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Douglas Geehan #3 - Ep. #127

Are you A little low on your 'Doug and Troy' fix? Well heat up those spoons and clean those needles because he's back! It's his third visit to the show, it's an awesome and funny conversation.. it's Doug! Follow us @arthouse43 and support the show by making a contribution at and writing us a review on iTunes!

Duration: 01:42:31

Holly Bechiri of cultured.GR - Ep. #126

In light of her recent article on cultured.GR and the exciting start of ArtPrize 9 (, Holly Bechiri and I talk art, culture, "nice vs kind" and so much more! Follow us @arthouse43 and support the show by making a contribution at and writing us a review on iTunes!

Duration: 01:06:43

On Simon Sinek & Millennials - Ep. #125

How addicted are we to our devices? And where do we place the blame, outside of ourselves? Do you like people who have answers? Or do you like questions more than the answers? In this episode we listen to a clip of Simon Sinek talking about millennials and our technological addictions, and of course, Troy opines on it all (idiot alert!) Follow us @arthouse43 and support us at!

Duration: 00:45:17

Terence McKenna - Are Aliens the Future Us? - Ep. 124

In this Terence McKenna-filled Terence McKenna episode, we hear a clip from Mr. McKenna and explore his ideas regarding DMT, and perhaps other things, as being communication devices with aliens, who may or may not be us from the future. Sound crazy? Maybe it is. And maybe it's not. And maybe it is. And maybe it's not. Follow us everywhere @arthouse43! And you can donate to our cause or send love messages to us at!

Duration: 00:46:05

Jim Carrey Philosophy -Ep. 123

After the world freaked out about Jim Carrey's interview at New York Fashion Week, we revisit what was said in its entirety and wonder: is it really that weird? We also play another interview he did several days before in which he talked about the same things and the reporter was a little more open to it and the whole thing seems a lot less weird. Coincidence? Don't forget to follow us everywhere @arthouse43! Subscribe on iTunes:...

Duration: 00:32:31

Twelve Stars Philosophy - Ep. #122

Your beloved host has a new piano album out Friday, September 8, 2017! But you can Pre-Order the limited edition-CD and the digital download right now! You can find it here:! In this episode I talk a little bit about my approach to composing this and things in general. It's called 'naturalism' and it's all the rage with myself! Don't forget you can follow the show @arthouse43 and make donations at!

Duration: 00:21:49

Brian Eno Philosophy & Project 100 - Ep. #121

Brian Eno says: "don't get a job." Troy Ramos says: "I don't want to get a job, but I need people out there to support Project 100!" Project 100: if you send me $25, I will write you a personal soundwork. I talk about this project and about surviving as an artist. If you'd like to learn more, visit! As a little tasty morsel to entice you, I will play a couple of tracks from my soon to be released new all piano album: "Twelve Stars" at the end of this...

Duration: 00:25:21

Westworld Philosophy - Ep. #120

What is the real possibility of a Westworld type of entertainment/technological advancement happening? Do shows like this encourage that, through robot sympathy? If we criticize this potential, is it just that we are afraid of not making it? Follow us @arthouse43 and support the show!

Duration: 00:27:49

Tale of Two Troys -Ep. #119

Ahh.. the sounds of a bike getting pummeled by Michigan roads. That AND two Troys, at different points in time and space, think about the loss value of a 'thought' as it attempts to move from the original 'thought-state' into some form of representation in this world. Follow us: @arthouse43, and send us words at!

Duration: 00:15:57

Listening - Ep. #118

Please, just listen. @arthouse43 everywhere, or Thank you!

Duration: 00:21:30

America the Ugly, Frankie Boyle Philosophy, Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Jokes & Robot Love - Ep. #117

On this heartwarming episode of "Fridays I'm in Love", I'm talking a little bit about Americans and their politics, a wonderful thought by comedian Frankie Boyle about the possibility of us being a "light trapped in matter", I read a few jokes from this year's Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival and we close with the future of love: robot sex. Follow us @arthouse43 everywhere and send us love letters! And support/donate to the #ArtHouseHallwayGallery by going to...

