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46 - Special Hugs Buddy

Woe unto the straight man dating in San Francisco (or is the problem his changing priorities? Or his terminology for fuckbuddies?) Ardin, comedian, host of fellow Mutiny Radio podcast The Night Space and barista extraordinaire joins us to discuss the trials and travails of dating on both coasts and his sitcom ideas. Paola shares a story about larval divorcées on Tinder. We also get a call (apologies for the audio quality - if you can’t stand it skip to 29:30)! Get ready to learn all about...

Duration: 01:15:34

45 - Leather Puppy

Bottoms, tops, subs, doms, sadists, rope buddies, leather puppies - learn what some of these are but not all of them on this episode! Today we have very special guest Maha, here to correct our misconceptions about BDSM, whether one should enter into a relationship because of how good the sex is, 50 Shades of Grey, your 30s, and Arabic. Join us to be taught, terrified, and maybe a little titillated!

Duration: 01:02:24

44 - I love you I know

We love our guest Scarlett! And not just because she compliments the everlovin' shit out of us (though that certainly doesn't hurt). Join us as we learn together about her ideal wedding, Star Wars, the difference between Mexican and Irish Catholicism, shit wine, and feminist bullshit. What is homonormativity? How can you make nachos even better? Is the self and its apparent separation from the rest of existence an illusion? All this and also some other stuff! Featuring a double-bonus...

Duration: 01:32:29

43 - More like Game of Shut the Fuck Up

Paola may be pregnant, so listen on. AND! Paola and Annette discuss the 'Merica putting so much pressure on what people do for a living. Do you lose your human worth if you don't have an occupation that pays money? Should the first question that is asked on a date be about salary? Also, super exciting … um ... Dragons. Our hostesses share their expert media criticism on Game of Thrones. And we end on Paola's hot take on dogs and babies. which one of these ladies would freak out at the...

Duration: 00:33:46

42 - Nonworkers of the World, Unite!

We have a guest again! Hear someone else's voice for a change of pace! Joining us today is Arjun, fresh from the Democratic Socialists of America conference in Chicago and full of revolutionary (or incremental?) spirit. How did he veer red? What does Obamacare matter? How can one scare bougie people AND achieve solidarity with homeless? Arjun talks to us about moving back to Michigan, multiple sclerosis, the importance of work to identity in American, and (of course!) dating. Plus, Paola...

Duration: 01:02:44

41 - Join Tech to Be Pretty

We didn't want to leave y'all for a week without us, even though Paola is in away in Seattle and Annette has shows, that we delayed salsa in order to record this (dear reader, fret not, immediately afterwards we salsa'd like motherfuckers). SO MUCH advice packed into this short ep you're gonna think we're Oprahs. Career advice focused on what YOU care about - feelin' pretty! Should you do steroids? How to motivate yourself to workout - think about making yourself less murderable! Quite a...

Duration: 00:23:19

40 - Soulless Cycle

Life is a soulless cycle, but we can distract ourselves. Ready to learn SO MANY THINGS? We have amazing facts and stories from the history of weightlifting, lesbians, our superhero alter egos, ghosts, ponytails, and art collecting. Plus advice about roommates and nutrition, the latter of which may or may not be related to shit getting hella scatological. All this AND a new Dumb Ignorant Bitch question.

Duration: 00:47:06

39 - Murder or Apples

For a change of pace we discuss strategies to trap a man. Problem: are any men worth trapping? Or should one go for a more humane, catch-and-release strategy? Also, when is too soon to bring up sexual compatibility? When is too late? We work through a lot of our Catholic guilt in this one AND for the kids, a special section on word problems. These chicks love math! Plus, a dumb ignorant question about how ladies hit on each other. Got questions? Email

Duration: 01:09:57

38 - The Divorcee Whisperer

Aaaannnndddd Annette is back from Greece. YAY. Paola is really excited to have her eloquent friend back to talk to. Thoughout Annette’s absence, Paola languished through the streets of San Francisco. Annette, drops some knowledge about Sappho, a greek poet from the island of Lesbos. Could this be the origin of all the Lesbians? This episode’s guest is the very charming Arya, who tells about her public service to divorced men. She knows exactly how to extract all their sadness. Curious...

Duration: 00:55:30

37 - Double Token

For a change of pace, we answer questions and rag on straight dudes! But seriously, we answer a plethora of YOUR advice questions, if plethora means like 2 or 3, which I'm not going to look up. Can a straight dude be sexually satisfied without putting his dick in a puss? Why is straight sex the worst sex (objectively! According to science!)? And what's up with lesbians and processing? Also, who's the bigger token? (It's Paola, but each of us is a token in our own special way).

