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Gay Bar or Steak House?

In this episode, Sex and the City? More like Instagram shade AND THE CITY! We cover the beef between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. Move over Splenda, we have some new artificial eye candy in town.FAKE PORN. We discuss a startling new trend in internet pornography. IS IT A GAY BAR OR THE NAME OF A STEAK HOUSE? Won’t you...meat...up with us for our next game? The end is near? No bitch, its here. We have the miracle of cloning upon us. From monkeys to Uranus , Space is no longer the...


Dark and Stormi

In this episode we discuss the most recent addition to the Kardashian/Jenner Dynasty - Kylie’s daughter Stormi. A man who accidentally contracted his 3rd stomach parasite from rimming. Is this something we should start testing for? Or risk the bug. We dish on Trump's first state of the union address. Why did he keep clapping for himself? Finally we wrap up the show with a question about cheating on this episode of Ask the Boy(s). Like the show? RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE! Want to be on our...


Lost In the Stinkeye Swamp

In this episode we discuss Celebrity DRAMA. PornHub reveals their top trending searches of 2017. The results may surprise you. GAME TIME! Book title or porn title? A man is intimidated by the size of his boyfriend’s penis. We compare our…opinions on the matter. Looking for a budget friendly fuck machine? We share some cheap yet effective options. Finally, a straight woman who get’s off to gay porn. Is this normal?! We dive face first into this latest episode of ASK THE BOY(S)! Like the...


Masc or Mask?

In this episode, we discuss the controversial topic of MASCULINITY. Is it "Masc4Masc" or "Mask4Masc?" What happens when you make a Trump supporter themed gay porn? We discuss how this disturbing trend is not making porn, or America, great again. Is it possible for there to be "excessive nudity" in the locker room? An outraged man in Canada thinks so! We strip this story down to the bare details. We interview a local artist about his illustration depicting toxic online dating habits....


The Greasy Pole

On this episode, we talk about Adam Rippon. The first openly gay Winter Olympian. Hawaii's terrifying missile scare. What would you do if you had 20 minutes to live? A girlfriend is furious that her boyfriend jacks off so much. Is it healthy or is it a warning sign? Can a partner help heal years of emotional abuse? We discuss the difference between band-aids and bae. Gay movies. What titles do we feel are our favorite. Finally, we slip you another segment of Just The Tip! All on this...


Oprah or Noprah

YOU GET A BALLOT AND YOU GET A BALLOT...EVERYONE GETS BALLOTS! Rumor has it that Oprah wants to run for president. Do we support her? When does sex go from hot to high risk? A straight man fantasizes about daddies when he dingles his dangle. Is it a fetish or something deeper? Boxers or briefs, we share what we rock underneath.Finally, another round of "Classical Classifieds" all on this episode of Ask The Boy(s). Like the show? RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE! Want to be on our show? CALL US! Our...


Back Door Banter

Welcome to 2018! Join us as we discuss an entire episode on BOOTY. Yes BOOTY 101. We talk all things anal. Diets, toys, hygiene, and fisting. We have a guest host with us who is a professional ass master. YES! You do not want to FIST, I mean MISS this first episode of the new year. This is Ask The Boy(s). Like the show? RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE! Want to be on our show? CALL US! Our show number is: 424-327-5282. Thats "42-43-AskATB"


Merry Christmas from Ask The Boy(s)

We hope you're too drunk or high to remember this Christmas message we made for you. If you're sober, please accept our condolences. Merry Christmas from the boys to you!-Justin, Jordan and Anthony. We Wish you a Merry Christmas Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Christmas Special: Holiday Hysteria!

Happy Holidays BITCHES! In this Christmas episode we talk about the ups and downs of 2017. Will Justin get cavity searched this holiday at the airport? We talk about dealing with family members on Christmas. Instagram THOTS. Are thirst trap profiles hot or are they turn offs? Coming out of the closet. Where we were and how it shaped us. Finally, our segment JUST THE TIP! Where we give you tips on how to survive a New York winter. All on the final 2017 episode of Ask The Boy(s). (Intro song...


