded while on vacation in North Carolina, Lloyd talks about growing up around guns, his experience at the NC State IDPA Championship, and tips for how to run a church shooting club event. Plus tips from Sgt. Bill, Mia, and Aaron. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill Sgt. Bill has tips for shooting strong hand only. Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense Aaron shares five things to consider before buying your next gun. Mia's...

Duration: 01:20:28

Episode 78 – The Armor Of Light

In this special episode of Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett take on a sermon by Rev. Rob Schenck. The sermon is part of a series of presentations in support of Rev. Schenck's collaborative documentary film “The Armor of Light” which follows Schenck's road from conservative Evangelical Christian, to social justice warrior anti-gunner. Programming Note This week's entire show is dedicated to the sermon by Rev. Schenck. The commentary was so long it would require editing out...

Duration: 01:15:38

Episode 77 - Safety On

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we're talking about gun safety and taking new shooters to the range. We'll meet Yehuda Remer, the author of the new kids book “Safety On: An introduction to the world of firearms for children.” Lloyd's daughter shares her impressions of the book, plus thoughts on the latest Dana Loesch NRA video, and tips from Aaron, Mia, and Sgt. Bill. Special Guest: Yehuda Remer Today's special guest is Yehuda Remer, Orthodox Jew, Texas transplant from the People's...

Duration: 01:11:38

Episode 76 - The Cocky Swagger Returns

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett take on another audio interview with Reverend John Piper (whose "cocky swagger" we first met back in Episode 55) who again suggests that we don't need guns because he could not kill a home invader who would probably go to hell as a result. Mia Anstine is talking about air rifles, Sgt. Bill shares lessons learned about match gear, and Aaron has tips for what to look for in choosing reality based training. Ballistic Minute with...

Duration: 01:17:08

Episode 75 - A Grown-Up Conversation about Guns

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd responds to shares some thoughts from James 3:1 in response to the Alexandria shooting, responds to some listener feedback, reviews the Canik TP9SF Elite (pronouncing it correctly in the process) and takes on an arrogant, elitist PhD in Clinging to God and Guns. Plus a Ballistic Minute tip from Sgt. Bill, and a self-defense tip from Aaron Israel. Gear Review: Canik TP9SF Elite Lloyd reviews this striker-fired pistol from Turkish manufacturer...

Duration: 00:41:36

Episode 74 – Basement Dwellers, Bongs, And Bad Theology

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett try to make sense of a video from a Taoist Christian (?) who claims to be the only sane Christian on the planet and who seems to have learned everything he knows about guns from video games and D&D. Plus tips from Mia, Sgt. Bill, and Aaron Israel. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill Sgt. Bill shares his thoughts after participating in force-on-force training with Sgr. Mrs. Sgt. Bill. Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense Aaron...

Duration: 01:04:41

Episode 73 - A Peaceful Plethora of Pizza, Pop, and Free Parking

In this week's episode of Armed Lutheran Radio Lloyd and Pastor Bennett take on a "sermon" from a Methodist church in Phoenix that is basically a political speech disguised as a sermon. Filled with bad statistics, horrible exegesis, and the suggestion that peace can be achieved with pizza, pop and free parking...and gun control. Plus tips from Aaron, Sgt. Bill, and listener email from Ben in Pittsburgh. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill Sgt. Bill shares a new tip for reloaders about...

Duration: 01:15:16

Mid-Week Meditation #15 - Memorial Day

Going back to the pre-podcast days to share a blog post from 2015 honoring the memories of those who died in service to our great nation.

Duration: 00:04:15

Episode 72 - When Dark My Road

Today we discuss the topic of suicide following the tragic death of Bob Owens. Sgt. Bill shares his thoughts in a non-Ballistic Minute, Mia Anstine talks about prevention how to recognize the warning signs, and we talk about the Christian view of depression and suicide in Clinging to God & Guns with Pastor Bennett. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill - In a non-Ballistic Minute, Sgt. Bill shares his thoughts and experiences with suicide, including the death of his best friend, and urges...

Duration: 01:31:29

Episode 71 – The Eighth Commandment And The Santa Shooter

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we are joined by Marcus Weldon, the “Santa Shooter,” to talk about his self-defense shooting, the legal nightmare that followed, and his new book “The Santa Shooter: Guilty Until Proven Innocent.” Plus a tip from Sgt. Bill and thoughts on the Eighth Commandment, or “justice” system and the fight for our rights. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill Sgt. Bill gives you thoughts about an annoying cliche about being fast and smooth. Special Guest: Marcus...

Duration: 00:42:12

Episode 69 - What Would Jesus Say to the NRA?