Duration: 00:17:28

34 - Email Bankruptcy

More on coregasms and fitness fantasies from our two hostesses. This episode, we have a sagacious guest who tells us how he summoned the detective gods to find the truth that would win him a Divorce! Can an unorganized inbox really end a marriage? What should be your last meal before you declare divorce? And what is the correct winking etiquette? We learn what the life train is like when it no longer follows the set path of train tracks … derailing, so much better. This and more, now,...

Duration: 00:58:20

AskADivorcee - The End To Racism

Paola and Annette discover that they have a podcast where they explore very important existential questions. In a previous episode, the two divorcee hosts engaged in a push up contest and they disclose the winner during this episode. Other topics in this episode include: best retirement strategies, when to take a shot before leaving the house, equality in the skin color of cows, the solution to racism, and worm-operated-lesbian holograms that transcend time but not space. Hit us up at...

Duration: 00:35:46

33 - Teddy Bear Tinder Pic

Ugh, relationships. Gross. We're not only sick of relationships, but sick of romance being a goto topic of conversation. Does our aversion make sense given that this podcast is often about relationships? Does it matter that we would have fire tinder profiles if we were about that life? We divorce ourselves from these concerns and propose conversation alternates - eyeliner, exercise, the nature of cups, sleeping situations, and murder. Plus an all-new edition of "Annette's A Dumb Ignorant...

Duration: 00:47:34

32 - Hot Butches for Middle-Aged Moms

We are joined by very special guest Liz, who is not a divorcée but nonetheless has some pretty interesting things to say about marriage, especially the one she's in. Is an ideal marriage one in which you can sit together on the couch, drink, and bitch about your respective girlfriends? Also, Paola is concerned about her hair, Annette very straightfully tries to put sexuality in boxes, and both finally admit that this podcast is pretty much gay propaganda. Are you a hot butch? Contact us to...

Duration: 00:51:58

31 - Oprah Libre

Travel changes a person. Paola, for example, went to Cuba and now is a much more authentic, honest person AND is into hats now. How long will her newfound authenticity and love for people last? $5 says less than 2 weeks. We get into Cuba in a big way, expressing envy over their healthcare and lack of internet. Much information about Cuba is shared, some of it informed by actual experience (Paola) and some of it the result of conjecture and half-remembered bullshit (Annette). Related: Is...

Duration: 01:01:54

30 - Bonjour Bonjour

We welcome Clara Bijl: comedian, mother, Fenchwoman, philosopher of the art of living, divorcée, lawyer. Maybe not a lawyer, but she really seems like she could be. She is also our first remarriée - yes, she saw the light of divorce, and yet chose to reenter the cave of illusions that is matrimony. We have questions! Like “What?” “Why?” and “Huh?” Can we convince her to become a double-divorcée? Also we learn why burritos are better than diamonds, and Paola completely fails to hide her...

Duration: 01:04:55

28 - Ay Dios Mío Check Out That Ass

Chris joins us to chat about his long engagement, his horny-ass aunties, and the importance of garages in Latin culture. Garages are hella versatile - one can come out in them or get married in them. Chris' fiancé is from Annette's hometown - the universe is strange indeed. Spanish is spoken. Rape is joked about far too often. Also featuring the return of Annette's An Ignorant Dumb Bitch with a question about Gold Star Lesbians.

Duration: 00:48:55

27 - Vag Pics

Lydia (from rejoins us, this time in the studio! She's back in America and here to regale us with tales from her days as a bouncer, run-ins with Jean Claude Van Damme, and lady ejaculation. Listen up cause we got 3 divorcées in the studio and we're wiser than the rest of these fuckers. And yet Rihanna still ignores my insta dms.

Duration: 01:06:09

26 - San Francisco: Unfriendly, Awkward, & Self-Conscious

Mutiny Radio Comedy Festival is on in SF! Get tickets for the festival at or Annette's show on March 2nd at Is there a healthy way to handle rejection? There's definitely really fun ways to handle it. What's healthy anyways? Who's to say? Where's the Costco in San Francisco? Oh that's not that far. Is biking dangerous? Only if you do it right. Entrepreneurship is in the air and we share our fire ideas for products and apps. Get on this shit...

Duration: 00:45:49

25 - Merry Misandrists

We discuss the extent to which we are misandrists after being called the female version of a pick up artist by a person whom can only assume is a big fan. It turns out quite a bit! If you had to choose between alcohol and marriage, which would you choose? (how is this a question?). A whole bunch about suicide! And living in a multilingual world - how much does subpar Spanish annoy Paola? A whoooole bunch.

Duration: 01:59:37

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