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Temi - Transcripts For 10 Cents a Minute

Dave and Jim are joined by Emily Prokop from The Story Behind Podcast and E Podcast productions to talk all things podcasting 2:12 the 70 Million that Twitter gave Soundcloud is never coming back. 3:55 Squarespace makes it harder to leave them for an actual media host 7:00 The basic Libsyn page ( see ) 10:45 The computer skill of new podcasters 15:00 Does being an editor make you less patient? 16:30 is still a bad idea 23:07 Transcripts -...


Your Podcast Launch

Call in your questions 888-563-3228 Quick Podfest Reflections - Nice Back Fat Stephen from Mic 8:21 Your Podcast Launch 27:01 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters 28:08 What was up with Dave's voice on the School of Podcasting 32:32 Audacity Tips? 34:17 I'm So sorry about your cat 36:20 SHotgoun microphones 38:12 We have a weird sound glitch 38:48 41:17 Best part of Podfest 44:49 Preserving Audio with 46:29 Live...


New Tools From Voxnest With Rob Greenlee

2:30 The New Mixer Review 8:27 Thanks for the Awesome Supporters 12:10 Rob Explains and Dynamo Dynamic Ad Insertion 60/40 split 19:45 What if you have ads on Spreaker? 23:00 Having a Launch on a certain day 26:25 Podcamp Toronto - Need a Passport? 27:45 Podsumit in Canada 28:20 Interviewing On Site 33:05 What to bring to your first event 38:40 What's the biggest podcast hurdle? 44:05 Formatting and outlines for an episode


Just a Podcaster

To Dave is Joined by Jeff From Dave has a new mixer the Presonus AR-12 and it has been a little overkill to get everything going this week 3:16 Dave is not happy with the mixer's volume on the input 6:56 Jeff has helped produce podcasts for Microsoft. 10:34 Podcasting Cures Cancer 12:16 Dave is sporting the Just a Podcaster T-shirt from thanks to Jim Harold for the shirt. Check out for help with Design. 15:00 Podcast...


Cool Portable Mixer Behringer Xenyx 1002B

Nick Seuberling from Cincinnati Soccer Talk joins us this week as Dave dusts off his award 2:15 Gear Talk: HOw do you record multiple people on location on the road? Nick is using the BEHRINGER XENYX 1002B 09:15 Quitting a show that is getting thousands of downloads per episode 17:10 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters on Patreon. Become an Awesome Support and keep the lights on 18:30 Spotify is creating a new format for podcasts that mixes images with audio.... 24:50 Spotify is...


Wine and Mixer Don't Mix

Jim's new mixer the Mackie PROFX8V2 after accidentally dumping an entire glass of wine into the mixer. The V2 may have better preamps. The PROFX4V2 is $119 but not USB. Jim loves the Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX is one of Jim's favorite Smaller boards. USB devices d mix minus automatic, but you can't split the track. 10:50 Dave forgot to press record (this is the auphonic file run through auphonic). 12:00 Mixer vs USB Interface like a Scarlett 2i2 interface 14:20 Behringer Mixers...


Racing to the Bottom With Podcasting CPM

IT'S FREEZING! 2:35 Bernie the Cat is No Longer With Us 7:15 Planning For Your Podcast If You Die 12:16 Planning For your Success 18:00 Dave got added to a bunch of emails lists that he didn't sign up 18:57 Are we catering to the CPM model too quickly? Getting .0002 cents per download 25:11 Sponsors vs Selling Your Own Products 29:56 What about Affiliate Links? 36:24 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters (join today and get bonus content 41:31 Am I going to Get a Pet? 43:09 Take some...


The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On. We learn that dave pulled lots of muscles in his back this morning but the show must go on when you do a live episode. If this was something we put out later (instead of doing a live show) we probably would've put off 2:58 Because of My Podcast Mashup Discussion (clip at the end of the show) 4:50 Episodes that have gone above and beyond for content 7:46 Free Events for a podcast studio 14:30 Patience in Podcasting 18:35 Dave Gets Trolled by a Fake Consumer...


Podmio Podcast Hosting

Satish Gaire joins us to talk where their website states they are When Jim and I asked how this could be, Satish stated when a potential podcaster comes to your page we have to convince them. The idea is that this platform is more innovative (after playing with it for a week, it's not, and its kind of buggy). Here is the demo. If you want to kick the tires of, you can save 10% using the coupon code sop10. The price goes from $14.99...


