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#43 Carrie Newcomer: Bridging the divide in community

My guest this week is celebrated folk singer Carrie Newcomer. We talked her powerful insights about how we can bridge the divisions in our communities. In our highly polarized society, Newcomer invites us to show up differently in our community – with kindness, generosity and hospitality. In every community she visits, Newcomer sees people working hard trying to make the world a little kinder place. Newcomer has visited North Central Washington many times. She taught songwriting at the...


#42 Lisa Bradshaw and the DON'T WAIT PROJECT

My guest this week is Lisa Bradshaw, who is passionate about inspiring people to take charge of their happiness through her DON'T WAIT PROJECT. The project encourages people to do things that give their lives meaning, joy and fulfillment, from the smallest acts of kindness to more profound life changes. Bradshaw knows a lot about loss. She survived a bout of cancer at age 24, then lost her husband to a rare condition eight years later that left her and their five-year-old son with a...


#41: WestSide High fundraiser helps 4-year-old with leukemia

This week’s episode features WestSide High School’s leadership program and a fundraiser that will be held March 15 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the school to benefit a four-year-old Wenatchee youngster who is battling cancer at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Jocelyn Aguilar, her mom and brother are staying at Ronald McDonald House in Seattle while she’s receiving treatment. I spoke with leadership club advisor Sheena Zacherle and students Justyena Wilson and Rebecca Figueroa. Wilson and Figueroa are...


#40: How the Wenatchee YMCA enhances community vitality

My guest for this episode is Dorry Foster, the executive director of the Wenatchee Valley YMCA. Since Foster arrived a year ago last fall, the YMCA has made some important strides forward in serving the youth of this valley. Foster is a leader dedicated to continuous improvement, what she calls “ “notching up” YMCA programs. There are powerful collaborations happening with school districts in both Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, and some exciting new programs for kids including a...


#39 Our Valley: Rewiring the community from the ground up

We’re doing something special for this week’s podcast. I joined with Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort to host a community conversation on February 8th focusing on grass-roots community building effort called Our Valley Our Future. My guests were Our Valley coordinator Steve Maher and Stacy Luckensmeyer, who is on the core team, along with Dr. Gene Sharratt and Dr. Sue Kane, who are helping lead am effort to create a research and innovation district in the valley. We talked about the...


#38: The magical power of Pybus Public Market in building community

My guests this week are Kristin Wright Lodge and Katie Pauly of the Pybus Market Charitable Foundation board. We spoke about the magical way that Pybus Public Market has brought the Wenatchee Valley together and about the exciting plans to remodel the event center annex as a way of better serving the community. Many people in our valley are under the mistaken impression that Pybus belongs to Mike and JoAnn Walker because they were the financial and strategic leaders behind the development...


#37: The Apollo Club: Healing the divide through music

My guests this week are Paul Bergman and Gabe Stefanides, local singers in the Apollo Club who have radically different political views but who are devoted to their friendship and performing great music. We talked about their political differences, their friendship and the power of music to bring people together. The message that both Stefanides and Bergman shared with me was that hatred is leading us astray and we need as individuals to turn toward love for one another. “We’re...


#36: Mariachi Huenachi and music as the antidote to civic strife

I have three guests this week representing the nationally-renowned Mariachi Huenachi group from Wenatchee High School. With their music, they are building bridges between people in our communities and serving as an antidote to our often toxic political dialogue in this country. My guests include Ramon Rivera, the energetic and visionary leader of the Mariachi program in the Wenatchee School District and two of the leaders from this year's group — seniors Pilar Cuevas and Kelly Madrigal....


#35 A collaboration between First United Methodist Church and Columbia Elementary

This week’s episode features a remarkable collaboration between the First United Methodist Church, and Columbia Elementary School in Wenatchee. The church has adopted the school in its neighborhood and is making support for the school a top priority. This collaboration is opening up new avenues of relationship and service for the church that is benefitting the students, teachers and staff. I spoke with Tracy Faulkner, the United Methodist outreach coordinator, Columbia Principal Si Stuber...


#34: Matt Cadman and increasing access to the arts in NCW

This episode features Matt Cadman, the executive director at the Numerica Performing Arts Center. Matt is a passionate advocate for inclusion – that the community is for everyone – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other measure This Friday, January 12, the PAC is presenting The Mountaintop, a powerful play about Martin Luther King’s last days. We spoke about the play, the Every Kid at the PAC program and why he values and promotes equality, fairness and access for...


