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Episode 62 | Sound Consumer Advice - At Least I have You

The solstice, coconut oil, technology, religion, Bezos, Daniel’s first public apology, the power of text, Bob Hope, jerks, pajamas, the week of Geoffy, Daniel’s birthday, basic bitches, Valhalla, the Realm of Dho, idea corner, P90X Extreme Ultra Thrust, and the government!

Duration: 01:23:41

Episode 61 | Hard Consonants - At Least I have You

Tay Tay and and KP, Geoff’s dick, old and wobbly dentures, Comey, stand up shows, closers, how to get famous, McGriddles, birthdays, Wild Ginger, the Blob, perfect joke writing, Vice, plans, nipples, dicks, home security, and sex robots!

Duration: 01:07:57

Episode 60 | Rise and Monetize! - At Least I have You

Gank Bros, Def Geoff, LA Pizza, 365 by Whole Foods, juice, tumors and spleens, 9/11, Andy’s dick again, church camp, weight loss, gay birds, mayonnaise, internet bullying, Hitler’s janitors, Deep Impact, space movies, Geoff’s grandma, idea corner, Matt’s blood, fear, drugs, hospitals, dog people, and birthdays!

Duration: 01:14:57

Episode 59 | Daddy Summer Camp - At Least I have You

Andy’s dick, the sun, spleens, mescaline, sex on the first date, The Big Six, the other Ben Foster, 4D, Geoff’s hiatus, omelets, Bumble, impressions, Silverlake, segments, Operation Summertime, Chris Cornell, Los Angeles, Mila, gangs, honking, idea corner, and free rent.

Duration: 00:59:35

Episode 57 | NOT Mitch Burrow | Cock Smoting - At Least I have You

Bitch Burrow, telescopes, spare panties, shoulder cancer, twink bot, Western Justice, poppers, underage drinking, fear, meth, idea corner, boners, prostates, Geoff’s journey, pot, horny goat weed, gym tips, the biz, and porn.

Duration: 01:10:26

Episode 56 | Katie-Ellen Humphries | Egg Smoke - At Least I have You

Drunk cooking, lost innocence, food numbers, our fans, Kate’s memories, hand salad, deconstructed menu items, breakfast, pizza budget, smoothies, Mike Flynn, Of Mice and Men, the simulation, America the great, guns, Matt’s mutation, Canada, the Northern Lights, geography, ideas, Geoff’s face, what broke Geoff, hot dogs, cheese, and words!

Duration: 01:28:28

Episode 55 | Travis Vogt | Think Pieces - At Least I have You

What Geoff looks like, if Geoff was a pumpkin, Coachella, bad luck, counties, biker knowledge, hand gestures, noises, talking backwards, the devil in court, Dan’s hair, raunchy comedy, salad, stuff Dan hates, cowboy boots, tattoos, movies, suicide, snowflakes, and more noises!

Duration: 01:30:47

Episode 54 | Bath Hammock - At Least I have You

Mugs, Beauty and the Beast, gay dads, reality shows, big news, Nic Cage, long division, diets, bananas, glory holes, job interviews, the fate of the show, bath accessories, footie pajamas, Dick Fondue, and reading chairs.

Duration: 01:21:13

Episode 53 | SWOT your D - At Least I have You

Venus and Serena Williams, Zelda, film, eating Soylent, Dan’s dic, public access, truth serum, addiction, chips, pole sitting, sad stories with Geoff, documentaries, the space race, pole sitting, the machine story, sex grooming, sexual awakenings, pole sitting, Thor, nerd rage, pole sitting, the lost episode, and punk!!!

Duration: 01:21:31

Episode 51 | Pound It Out - At Least I have You

Forgetting words, diversity, buttilingus, vaping, our audience, Home Depot, Geoff’s neighbor, cheeseburgers, fuck these guys, relief-sturbating, bear clubs, the great walrus, western justice, Jay Leno, if Geoff was pope, a grip of witches, church donuts, God’s house, Christian rock, the bible, going away party, groundbreaking crap, idea corner, shashing porn, and codependency!