Duration: 00:40:56

Artist Rachael Edwards - Ep. 116

This episode were talking with Texas-based artist Rachael Edwards about life, art, her upcoming show the "Back Alley Gallery" and other things! You can also follow her on social media at @rachaeldwardswithpaint! And you can also follow us everywhere @arthouse43! Don't forget you can make donations to the podcast, the organization and the ArtHouse Hallway Gallery in Detroit by going to!

Duration: 01:55:33

Jason Voorhees & Morrissey v Robert Smith - Fridays I'm in Love - Ep. #115

Are you tired of the heat and humidity? Do you wish Fall was here already? Do you have an addiction to Halloween movies? Well, this is the episode for you, my friends. In this episode I pine for the beautiful fall weather and the Halloween slasher movies, in particular, Friday the 13ths. For whatever weird reason I also look into the Morrissey versus Robert Smith feud. Hey, YouTube rabbit holes, my friend. Enjoy, Halloweenies! And please follow us @arthouse43, consider supporting the...

Duration: 00:38:42

Ethan Hawke Philosophy - Ep. #114

It seems like "video clips" of conversations has, in someway, taking the place of the novel. I spend a lot of time listening to people talk, in search of some sort of wisdom, something that I can use in my life to try to make things better or improve myself. Ethan Hawke is one of those types of wisdom. In this episode were talking about how to survive in the arts, and we're doing it mostly through the eyes of one of the most thoughtful, creative minds on the planet. He's not just an actor...

Duration: 00:42:34

University Inc, Pot v Guns & Instagram Art - Friday Stories - Ep #113

Welcome, chums! And chumettes! This fair trade episode we're talking about a mom in Michigan who is panhandling for her daughter's college tuition, the Feds say "weed or pot, not both" and the Instagram art of Cindy Sherman! Follow us @arthouse43 and you can donate and shop at Amazon through our website!

Duration: 00:50:32

Bill Murray Philosophy & Valley Girl-ism -Ep #112

We are delving lightly into the thoughts of Bill Murray, how a painting saved his life and how he would like to be more present. We're also talking about American slang, Valley girls and we hear a clip from the PBS documentary "The Storyof English"! Follow us @arthouse43 and you can make donations or shop at Amazon but first going to our website!

Duration: 00:51:09

Dunkirk & Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 - Friday Stories - Ep #111

It's Friday stories for July 28 2017! This week we're talking about Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's new joint, Werner von Braun (with Tom Lehrer sings a retort!) and Troy looks forward to season 9 of Curb or Enthusiasm! Follow us @arthouse43! You can also make donations or support us by shopping at Amazon by first going to our website and clicking on the Amazon link:!

Duration: 00:32:59

State of the Arts: #1: The Box Factory w/Katrina Daniels

"State of the Arts" is a brand new, special series of occasional ArtHouse Radio episodes where we visit any art space with a guest and have a conversation afterwards. On today's first State of the Arts, we visit The Box Factory in St. Joseph, Michigan with Katrina Daniels, the Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director at the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center! Follow the Box Factory at! Follow the Lansing Art Gallery @lansingartgallery! And follow us...

Duration: 00:51:47

Art as Therapy, Lunch Meat & Top 5 Dogs - Friday Stories - Ep #109

Art as therapy and potentially our new guidance? We talk about that and listen to a speech by Alain de Botton, as well as covering the "essential" lunch meat and the world of earth's most impactful dogs! Follow us @arthouse43 and please give us a review on iTunes!

Duration: 00:32:16

Elon Musk on A.I. & "Detroit" Trailer - Ep. #108

In this organic, cage free episode we're talking about the "Detroit" movie trailer and artificial intelligence! Facebook recently discovered that a couple of their AI agents, as they call them, started communicating with each other in a language we couldn't understand, so they stopped it. That naturally leads us to clips of Elon Musk talking about the dangers of the coming artificial intelligence. Follow us! @arthouse43 everywhere! Share, subscribe and download to the podcast on iTunes,...

Duration: 00:44:39

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