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Run your business like a business | Art Lessons Podcast Season Two Finale

Welcome to episode 20, and with that, the end end of Season 2. After this episode, I’ll be taking a short hiatus of a couple weeks, and when I return, there will be much more hotness, but we’ll get to that in the episode. What you really need to know is that many of the online platforms we use are making tremendous changes to their algorithms and policies. At first glance, you make think this is to your detriment, but I can assure you it’s not. Yes, it may be tougher to get your work into...


How art is like blue jeans | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 019

In today's episode, I'm talking about how being creatively conservative in your work might feel like the right decision today, but may not be the best long term decision. My latest art: Petals Worth Pulling - Question of the Day: What is the best way to organize an art portfolio? Artist of the Day: Caryl Park === I am Dave Conrey and I am an artist, trying to change the definition of "mixed media" by not...


Are you sure you want it bad enough | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 018

We all have our dreams and aspirations, and we've definitely all had the conversation about what will make us happy in life, but we never talk about the actual effort that goes into making those dreams happen. What if you found out that the amount of pain and struggle it took to get to those dreams was far greater than you were willing to endure? What would you do about those aspirations then? Today's conversation tackles this tough topic, and I'm encouraging you to take a long, hard look at...


I suffer for my art so you don't have to | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 017

I'm sick, but you don't have to suffer for my sickness. We're all suffering enough on our own, right? Don't worry, I'll make this short...


Give More to Get More | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 016

There's an alarming trend among creatives, specifically when it comes to certain platforms like Patreon. These creatives are treating the platform as just another exchange of money for goods, but they are missing the point of subscriber based patronage. It's not just about providing fancy new things, but providing fancy new value as well. QOTD: What kind of paper do I use to make art with? AOTD: Lizzy Lomax Web: IG: If you have...


Why do you keep asking the wrong questions? | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 015

On today's episode, we dig into the big WHAT question. • What should I do next? • What is my next big idea? • What is going to make me rich? But really, none of those things can be answered unless you ask a much more important question first! QOTD: How can I be successful on Instagram when I don't have the means to post daily? AOTD Kerry Itami Web: IG: If you'd like to have your question answered, or be featured as Artist of the Day,...


Ashley Longshore is sitting on a rainbow | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 014

Today's episode is going to be a little different, mostly because I'm sick as a dog, and I can't muster enough energy to make a whole episode for you. Yes, pity me, please. I promise though, you will enjoy this replay conversation with superstar pop artist, Ashley Longshore. WARNING: LOTS of adult language in this one. AOTD: Ashley Longshore Web: IG:


Let's Make Mistakes Together | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 012

If you ever wanted to do anything for this guy, please visit my Movember page:, and give until it hurts... or a couple bucks, to raise awareness to men's health. Today I talk about a big mistake I made last week, and how I fixed it, and also why I'm never ever going to dwell on that mistake. I also talk about the art show I participated in, and all the wonderful things that came out of that, namely a bunch of new friends. QOTD: Should I do this new thing, or...


Don't Call It a Comeback | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 011

The sabbatical is done. The vacation rust is being dusted off, and I'm ready to get back to kicking some podcast butt. In today's episode, I'm talking about what the I learned while I was away from the microphone, and what it all means for the show from here on out. LINKS: My Movember Page: 18x18 Table Show: QOTD: Should I be selling my art on "Platform X"? AOTD: Lajon Miller IG:


Let me tell you a story | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 009

Wrapping up Season One of the Art Lessons podcast today, and I'm going to tell you a little story. Actually, I'm going to talk about telling you stories, and how that will affect you, and others, starting next season (which starts on October 31st). If you haven't subscribed to the show yet, do so, in both iTunes and YouTube. Also, in iTunes, please rate and review the show, because that helps get this into the faces of more people in need of a creative push. Question of the Day: "When you...


Give Me a Break | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 009

Today's episode starts somber, but finishes strong, and it's all comes down to how much space we give ourselves to do good work. Today I'm talking about taking breaks when it's necessary, and sometimes unnecessary, because putting distance between ourselves and the work could possibly be the best decision we ever make.


The Lady in the Window | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 008

What if the thing that helps us make a big statement isn't thinking outside the box, but rather, thinking more inside the box? What if we've been looking at this journey all wrong, and we need to shift that perspective in a way that we've avoided. Question of the Day: "What do you think of Patreon, and do you know who is successful on this platform." RE: Sandra Kidd - Instagram: Artist of the Day: Pat Cantin...


I ain't no carbon copy | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 007

When artists copy other artists, is it theft or homage? Should we follow trends, or forge our own path? Are there good reasons to use other people's work as a platform for launching our own work, or must we always remain 100% original? We discuss all of this and more in today's Art Lessons podcast. QOTD: What do we say to people who don't like what we do? AOTD: Jennifer Sparacino Web: Instagram: Find the video version of...


Am I a Sell Out? | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 006

On today's Art Lessons, I talk about why it may be important to become a sell out, if even just for a little bit. That may sound bad to you, but I promise, this is well thought out on my part. Will I take action toward that? I don't know yet. You'll have to listen to really see what QOTD How do we push through on projects that we're not motivated to finish? AOTD Laura Letchinger Website: Instagram: @LLModernArt


Be a Student of the Game | Art Lessons Podcast, Episode 005

This episode is going to sound a little different, but for a very good reason. Today I'm going deeper on why, and how, I'm making YouTube the cornerstone of my online efforts. I would tell you here, but I don't want to spoil it. Question of the Day: How do I keep myself organized and productive with all the things I'm doing online? Art of the Day: British abstract artist, Niki Hare Make sure to check out the video, which is more visual candy that most people can...


Art Lessons - My Art Biz Process | Episode #003

Rate and subscribe to the show on iTunes: I need to give a hat tip to fellow Youtuber, Roberto Blake, for making this episode possible. He posed a question about what is the one thing that holds us back the most. I confided that it was a mix between time, and spreading myself too thing across too many places. His response to my concern was a genius way of rethinking the way I operated, and it's made me a lot more productive, and effective.


Art Lessons - Conviction, Clarity, Direction, and Success | Episode #001

Welcome to the first official episode of the Art Lessons podcast. Yeah, sure, I did another episode, introducing what the podcast was about, but this is the real, real stuff. Today, I'm talking about loss—specifically, losing contact with a good friend, which is heavy, but through it all, I learned new things about myself that I couldn't have anticipated before. I also reiterate for the podcast listeners, and go into greater detail about the four most important words in my language right...


Art Lessons - An Introduction | Episode #000

Yep, this is me, committing to the idea of making another podcast. I've been talking about it for weeks now, and it's time to make good. Well, it's time to at least introduce how I will make good, because this is not actually a podcast episode, but an introduction. In this short snippet, I tell you the thoughts behind the new Art Lessons Podcast, and how the format will differ from anything you might have heard from me in the past. Have a listen, and be prepared for future episodes. Also,...


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