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Sgt. Bill is back! Aaron shares a lesson learned from a recent good-guy-with-a-gun incident in Texas, Mia reports from the Shoot Like a Girl trailer at NRAAM, and Pastor Bennett is out sick so Lloyd is flying solo on Clinging to God & Guns, taking apart an article that suggests that Jesus would have some choice words for the NRA. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill Sgt. Bill is back from his win at the Silver Dollar to talk about the oft-heard phrase...

Duration: 01:15:36

Episode 68 - Thoughts on Constitutional Carry

“Constitutional carry” is all the rage, with 13 states now allowing residents to carry a concealed firearm without a permit and as many as a dozen more considering similar measures. This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd and contributors Mia Anstine, Aaron Israel, and Pastor John Bennett all share their thoughts on the subject from their unique perspectives. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill Sgt. Bill is shooting the Silver Dollar IDPA Championship and will be back with us next...

Duration: 00:47:45

Episode 67 - Was Jesus the Ultimate Liberal?

It's been a craptastic couple of weeks for the gun banners. Two shootings in California — one in a school and a spree killing — should have served as grist for the gun control media mill. But once the facts became known, the narratives fell apart and nobody cared. Plus Mia is preparing for her trip to Atlanta for the NRA Annual Meetings, Sgt. Bill has a product review, Aaron has tips for trusting your gut, and Pastor Bennett responds to listener feedback. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU...

Duration: 00:54:48

Episode 66 - Holy Week and Handguns

Two events in the final week of the life of Christ are most often used on either side of the gun debate. Jesus tells his disciples in the Upper Room to sell their cloaks and buy swords, and later tells Simon Peter that all who take up the sword will perish by the sword. What's the proper context of these verses and what should we be focusing on as we read through these passages during the Holy Week of Easter? Pastor Evan Goeglein of Faith Lutheran Church in Rogue River, Oregon joins us...

Duration: 01:37:07

Episode 65 - Saint Augustine Said What?

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect a sermon from 2012 by a Presbyterian pastor who based her sermon title on a bogus quote from Saint Augustine of Hippo and suggests that we are all sinners if we don't vote for politicians who support gun control. Aaron Israel responds to an question from a member of the Reformation Gun Club, and Sgt. Bill talks about preparing for a sanctioned IDPA match. Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill As Sgt. Bill heads to the...

Duration: 01:16:34

Episode 64 – Lessons From A Good Samaritan

When we make the decision to carry a firearm or to purchase a firearm for home defense, there are a certain set of scenarios that we all envision and prepare for. How many of us prepare to intervene in a violent assault on a stranger? How many of us prepare for that scenario when our loved ones are with us? Nothing prepared Aaron Kreag decided to save a woman who was being violently assaulted in 2014 — a non-compliant perpetrator, aggressive and poorly trained cops, constant trial delays,...

Duration: 01:02:18

Episode 63 - The Theologies of Abundance and Scarcity

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio Lloyd and Pastor Bennett fisk a video from the Faith and Firearms Project, an interview with an ELCA pastor who thinks people own guns because it's the American thing to do and thinks that those who own guns ascribe to a "theology of scarcity." Plus an uplifting message from Mia, a self-defense tip from Aaron, and a follow-up to a story from episode 52. Fundamentals of Defense - Aaron Israel talks about the practice of keeping a gun on your night stand...

Duration: 01:08:49

Episode 62 - By All Means, Save Some

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we take on the illogical ramblings of a late Methodist Bishop who is chanelling his inner Joe Biden by suggesting that passing meaningless "gun safety" laws will save some lives. Plus tips from Sgt. Bill and Mia Anstine, and a lesson from the Book of Jonah. Ballistic Minute - Sgt. Bill talks about the differences between the top competitive shooters and average joes. Mia's Motivations - Mia is back from a hog hunt with Remington Arms with a story about...

Duration: 00:59:58

Episode 61 - If You Defend Yourself, The Lord will Not Protect You

Jesus protects his own. True followers of Christ do not need guns to defend themselves. So says a South African YouTuber finalcall07. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect these claims and explain why Jesus never intended for you to lay down your life needlessly or to stand by and allow your neighbor to be harmed. Plus a lesson on the Eighth Commandment, tips from Sgt. Bill, Mia Anstine, and Aaron Israel. Catechetical Lesson: The Eighth Commandment - Applying the eighth commandment to stories...

Duration: 01:06:47

Episode 60 - Babble on the Bayou

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, on the eve of the Battle on the Bayou, the Louisiana State IDPA Championship, Team Armed Lutheran sat down to talk about the upcoming match. Lloyd sits down with teammates (and ALR contribs) Aaron Israel and Bill Silvia, plus our newest team member, Sgt. Kat Silvia (AKA "Sgt. Mrs. Sgt. Bill") to talk IDPA rules, milking your grip, goals for the upcoming match, Sgt. Kat's colorful match language, a whole lot more. Prayer for the Week - O Lord, mercifully...

Duration: 00:54:34

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