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ADU 0693: I nearly had a collision with a jet. Was it my fault?

Today, we talk about MOAs and restricted airspace. Austin called in with a near-collision story and wants to know if he was in the wrong. I contract my services out to an oil and gas company just south of San Antonio, where there are a lot of beautiful rolling hills. Normally, I do photogrammetry and surveying data, but today I was getting a cinematic shot of a pipeline. Before I got my bird in the air, I checked the airspace and found myself smack-dab on the border of two MOAs. Upon doing...

Duration: 00:09:12

ADU 0692: I’m twelve years old and want to start a drone business. What can I do to prepare?

Henry is twelve years old and already thinking about starting a own drone business. Obviously, he is too young to obtain a Part 107 and can’t legally make money flying drones yet. However, Henry is lucky in many ways. Because he is so young, he has years to perfect his flight skills and learn about what it takes to run a drone business. After all, it takes more than just proper training and fantastic skills to become drone entrepreneur. The most successful drone business owners understand...

Duration: 00:28:34

ADU 0691: What is the best drone for law enforcement?

Recently, it has become more common for police, firefighters and other public safety agencies to use drones in law enforcement. As a result, we often get questions about drones from folks in law enforcement. Today, we take a call from Kevin, a police officer looking to purchase a drone for his agency. Police officers should have a good idea of what their drone will be used for before they make any purchases for their department. There are a number of good options, each offering certain...

Duration: 00:20:29

ADU 0689: How does DJI AeroScope work?

Today, we have the epic luxury of speaking with Nick Martino. Nick is the airport supervisor in Ventura County. In light of DJI’s recent AeroScope announcement, we thought it would be good to speak about the benefits of such software with an airspace professional. In case you are unaware, AeroScope is a tracking software and geo-fencing system that notifies law enforcement agencies of all drone activity happening within their airspace. It works with all DJI drones as well as those produced...

Duration: 00:12:19

ADU 0688: Does a DROTAM stop other pilots from flying in my airspace?

Today, we talk a bit about DROTAMs. Scott calls in to ask if he should apply for one. Typically, you hear far less about DROTAMs than you do about NOTAMs. Because pilots have had poor experiences with DROTAMs, they aren't a very popular form of airspace authorization. In fact, you aren't likely to see DROTAMs as an option on most authorization forms. In order to answer Scott's question, Paul talks about his experience with DROTAMs. There is a misconception that holding a DROTAM will...

Duration: 00:11:11

ADU 0687: Which is a better modeling platform–DroneDeploy or Pix4D?

Today, we talk about DroneDeploy, Pix4D and how to choose the best cloud-processing software for modeling. Mapping and modeling services are a logical next-step for many drone businesses. In order to provide your clients with the highest-quality deliverables, you need to have a mastery over your modeling software. Currently, many drone pilots have troubling choosing the right software for their business. While DroneDeploy and Pix4D each have their own limitations, both modeling platforms...

Duration: 00:19:37

ADU 0686: Can my employer prevent me from using my footage in a demo reel?

Today, we talk about copyright, retention clauses and demo reels. Steven, a drone business owner, calls in from Tennessee to discuss a problem he has. Essentially, Steven is having trouble maintaining the ownership over his own footage. After working with a real estate company in his area for a number of weeks, he wanted to include some of the footage in his demo reel. In order to make sure he didn’t get sued, Steven asked his employer if it was alright that he use some of the footage he...

Duration: 00:15:26

How To Get Instant Airspace Authorization

Today, we were lucky enough to chat with Jessica and Matt from Skyward is one of the teams working to provide drone pilots everywhere with the ability to obtain instant airspace authorization. As you may know, pilots currently have to wait up to six months in order for their applications to get approval. In order to help us better understand how they're revolutionizing the drone industry, Jessica and Matt discuss what Skyward is doing, how they're doing it and when we can...

Duration: 00:21:40

ADU 0685: Do students in a high school drone class need Part 107 licenses?

Today, we answer a question about high school drone classes. Tom called in to ask us about the legality around high school students using drones to make money. Tom is a high school media teacher that integrates drones into his coursework. As a result, he has been approached by several businesses who would like his students to shoot drone footage for advertising purposes. In return, these businesses would make charitable donations to the high school. Ultimately, Tom's question is this: If...

Duration: 00:10:50

ADU 0684: What app should I use to monitor airspace?

Today, we discuss which apps can help you monitor airspace and follow FAA’s rules. Mitch called in to ask for our recommendations. As you may know, there are plenty of apps out there that allow you to monitor the airspace in your area. For example, ForeFlight makes it easy to see which flights are happening in the airspace above you at the moment. FlightRadar shows the air traffic in your area, as well. In addition, the new Aeroscope firmware upgrade will enable you to see air traffic in...

Duration: 00:14:35

ADU 0683: When can we expect more airports to join LAANC?

