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Lifestyle show dealing with personal success/money success, dating & love, spirituality and women's issues.

Lifestyle show dealing with personal success/money success, dating & love, spirituality and women's issues.
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London, United Kingdom


Lifestyle show dealing with personal success/money success, dating & love, spirituality and women's issues.




I'm a Christian, I used to be a lesbian, Now its different. Holly's story.

On this show, we discuss same sex attraction and how this conflicted with our guest's christian beliefs. Find out how Holly dealt with being deeply in love with another woman to now being in a loving marriage. To a man. Has it been straightforward and do same sex desires ever arise? Holly is very candid and transparent with her story. Listen in..... The show also looks at what it means to be transgender.

Duration: 00:54:20

Real Love Show: Big Win for Womens Right in Nigeria - End FGM

A great win for womens rights in Nigeria. FGM now made illegal. On this show we look into this and see whether simply changing the law will make a real difference at grass roots. What is the best way of dealing with these types of situations. Kenyan Philanthropist and Business Strategist Noreen Makosewe guests. Music from Anita Wilson, Des'ree, Commissioned, Angelo & Veronica

Duration: 00:54:54

Real Love Show: Happy to Raise your Partner's Kids?

So you are dating your partner who has children from a previous relationship. You have both agreed not to have children and you are not maternal. But what happens if circumstances change and he applies for full custody, do you stick around. Is this a game changer? We discuss.

Duration: 00:56:20

Charles Thompson - the force behind the Screen Nation Awards

How did the son of one of the first African Barristers in the UK become the force behind what is known as The Black Baftas. Charles Thompson is in conversation with Patricia and shares his fascinating journey to this the tenth year of the Awards plus he gives an exciting Exclusive about this year's Screen Nation Awards- listen in here You can vote here

Duration: 00:26:02

Sherry Ann Dixon

You can be everything you want to be says Sherry. Age is not a barrier. Colour is not a barrier. Its all up to you.

Duration: 00:51:07

Pauline Long on the Ask Patricia Show

"If people hate you and speak against you, love them anyway and do what you do." Entrepreneur, Film Studio Owner and Executive, TV Show Host, Awards Curator, Fashion Designer, and Philanthropist Pauline Long speaks with me on the Show and gives clues to personal happiness and real success.

Duration: 00:16:22

Is It Time to Re-Educate our Boys on Sex - Paul Lawrence

In conversation with Paul Lawrence of Life Skills Training Consultancy, who shares his views that when it comes to sex today, parents need to re-educate their sons. He says its not about the mechanics its about the politics. Listen in here, do you agree?

Duration: 00:25:30

Take a Woman Like You - Sotonye Deru on Ask Patricia Show

Take an amazing young woman like Sotonye Deru, what inspires her to do the amazing work she does, motivational speaking, life coaching, run a publishing company, published author, event organiser, and a young mother and wife to boot! What can we learn from her? What challenges does she face, how does she overcome them, what lessons has she learned through these difficult times; and what advice does she have for those of us wanting to be more, do more in our lives. Listen in here.....

Duration: 00:17:55

Get Ready to be Beautiful!

NBC Media Personality, Beauty Expert, Model and Motivational Speaker, Lady Emmy joins on this shows and tells us exactly how to be beautiful inside and out. I for one had many beauty takeaways from this show. Its also a favourite of Danielle who loves all things beauty! Listen in.....

Duration: 00:34:55

I Fought Breast Cancer and Won - Twice! Maggie Gardner's Story

Maggie shares a powerful story as we take this month to focus on womens health and in particular breast cancer. She fought the battle with breast cancer twice and won each time. Now she provides support for women who have no support and provides valuable assistance during this demanding time of their lives. Hear her triumphant story here.......

Duration: 00:41:22

Love Your Breasts, Love yourself - Deya (Direct) Smith

Deya (direct) Smith is our guest and she talks about how important it is to love ourselves as women and to love our breasts. She says we can not really live full lives until we love ourselves fully and that includes our body. Breast cancer is the leading cancer that causes death in women, in particular black women, and Deya shares her own experience. A great, intense interview with a powerful woman of today. Listen here......

Duration: 00:25:55

Dealing with Post Natal Depression

This show looks at the issue of post natal depression. We find out how this differs from what is known as the "baby blues" and whether there are women that are more susceptible to this condition. My guest today, Donna Marie, shares her story as she experienced the extreme form of post natal depression, known as puerperal psychosis. She tells us how it affect her, her family and her life for over 7 months. She also talks about how to cope. A very informative show.

Duration: 00:26:14

Girl Perfect! Are you absolutely flawless?

"I just woke up like this" The amount of pressure to look perfect is unbelievable on today's woman. Often giving rise to eating disorders and the like. My guest today, Jennifer Strickland understands this only too well. Here she shares the confessions of a former runway model. Everything isn't always the way it seems.

Duration: 00:27:00

Tera Carissa Hodges - Finding your Purpose

This amazing lady gives a powerful interview on purpose. Did you know your purpose can change? Did you realize your purpose can change over different seasons. What do you do as your transition from one season of purpose to another? All this and more on the impactful conversation. It has power to change the way you view yourself and your entire approach to life and destiny.

Duration: 00:20:02

Melanie Strick - Discover your Money DNA

What is your Money DNA? We all need to know this in order to be successful. But its even more important if you are an entrepreneur. Find out finally what could be sabotaging your financial success. Melanie Strick breaks down the 7 Money Blueprints.

Duration: 00:26:18

10 Secrets of the Newly Rich - Kevin J Donaldson

Well, the great thing is that they are no longer secret. You and I can learn these secrets and enrich our lives, financially, emotionally and spiritually. In fact, aren't we all here to succeed!

Duration: 00:43:31

No.1 Essence Magazine Best Seller Tiphani Montgomery

This amazing lady stops by the show and tells us its time to Get up and Go Harder! Im not going to argue. This lady knows what she is talking about. Get the details to doing things better and changing your money mindset to one of abundance!

Duration: 00:45:26

How To Be A Key Influencer

Remember, you playing small does not serve the world. This show features Jo Miller, Founding Editor of Be Leaderly and Womens Leadership Coaching Inc who gives the strategies for being a go-to person in your organisation or in your field. Plus Ola Agbaimoni, the Business Detective and the Curator of the Top 100 List of the Most Influential Black People in Digital/Social Media who explains that when it comes to success, surprisingly Fear is NOT the problem. Listen to a great show here

Duration: 01:03:18

Black Men on Beauty

So what do guys really like when it comes to looks in black women. The guys tell us. Take a listen.....

Duration: 00:59:02

What Is Beauty: Lupita Nyong'o, Toyin Agbetu, Rachael Williams

We asked what is beauty and you told us. Now that Lupita has been voted Most Beautiful Person by People Mag, is black beauty finally mainstream. Will the skin bleaching and hair straightening STOP! Contributors include film maker Toyin Agbetu, Rachael Williams,and model first ever Miss Black Britain.

Duration: 01:00:46

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