Podcast episode 33: Misael Fajardo-Perez and building bridges between cultures

My guest this week is Misael Fajardo-Perez of the Wenatchee Valley Lutheran Latino Ministry. Fajardo-Perez is doing some amazing community building work in the valley by bringing people together and finding common ground. He sees a growing movement in North Central Washington to build meaningful relationships among neighbors. [column size="three-fourth"]He's been deeply involved with various successful community and relationship building projects, including the effort to upgrade Kiwanis...


#32: Abel Noah and the evolving role of the Confluence Health Foundation

This episode features Abel Noah, the vice president and executive trustee of the Confluence Health Foundation. Noah has been at the forefront of dramatic changes since the foundation's role moved from Central Washington Hospital to Confluence Health. The expanded role of the foundation reflects the growing presence of Confluence Health in North Central Washington, with offices throughout the region. The foundation's role is to provide funding for the various facilities in places like...


#31: Betty Palmer and the art of engaging students through culinary arts

My guest this week is Betty Palmer, the culinary arts instructor at Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center. She has created a vibrant hands-on learning program that gets students rubbing elbows with local chefs in public venues. Palmer believes that heightened stress that goes along with serving food to the public gives her students invaluable skills they can apply to a career in food services or any other career path. Now she has an audacious idea of developing a food truck as a...


The community-building magic of the Era of Megafires Project

My guests for this episode are Dr. Paul Hessburg and Sara of the Era of Megafires Project. Dr. Hessburg is a research scientist who has been studying forest health and fire behavior. Rolfs is the coordinator for the project, which has been wildly successful in changing how people think about the wildfire issue. In nearly 100 presentations around the West, they have built a powerful network of land managers and public officials who are working in their communities to address this...


#29: Barbara Rossing and the community-building lessons of Holden Village

This podcast features Barbara Rossing of Leavenworth, who has been a Lutheran pastor for 35 years. She was pastor for three years in the late 1980s at Holden Village and currently teaches New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. Rossing is passionate about the future of the natural environment, how we care for our most vulnerable citizens and about finding common cause with folks of other faiths. This is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which split...


#28: Inside the Family Film Festival with Jamie Howell and Steve Scott

My guests this week are Steve Scott of North 40 Productions and Jamie Howell, the director of film at the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts. They are the drivers behind a wonderful new education and film experience – the Icicle Creek Family Film Festival — which will be held on September 29, 30 and October 1. This festival includes workshops for kids and their parents, a series of great family films, and screenings of a film called Dream Big, an inspiring film that will be shown to...


#27 Tom Green and Jack Pusel discuss 9/11 Spirit of America Award ceremony

This episode features an interview with Jack Pusel and Tom Green of the 9/11 Spirit of America Foundation in Cashmere. The group is preparing to host another event on Monday, September, 11 a.m. at the Cashmere Riverside Center. [column size="three-fourth"]The fact that little Cashmere won the right to have the Spirit of America memorial is a rather audacious accomplishment. The committee of volunteers went to work in 2014 preparing their bid to be the host city. The memorial includes...


Podcast episode 26: Dorry Foster opens a new chapter in YMCA's service to kids

My guest this week is Dorry Foster, the executive director of the Wenatchee YMCA. Foster, who held a similar position for the YMCA in Albany, New York, brings to the job a lot of energy, passion and a strong commitment to children. [column size="three-fourth"]The YMCA plays a critical role in creating access for kids to participate in programs who can’t afford it. No child is turned away because they lack the ability to pay. Foster took over a healthy YMCA program built by former director...


#25: Carin Smith of FIDO and the development of Hale Park off-leash dog area

My guest this week is Carin Smith, the volunteer chairperson for FIDO, which stands for Friends Improving Dog Opportunities. That group has been working with the city of Wenatchee in the development of Hale Park off-leash dog area near the pedestrian bridge in Wenatchee. Smith, a retired veterinarian, talked her background, the effort to build the dog park and the sense of community that is being enhanced by creating a place for dog owners to let their pets interact with other dogs. The...


#24: Ed Phinney of Pacific Aerospace brings a hands-on mindset to leadership

My guest this week is Ed Phinney, the engaging chief executive officer of Pacific Aerospace and Electronics in Wenatchee. Phinney, a native of Selah, has carved out a career that has been driven by taking initiative rather than waiting for opportunities to present themselves. Community building is embedded in his hands-on leadership approach. Phinney from time to time will try his hand at making the parts the engineers create. His team gets a great chuckle out of it, Phinney told me....


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