As you may have heard, the Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability (LAANC) is now live! By and large, the drone community has been waiting for a faster way to obtain airspace authorization. Finally, LAANC has brought it to us! In the past, airspace authorization has been one of the biggest problems facing drone pilots. Professional pilots and drone business owners have missed out on valuable opportunities due to the slow process of applying for authorization. Some pilots have...

Duration: 00:15:24

ADU 0682: Is DJI’s AeroScope a good thing for the drone community?

Today, we talk about AeroScope, DJI's new tracking software. In case you haven't heart, AeroScope is a system that allows government agencies to keep track of drones flying in a certain area. As Paul posted last week on Facebook: DJI announced a new system that will allow law enforcement to track and identify drones, even in areas without cellular service or wifi. The system even works beyond DJI drones. It also works with any drone that operates over a WIFI based protocol. This system...

Duration: 00:26:41

ADU 0681: How does the Part 107 affect FPV racers?

Today, Paul talks with Kevin Morris from the FAA. Specifically, we wanted to reach out to Kevin to discuss how the Part 107 applies to FPV racers. Remember, FPVs aren’t only used for racing. There are other applications for FPVs, as well. As Morris says: "Where the FAA’s interpretation stems from is actually Public Law 112-95 Section 336. We keep going back to that document. That’s the professional mandate that gave us the rules, not only for hobby operation, but it also gave us the...

Duration: 00:14:09

ADU 0680: Should public safety offices get a Part 107 or a COA?

Today, we talk about using drones for public safety. Of course, this is a topic we’ve covered in the past. If you’re a regular listener, you may remember episodes in which we talked about Part 107 licenses and COAs for police departments. Specifically, we discussed which authorization was a better option for public safety offices. We received a ton of feedback on that episode! While many people were happy with the information we provided, some members of the public safety community called...

Duration: 00:20:03

ADU 0679: Should I use intelligent flight mode when shooting golf courses?

If you’re shooting aerial photographs or interactive maps for golf courses, you may be wondering about the best way to fly your drone. After all, depending on which drone you’re flying, you have a number of options. Do you use intelligent flight mode? Do you stick with manual mode? What about Attitude mode? How do you choose? Today, we talk to Jake in Wisconsin about choosing the proper flight mode for shooting golf courses. Like many drone business owners, Jake wants to lend his services...

Duration: 00:14:53

ADU 0678: Do you need a Part 107 to fly for a non-profit?

Is flying drones for a non-profit a "commercial" job? Usually, we don't think of non-profits as commercial businesses. While non-profits like churches don't technically make money, do you need a Part 107 to work for them? Today, we talk to Paul in Arkansas about this very question. Paul holds a Part 107 license and wants to know if this will help him get a drone job working with non-profits. Should he be advocating for the benefits of hiring a licensed pilot? Furthermore, should he warn...

Duration: 00:11:53

ADU 0677: Is the West Hollywood drone ordinance legal?

Uh oh! Local governments are trying to control federal airspace again! Today, we talk to Siobahn in West Hollywood. He tells us that his home city of West Hollywood has a drone ordinance. Currently, the local government of West Hollywood requires pilots to register their drones with the city. If you've been keeping up with the world of drone law, you know that the city has no right to maintain an ordinance on drones. Specifically, you may remember Michael Singer vs. the City of Newton. In...

Duration: 00:18:20

ADU 0676: What do I need to know about property releases?

What happens if you get verbal permission to fly, but not a signed property release? For instance, say that a property owner is happy to let you fly around their land and shoot aerial photos. Upon reviewing the photos later, however, you shot some real gems and you might want to sell them. Can you go back to the owner and ask them to sign a property release? Furthermore, what if you never got permission from them in the first place? What if you took off from the street, got photos of...

Duration: 00:16:41

ADU 0675: How do you equip a Phantom 4 Pro for mapping?

Today, we discuss mapping with the Phantom 4 Pro. Johnny called in from St Louis to ask about setting his P4P up with the appropriate mapping equipment. Because he wants to start mapping for golf courses and real estate, Johnny wants to make sure he's got the right tools. In the past, we've talked about the high costs of mapping apps for drones. However, there are solutions available for the Phantom 4 Pro. Additionally, the Yuneec H520 offers a great alternative for those pilots trying to...

Duration: 00:20:03

ADU 0674: What are the best mapping apps and data platforms?

Today, we talk about mapping apps and data platforms. Which one is the best? With so many data platforms out there, how do you choose the right one for you? DroneDeploy, Pix4D, Maps Made Easy and PrecisionHawk all have their upsides and downsides, but which one is going to suit the needs of your drone business? In order to help you choose the best data platform for drone mapping, we take a call from Rob. Rob is in the process of becoming a full-time drone pilot. He wants to get into drone...

Duration: 00:16:10

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