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What We Reap

Episode 16 - "What We Reap" Global topsoil is being lost at terrifying rates. So much so that many experts predict less than 60 years left of agricultural yields before the global food system collapses. Add to this questionable chemical inputs, monoculture, and other large-scale industrial practices as well as the dangers climate change introduces to disrupt traditionally fertile regions (decreasing yields further and impacting food nutrition) and we've got a perfect storm on the...


Terms of Service

Episode 15 - "Terms of Service" Facebook has entered nearly every part of our internet connected lives. Most of us aren't happy with this, but tolerate it as a part of modern day living. But as we dig deeper into this social media and advertising juggernaut, we start to learn that maybe we shouldn't trust Zuckerberg and crew with so much of our world and our own lives. Join us as we explore psychological experiments, obscene image work farms, revenge porn, and so much more in this...


Sweet Release

Episode 14 - "Sweet Release" It's natural, it's delicious, it's everywhere, and it may be killing us. For years, sugar has been overlooked as a serious detriment to our health because of the manipulations of the sugar industry in both science and politics, but the lies are coming to light as the diseases caused by that deadly white powder threaten to overwhelm the health systems of the world. Can we wake up to the danger this major health risk is posing in time or are we too addicted to...


Lights Out

Episode 13 - "Lights Out" What do airports, water treatment facilities, gas stations, and espresso machines all have in common? A dependence on a reliable and stable network of power generation and distribution. In America, and around the world, our electrical grids are aged, stressed, and increasingly at risk of attack. Worse, the centralization and increased interdependence of these grids mean the risk for large-scale failure has never been greater. If we don't act quickly, the next...


Up in Smoke

Episode 12 - "Up in Smoke" In forests, grasslands, and landscapes around the world, poor wildland management and climate change have combined to produce some of the most explosive fires ever seen. This trend is getting worse, and as we continue to push development into these areas, the need to extinguish fires that threaten human life and property rises. But paradoxically, fighting fires is a big piece of the puzzle in how we got here in the first place. We are joined by Tommy Nease and...


Designing Deception

Episode 11 - "Designing Deception" What do suffragettes, cigarettes, Sigmund Freud, bacon and eggs with breakfast, bananas, and a coup in Guatemala all have in common? We'll explore the answer to that question in this week as we look at the lessons from an important man and contemplate the extraordinary effects he had (and continues to have) on our society. It's propaganda, public relations, advertising and more on this episode of Ashes Ashes. Chapters A full transcript is available as...


Broken Promises

Episode 10 - "Broken Promises" Pensions have long been considered to be the gold standard of retirement, the treasured benefit of public service and big company jobs. But because of changing demographics, evolving financial environments, and poor accounting practices, these once sure things may soon become a liability. With a reckoning soon approaching, will retirement, the markets, and all of us as a whole be able to survive this ticking time bomb? Chapters 00:00 Preshow 01:52 The...


Nothing Left to Hide

Episode 09 - "Nothing Left to Hide" The relationship between government intelligence, the military-industrial complex, and big business goes deep. In technology hubs around the world, complex surveillance products are developed and sold to governments that deploy the tech on journalists, lawyers, academics, and their own citizens. How are these technologies spreading and what effects do they have on society and us as individuals? Join us this week as we explore one of the most heavily...


A Better You?

Episode 08 - "A Better You?" Genome engineering, CRISPR-Cas9, gene drives, designer babies, and so much more. Recent breakthroughs have given us the tools and techniques to alter the genetic code of living things around us and even dabble in playing with the very DNA that makes us human. But as the speed of these technological advancements accelerates, we have to ask, "Are we ready?" This week we explore all this and more in "A Better You?" - an in depth look at gene editing and what...


Last Gasp

Episode 07 - "Last Gasp" There's something in our air that's making us sick - fatigue, eye problems, inability to concentrate, headaches, obesity, even cognitive declines to name just a few symptoms. What's more, this health hazard is increasing at an alarming rate and researchers and doctors are only now beginning to understand just how much trouble we might be in. Join us this week as we explore this rarely reported health risk in "Last Gasp." A full transcript is available as well as...


Dead in the Water

Episode 06 - "Dead in the Water" While the ocean may seem impossibly vast, human caused climate change may have begun to kick off a mass extinction on a scale never seen before on Earth. The combined effects of warming, deoxygenation, and acidification are wreaking havoc on these vast sections of earth - and the animals that live in it (maybe dooming us in the process). Join us this week as we explore how carbon dioxide (and our role in releasing it) is destroying the world's oceans and...


End of the Road

Episode 05 - "End of the Road" The vital systems we rely on (roads, bridges, buildings, pipes, and much much more) are crumbling and in desperate need of repairs. Worse, many of these systems are coming up on the end of their life and will require trillions of dollars to fix - just to maintain the economic status quo. Funding is becoming increasingly difficult to find, all while costs are soaring. Can we get out of this infrastructure mess or are we facing the end of the road? A full...


Net Neutrality

Episode 04 - "Net Neutrality" The FCC will vote on December 14, 2017 on whether to reverse common carrier status for broadband under Title II of the Communications Act. This action will have profound effects on the internet and the way it functions. Join us in this episode as we explore exactly what this means for censorship and the future of the internet as we know it. A full transcript is available as well as detailed links and sources (plus credits and more) on our website...


Permanent Record

Episode 03 - "Permanent Record" Every minute of your day you're tracked by a host of companies using a plethora of tools and techniques. In this episode, we dig into how this technology has infiltrated the real world, follows you into the digital domain, and shapes the world around you. Join us as we delve into the shadowy reality of corporate surveillance. A full transcript is available as well as detailed links and sources (plus credits and more) on our website Find...


Concrete Reef

Episode 02 - "Concrete Reef" Sea level rise is happening faster than anyone expected and recent studies show it's only going to get worse - and far worse than anyone imagine. Cities are already struggling to deal with this catastrophe and people are finding themselves having to confront a tough choice: move or prepare for an expensive, disaster filled future. We explore the science behind this climate change fueled disaster and look at what the future might hold for the millions of...


Thin Ice

Episode 1 - "Thin Ice" A disaster is happening in slow motion at our planet's poles and climate change is to blame. How long can we survive the triggering of this dangerous feedback loop? In this, the inaugural episode of Ashes Ashes, we explore the melting polar ice caps, the science behind this process, and what that might mean for humanity's future. A full transcript is available as well as detailed links and sources (plus credits and more) on our website Find more...


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