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Hollister, CA


God's totally used Air1 to work in my life. Beforehand, it was all about me, and what can I get for myself. I gotta get mine, before somebody else gets theirs. But now, it's of total servitude. I want to serve people. I want to love people. My compassion is at an all time high. I want to get in there and I want to help them because a lot of times, they're struggling with the same things I tore myself up about. It's taking that daily prayer of 'Lord, help me be effective; help me reach somebody that needs someone in their life.' Long before coming to Air1 though, I was brought up in St. Pete/Clearwater, FL. I was the loud kid growing up, always finding things to get into. Curiosity was TOTALLY my middle name!! (not really, but you get what I’m saying) If you ever get to know me you’ll realize I have a story for everything it seems. Growing up and outside my home, I constantly had individuals in my life that say I would never make anything of myself, like my 11th Grade English teacher Mrs. Crook. She said if I couldn’t pass her class, I would be unable to speak effectively and end up a bum… I failed her class, made it up in summer school, and now get paid to speak good! ;) But what doesn’t break us makes us stronger, right? Wrong! To sum up Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline, "It’s the things that beat us up and break us down, that make us go to our knees or face down on the ground, to make us realize that’s where we should’ve been in the first place." I totally missed that lesson until later in college life in Nashville, TN. That’s where I met my wife, and she’s been gracious enough to love me with the love of Christ, unconditional! We are blessed with an insane clone of myself, except of the female variety, back in October 2008 and I’ve been instantly wrapped around her finger. My daughter is all over the map; curious, fearless, smart, defiant… if it was ever a trait I possessed at one point in my life, she possesses it now! (which frightens me sometimes when I think about it! :)) God has tremendously bl





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