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A Natural Flow

Becky, Bridget, and Meredith interview Lilith Starr, chapter head of The Satanic Temple of Seattle, about their Menstruatin’ with Satan campaign and other temple actions. Then they take a trip to the Lamb Down Under to discuss marriage equality before heading back to the US for some mixed political news. News Australian TV commercial offends […]

Duration: 01:10:17

Shattered: Net Neutrality, Rockets, and Time

Sam, Dan, and Wes interview David Fitzgerald and Dana Fredsti on their forthcoming book Time Shards and other geeky things. Sam rants about net neutrality, and the gang puzzles over a flat-earth cosmonaut who aspires to reach the “atmosflat.” The video Sam took is available on YouTube. News Flat-Earther’s homespun rocket launch delayed, again. Anti-fingerprint […]

Duration: 00:58:28

SausageJesus Loves TacoFriday

Becky, Wes, and Tyson explore post-Thanksgiving food like Church-endorsed TacoFriday and Sausage Baby Jesus. Also up for discussion: parental rights vs. children’s psychological welfare, the Bible Museum, and ancient commodes. Also, did you receive indoctrination about the inherent values of monotheism? Sam still wants to know! News Church of Sweden urges gender-neutral terms for god, […]

Duration: 01:07:34

Free Candy

Sam’s back in the studio with Tyson and Dan, raging about coffee machines and creepy RVs. We also revisit the interesting questions about Muslims in Space (which is not a show on Netflix yet) and maltreatment of Elephants in a “For Science!” segment. Also, did you receive indoctrination about the inherent values of monotheism? Sam […]

Duration: 01:19:31

Some Good News, Moore Bad News

Becky, Josh, and Wes celebrate increased atheist and humanist representation in elected office in an interview with Audra Killingsworth of Apex, North Carolina. But first we dissect Roy Moore. Announcements Humanists of Washington and Seattle Atheists, along with the University Unitarian Humanists, cordially invite freethinkers and their families and friends from Seattle and beyond to […]

Duration: 01:11:41

Pizza-like Objects

Sam rejoins the show with Dave and Wes for an episode to talk about his fears regarding church shootings, whether or not he crossed the line with a joke, how much he dislikes the “sports-ball” joke, and his complex relationship with pizza. Announcements Humanists of Washington and Seattle Atheists, along with the University Unitarian Humanists, […]

Duration: 01:14:30


Becky, Josh, and Meredith take a trip around the globe to talk about divine intervention (or lack thereof), robots, Halloween (and it’s oft-confused Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos) and a FORTY-FOOT CROSS! Announcements Humanists of Washington and Seattle Atheists, along with the University Unitarian Humanists, cordially invite freethinkers and their families and friends from […]

Duration: 03:24:34

From Now On, Rob gets a Mic

Shelley Segal and Rob grace the studio, sharing with Wes & Becky some thoughts on marriage equality in Australia, musings on US and Australian patriotism, respect for indigenous peoples, and a few new songs. News Australian national vote ongoing till Oct 27 Yes campaign

Duration: 00:54:21

Separate and Unequal

Becky, Wes, and Bridget talk sports, the Catholic Church, Kim Davis, and Betsy DeVos. Meredith joins Becky and Bridget to discuss sexuality, gender and scouting! News Becky went to a DeVos protest last week! Six secular organizations warn Louisiana schools about unconstitutional anthem expectations. Christian athlete blames God for bad plays. Happy National Coming Out […]

Duration: 03:59:00


Robert Ray of Secular Yakking podcast and The Original Motto Project joins Becky and Meredith to talk about the U.N, Satanists, the separation of church and state, and the history of In God We Trust. Sam has a discussion with Robert about being how activists deal with negative feedback. News High School graduate sues for […]

Duration: 04:39:55

Bonus Daddies & Moore/Strange Things

Becky and Josh reflect on Senate candidate Roy Moore’s horrible, Christian court rulings. Dan comes back “For Science” (!) to educate us on synathropes, and later on how Schrodinger’s cat is poorly applied to the god-concept. There are some Best Words from Trump. News SCOTUS and Constitution-defying Senate candidate Roy Moore wins Alabama primary; […]

Duration: 01:33:07

Psychic Vampire Sex Dust

Becky, Jeremy, and Meredith discuss Trump’s response to NFL protests, his lack of geography knowledge, the apocalypse that didn’t happen, and weird goop. Take a Knee Trump tweets to fire NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem, players do it anyway. Former NFL player and astronaut Leland Melvin’s response to Trump. Miami […]

Duration: 01:15:42

Death Planet vs. Juggalos vs. Mary Tyler Moore

Becky, Wes, & Meredith consider the unlikely end of the world, supernatural realms, Bigfoot, and Juggalos. Becky rages at the Christian anti-school machine. News Trump dismisses climate change with epic hurricane comments Trump retweets doctored GIF of his golf ball hitting HRC Conservative dingbats with Bannon/DeVos/Conway ties, advocate at highest level dismantling public schools to […]

Duration: 01:12:02

Commanding Millibars

Becky, Josh, and Meredith decline to pray for Hurricane victims, say grace before meals, or insist on the pledge of allegiance. Instead, we laugh at a scepter-bearing Prophetess and bemoan politicians' calls for godly intercession. Also: don't marry your laptop.

Duration: 01:18:56

Fair Play

This week, Colton and Becky welcome Sam Mulvey into the studio to discuss the personal history of an obscure atheist. In the second half, Becky and Sky continue the discussion with Sam, moving to politics and the Nation’s Pledge. News White House National Day of Harvey Prayer Trump Tips Disaster Response Workers Prayers instead […]

Duration: 01:10:38

Storm Surges and Blowhards

Becky and Josh welcome Autumn to the studio to talk about gender neutral cabins at Camp Quest NorthWest. We also pick apart Trump's awful Phoenix speech and unconscionable pardoning of Joe Arpaio. CALL TO ACTION: Donate to Humanist Disaster Recovery's fund for Hurricane Harvey assistance.

Duration: 01:15:11

Going Ape

Becky’s still on summer vacation, but half the country’s kids are back to school. What’s this mean in states that try to obliterate or obfuscate evolution from the curriculum?? And what the heck happened to our country while Becky was away for a week? Maybe it’s the eclipse… News Religious significance of the eclipse Trump […]

Duration: 04:02:20

Not Okay

This week, Josh and Wes join Sam to talk about things that are not okay in various types: The violence in Charlottesville, a war-mongering president, and Sam himself. News Trump’s Response to Charlottesville Violence is terrible Trump gets Professional Wrestling at North Korea, Invites Doom on Guam: One, Two, Three Brownback fingered for Religious Freedom […]

Duration: 01:13:56

F@#% Your Rainbow Bridge!

Becky examines how atheists approach the death of animal companions with the help of Nathan and Kristi, but first we chuckle at offensive art and license plates. News Colorado Bans “GOD” From License Plates Catholics demand removal of Guadalupe sculpture Mechanoid spider summits Ottawa cathedral; Catholics outraged, while Archbishop’s in on the game Mayor threatens […]

Duration: 01:21:04

Too Many Zeroes

Becky, Bridget, and Wes do math for Creationists and some Republicans. We also highlight some of Trump’s atrocious comments to the Boy Scouts of America, ponder pudding, and celebrate health boards who do the right thing to protect women’s health. News Was there life on Mars 1000 years ago? Hint: No. Trump underestimates healthcare premiums […]

Duration: 01:01:21

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