Dance of the Sugar Plum Daddies

Loose dentures or something else? We discuss Trump's health controversy from his latest "speesh". Sugar daddies! We play with our sweet tooth and talk about our experiences with men dishing out sugar! Voyeurism. We peep the underground world of those who just wanna watch! PrEP. We help you swallow the facts and controversies surrounding the pill. Classical Classifieds and a new segment where we deliver JUST THE TIP! All on this episode of Ask The Boy(s). ***Like the show?...


Three Little Pigs

Uber service for weed? Jordan discusses a new trend in mobile weed consumption. BDSM. We talk about our experiences in the world of hand ties and safe words. OINK OINK! Pig sex. Is it still taboo or more mainstream? Christian Baker vs Common Sense. We dish up the controversy over religious freedom when it comes to baked goods. Join as we act like sexy audiobook narrators all on this episode of Ask The Boy(s). ***Like the show? RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE!*** Want to be on our show? CALL US! Our...


Sex v2.0

Boop Boop beep beep. SEX ROBOTS! We talk all things sex v2.0. Grinder's new Transgender/Queer update. Is it long overdue? We discuss the controversy. Our favorite lubes. We give you the reviews of the best gushy stuff we've tried. Jordan want a stocking stuffer to stuff his stocking this Christmas. We submit our favorite toy recommendations for consideration. Gay stereotypes. Join us as we whine over wine about the bullshit we face all on this episode of Ask The Boy(s). ***Like the show?...


The "Pissidon" Adventure

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This episode brought to you by alcohol and leaves. We pop the cork on a bottle of red, roll up and fire up the microphones to talk Fall, the season of sweaters and loneliness. The flock of tourists migrating to NYC for the holidays. Our first time with a man, we give you the dirty deets about what went down in the sheets. Finally, we have a caller who is hesitant about letting his boyfriend urinate on him. Join us on this "pissidon" adventure all on this...


Sorry, I'm Drunk and Gay.

Is being drunk or gay an excuse for sexual assault? We discuss the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey. Catching feelings for an ex. Is it a good idea to go back? WHAT'S THAT BUMP?! What to do if you discover a surprise at your next sex party. Finally, noisy neighbors. CAN THEY JUST SHUT THE F*CK UP ALREADY?! All on this Episode of Ask the Boy(s) Want to be on our show? CALL US! Our show number is: (424) 327-5282. Thats "42 43 ASK ATB" 


Halloween Special: Tricking While Treating

In this Halloween episode we discuss the dangers of AirBnB, is it safe to spend the night? Taylor Swift's new music video is stirring up controversy! Is it a TRICK or a TREAT? 6'4" and trying to be a slut? Let us help you pick your perfect costume. We give you ways to recycle that halloween outfit back into your everyday sex life. Finally, we share our haunting experiences with the supernatural. All of this on this latest spooktacular episode of Ask The Boy(s) Want to be on our show? CALL...


"Porn" Again Virgin

Want to have sex? Wait five years or else you could die. Why there is a danger to this kind of sexual education. Can running away from home be considered a success? We discuss what that word means to us. You've got porn! We discuss when and how we first discovered it all. Finally, public nudity. Is exposing your hoo hoo, taboo? All of this on this latest episode of Ask The Boy(s) Want to be on our show? CALL US! Our show number is: (424) 327-5282. Thats "42 43 ASK ATB" Follow us on...


Promise Rings, Bathhouses and Gwyneth Paltrow's Vaginal Steaming- OH MY!

Is a promise ring too much for a one year anniversary gift? Will a woman's boyfriend cheat on her down the road because he likes penis? A man books a last minute trip to New York City and wants a cheap place to stay. Should he look into renting out a room at a gay bathhouse? Gwyneth Paltrow says you should steam your vagina. But is it safe? Find out these answers on our introductory episode of Ask The Boy(s) Want to be on our show? CALL US! Our show number is: (424) 327-5282 Thats "42 43...