Take a Good Long Look As We Transition Into 2018

Black Friday deals? - Here are some fun tools to think about Hard Drives, Alexa Devices, Google Home, Flash Drives Replacing things that are getting old vs Looking at What Worked and What Didn't Keep Your Website (especially WordPress) updated. First Impression of a show will podcast listeners pay to talk to the host? New Podcasters have a different skill level Jim's new favorite soda/tea Fuze with Lemon Thanks to our Awesome...


Comparing Your Podcast to Others is Unhealthy

Today we talk about the following topics: Merchandise / Swag There are places you can do this with Amazon and Teepublic make it easy to create t-shirts and other swag items. Collector's items and scarcity can help sell items - create website from an RSS feed CPM at Spreaker is .0026 per download The smallest episode on is also his most profitable The Messengers is now available on Amazon Prime Video How a pre-interview call can lead to smooth...


FTC Guidelines - Charging Guests to Be On Your Show

Randy Cantrell from the Leaning Towards Wisdom show joins Dave to answer your podcast questions Today we talk about Common Podcast Mistakes Advertising Questions - Do We Charge People to Be a Guest? FTC Guide Code3 Podcast Google Forms Dana Carvey Show on Hulu - How they didn't know his audience. Tips on Contacting support staffs Opening Chit Chat often ruins your show Podcast Review Show Harry Durran Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver...


Successful TV Podcasting

Today we are joined by Tory Heinritz from the Blacklist Exposed Podcast and the Packers Fan Podcast. 7:30 Dealing with Celebs 13:30 Sports Podcasting 18:00 Dealing with Trolls 26:54 Supporters 27:15 Patreon 29:35 Serious Simple Podcast Plugin 33:08 iTunes Tags 38:00 Troy's Recording Process 47:45 Easy Solutions For Advanced Podcasts 55:02 Zoom Vs Skype


Can I Podcast With Just an iPad or iPhone

Today Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting is joined by special guest Stephen Jondrew of the Gonna Geek Network and co-host of the Better Podcasting Show Use the coupon code dop at this weekend in Nashville In Today's show, we discuss the following topics 2:00 Microphones 4:46 Weird Sounds in a Slightly Advanced Setup 10:15 Podcasting with iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks 18:47 What happens if your guest is accused of embellishment? 23:30 Where to Put the Guests...


The Most Frequently Asked Podcast Questions With Ramona Rice

Today Ramona Rice from joins Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting to talk about the most frequently asked podcast questions in honor of International Podcast Day. Questions include: What Microphone? ATR2100 is a great place to start. Here is a kit with a stand and pop filter What Media Host. is a great choice with prices starting at $5/month (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month). If you want your website and media host all in one, go to...


Control and Rebranding Your Show

Ask the podcast coach answers your podcast questions every week live. This week we answered questions about 3:00 and recording shows with people in different locations 6:00 We help Nancy answer questions about owning your feed (find Nancy at 13:00 We talk about podcast titles 22:00 International Podcast Day 26:40 Shows with common phrases like Fantasy Football 28:00 Music intros at the beginning 30:00 Do I Need a Mixer (see this episode on...


Podcast Movement 2017 Reflections

Fresh back from Podcast Movement 2017, Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network share their thoughts on Podcast Movement 2017 Topics Mentioned Favorite Take Aways Meeting Ravi From All comedians use the same microphone on a comedy night Ribbon Microphones 17:50 Redirecting your Feed to Anchor is a really bad idea as you are "leaving" your host, and losing all control Podcast Awards - Well Done To Troy from the...


Is the Heil PR40 All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Dave is joined by Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School. Find Chris at Call in your question 888-563-3228 How to take care of your mixer? 11:14 Most Common Mistake 17:22 Behringer ultavoice xm1800s $23 24:00 Why podcasters obsess over their sound - the psychology 30:00 Changing items in Libsyn 32:20 what is the Libsyn slug? 34:00 Email Dave about Libsyn? Email libsyn first... 39:00 Biggest take aways from the Podcast Engineering...


A Deep Dive Into Podcast Intros

How long should your intro be? What should be in it? Should it be scripted? Should it be the same every week? This week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from The Average Guy Network talk about intros and take questions from the live audience. 9:50 Podcast Mixed Messages 14:00 Podcast Artwork 19:30 Your First Podcast Episode 29:15 Trolls 41:10 Don't pick the small office to record in 49:09 Get Featured 52:20 Jim's hardware Tip - Check your video card GPU...


Advice on Podcast Networks

How do you start a podcast network? Should I start a podcast network? Dave Jackson from and Jim Collison from are join By Glenn Hebert ( ) and Jason Bryant from Other topics include: Learning from Podcasts that didn't go as you had hoped. Setting up expectations with co-hosts When NOT to start a podcast Find Jim at Find Dave at Become an...


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