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A Degenerate Gambler and an Accountant seek to analyze pop culture trends by identifying and jumping on the current bandwagon (or "boarding the train" as they refer to it). Over several weeks they immerse themselves in the world the trend surrounds in an attempt to develop a key understanding of our population at large; and hopefully be entertaining while doing so.






Episode 109: 13 Reasons Why

Nate and Jay discuss the latest Netflix Original that everyone can’t wait to talk about; 13 Reasons Why. When a show is so popular and so polarizing High Schools across the nation are attempting to ban their students from watching, you know it must be good. Hannah Baker is dead, and Clay has the tapes, and Tony is kind of a dick about it. Who will be on each? Will his tape destroy his identity? Will he be able to right the wrongs? Do Nate and Jay have a tape? All these questions will be...

Duration: 01:16:25

Episode 108: Witches, Tarot, Palm Readings (Week 2)

The journey continues as Nate and Jay are joined by Elubatela, a professional tarot reader with over 20 years of readings behind her. Will she be able to unlock the keys to their pasts in order to develop their future? Tune in to find out.

Duration: 01:30:46

Episode 107: Witches, Tarot, Palm Readings (Week 1)

With the first set of shows behind them, Nate and Jay move onto a new bandwagon; a bit of a stranger one. Taking a note from the current sleeper hit ‘Get Out’, Nate and Jay delve into The Occult. Focusing in on the Tarot and exploring those who follows its insights. Witches, Fortune Tellers, Soothsayers, Psychics, Clairvoyants; we’ve got our eyes on all of them. Maybe they can even help us with our March Madness picks, the cards have as good as a shot as any of filling out a perfect...

Duration: 01:17:16

Episode 106: Serial Debate

In late 2014 Sara Koenig and WBEZ Chicago released Serial and instantly the world was transfixed by the case. The case itself proved to be quite polarizing - a third of the world believes Adnan, the main suspect, is guilty. Another third believes adamantly that he is innocent. And the rest, they just like hearing Sara Koenig’s voice. In this episode of At the Station Nate and Jay are joined by two guests as they pick sides an attempt to persuade one another of Adnan’s innocence. Is he...

Duration: 01:14:09

Episode 105: DFS - Nascar (Final Week)

Everyone is talking about the massive blunder that the Oscars turned out to be but Nate and Jay still have their focus elsewhere. Nascar race season officially opens with the Daytona 500. The hosts place picks on a pool of drivers and go head-to-head one more time. The end of the race also signifies the end of the first Bandwagon. Nate and Jay reflect on the long four weeks of intense research and tally up their total earnings for the last board bet of this bandwagon.

Duration: 00:59:49

Episode 104: DFS - MMA (Week 3)

The NBA is currently hosting the All-Star game followed by an off week, causing Nate and Jay to focus their exploration of Daily Fantasy Sports elsewhere. This week they explore the world of MMA; placing their bets for UFC Fight Night 105. Nate and Jay discuss both their picks for the fights and the outcomes of the matches. Later in the show they check in with “The Bachelor’ but not before they take the show completely off the rails.

Duration: 01:17:17

Episode 103: DFS Strategy (Week 2)

Nate and Jay welcome guest Brandon Sanders (@qBrandonMichael) as they dive into Week 2 of Daily Fantasy Sports. Nate and Brandon attempt to explain to Jay some strategies behind picks, whether or not he took enough notes is left to be seen. Results from Week 1 drafts are discussed and yet another bet is put on the board. Special Teaser included within. All apologies to Patrick Beverley. (Season 1) [2017]

Duration: 00:57:46

Episode 102: DFS Basics (Week 1)

“Guy explains how to play sports to an idiot” In the wake of Fantasy Aces stealing player bankrolls to pay themselves consulting fees; Nate and Jay decide to dive into the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. Nate provides a basic crash course in how DFS works, but not before hosts parlay a conversation about the Superbowl into a conversation about WWE. (Season 1) [2017]

Duration: 01:13:55

Episode 101: Remakes & Reboots 2017

Before they hop aboard their first bandwagon, Nate and Jay find their grove as they discuss the current dominating trend in movies; Remakes and Reboots. Also discussed: The Mandela Effect, Superbowl ticket prices, Serena Williams, and Jay attempts to explain why we are no longer trapped in the Matrix. (Season 1) [2017]

Duration: 00:41:45

Episode 100: Pilot

Nate, a degenerate gambler, and Jay, an accountant, sit down for the first time to introduce the listeners to At The Station; a show where each week the hosts jump on the current bandwagon in an attempt to immerse themselves in its culture. (Pilot) [2017]

Duration: 01:16:18