Duration: 01:35:33

Episode 46 | The Sex MacGyvers - At Least I have You

Gay rappers, Shakespeare, wives, the International Women’s March, Dan’s masculinity, ruddering, M. Night Shyamalan, Geoff’s mom, the 5 things women want in a man, societal pressure, jobs, gambling, Geoff’s cool uncle, Double Jeopardy, volumizer, McDonalds, brain danmage, showers, sports and convertibles, life on a boat, monogamy, gun clubs, cult movies, morning radio, Idea Corner, Geoff’s […]

Duration: 01:29:09

Episode 45 | Travis Vogt | Don’t Look Down - At Least I have You

Episode 45 | Travis Vogt | Don’t Look Down Shit cough, ways to kill a baby, podcasts, prairie tales, vaping vites, peeing blood, the Harborview Handshake, cold brew, the human genome, Daniel’s secret to success, bowling alley breakfast, the wall, fake news, the power of prayer, the moon, Scientology, Karate cults, Christian Science, the young […]

Duration: 01:35:42

Episode 44 | The Disembowelment Boys - At Least I have You

Spoiler alert, Lenny Beckerman, tumors, Decapitation Unit, Flying Guillotine, vape life, The Shyamalan Twist, sociopathy, Australia, St. Patrick, pope magic, gamerz, Amazon pilots, drugs, The Menendez Brothers, Frontier Justice, garden gnomes, Tom Shane, Ricky Gervais, Stockholm Syndrome, fondue, Matt’s ankles, doctors, and bionic penises.

Duration: 01:14:34

Episode 43 | Bang-cation - At Least I have You

Matt’s needs, Crocs, coconut water, new years, retarded kids, poop and blood, Ricky Gervais, the government, catheters, Geoff’s Idea Corner, Hitler, racist aliens, night hungers, non-resolutions, Hollywood, escorts, fucked up fantasies, suicide, and God’s degree!

Duration: 01:06:00

Episode 41 | Freak Cheeseburger Death - At Least I have You

Smoking in bars, tourettes blinking, Matt’s death, the Wall of Shame, collecting couches, Highlander, sound effects, interior design, guns and dirtbikes, tumors, living wills, Cortana, Amanda Knox, missing white women, Steven Seagal, the Tumornator, Trump-Net, Geoff’s family tree, torsos, and the Rockettes!

Duration: 01:12:28

Episode 40 | Seth Lazear | Former Ass Man - At Least I have You

The sleep apnea comic, Matt’s original film idea, Geoff’s pajamas, our guest, vaping, slight technical difficulties, Moonlight, the lost episode, drinking above the freeway, guns a nuvarings, biopics, Cool Runnings, TV, Friends, flu shots, secrets, craigslist, Sharx, gay nazis, Thanksgiving, belly buttons, and libtards!

Duration: 01:08:25

Episode 39 | Pizza Pot Pies - At Least I have You

Episode 39 | Some Thoughts on the Election Facebook friends, Geoff’s stroke, Popular Xyience, depression cake, Geoff’s opinions, Daniel’s opinions, more of Geoff’s opinions, and Matt’s opinions.

Duration: 01:15:54

Episode 38 | Ed Galvez | Master of the Tip Slip - At Least I have You

This week we have Ed Galvez on the show! We talk about dead moms, baths, Matt's fat directions, Matt's fat math, Mexican actors, the sugars, Geoff’s career, Daniel’s tumor, Geoff’s bike, how we would kill Geoff, seasonal lattes, charming baristas, Shake Shack, Star Wars, Paris Hilton, sex robots, gay bod survey, Shania Twank, tacos, and […]

Duration: 01:22:46

Episode 36 | Dead Hobo Crabs - At Least I have You

Premature ejaculation, Geoff’s politicast, What Would You Do, the 4th wall, Israel, Crooked Hilary, talent, foreskin, lizard people, twitter, Geoff’s Idea Corner, health food, Walking Dead, Lost, Anica, BSG, online banking, Nintendo, Craigslist, and Dan’s new website!

Duration: 01:18:21

Episode 35 | Divorcing the Pain - At Least I have You

Harry Potter, Jumbo Jacks, tumors, Matt’s insides, constipation, cheese steak, sympathy, painkillers, Harry Potter again, beasts, smoking, literature, new news, straight Matt, bed bugs, Blockbuster Video, Geoff’s diet, Big Macs, body hair, surgery, and foreskin!

Duration: 01:08:39

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