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Episode 14: Stranger Danger - Sisterhood of the Traveling Horror Stories

This episode we take you into the heart of Peru when Redditor u/ArdenArcade's study abroad adventure turned sour. We'll also give you plenty of reasons to just down that extra Red Bull rather than stopping at the empty motel right off of the somewhat abandoned highway. And Jill shares her run-in while on a road trip with her friends from college. That's right! We're giving you plenty of reasons not to book your spring break trip this year, so dig yourself into a nice, comfy hole of blankets,...

Duration: 00:39:28

Episode 13: Aliens and UFOs - With ExtraTerrestrial, Please

Get those tin foil hats ready! This episode, we're shifting our attention away from the terrestrial fears of spirits, specters, and ghosts to bring you three intergalactic tales surely to leave you wondering “are we really alone?!” We'll ponder one of the most baffling alien abductions in recorded history, recount the night we saw lights in the sky, and hear about one Redditor's abduction firsthand! Come join us At the Fire!

Duration: 00:33:58

Episode 12: Spirits, and Specters, and Ghosts, Oh My! Part 1 - Ghosts Busted

We're back! After a short break, we've returned to help you get through this holiday season by bringing binge-worthy stories every other week that will surely be more terrifying than your next family gathering! Join us this episode where we'll tackle ghost busting! We bring you the tale of a classic American haunting, an even more modern twist on the paranormal activity front, and one story that will have you itching to go check out your local museum. Remember listeners, the simpler...

Duration: 00:35:20

Episode 11: Halloween Spooktacular, Part Two

We're sharing four super spooky true stories to satisfy those morbid Halloween desires. Ghosts, murder, and the darkest side of camping. It's all At the Fire tonight.

Duration: 00:33:04

Episode 10: Halloween Spooktacular, Part One

Tonight, we’re bringing you two true and terrifying tales. One takes us to a remote island in Mexico where visitors pay their respects to a gruesome local legend. The other will have you squirming in disbelief at one woman’s real-life medical miracle.

Duration: 00:17:54

Episode 9: The Origin Halloween

Join us tonight where we'll explore the truth behind the most terrifying holiday of the year. We're talking about the origins of Halloween and all the creepy happenings around the celebration.

Duration: 00:18:57

Episode 8: Julie and Katherine's Haunted Adventure

This week, gather 'round At the Fire and experience the story first hand! Hear Jill and a special guest make their way through a local haunted house. We'll learn all about the horrors lurking within Rotten Manor and see if Jill makes it out of the forest alive.

Duration: 00:25:56

Episode 6: The Mount Pleasant Native American Boarding School

We're stepping back in time tonight to visit the disturbing past of the Mount Pleasant Native American Industrial Boarding School. Just one of many facilities of its kind constructed in the late 18th century, we'll recount one listener's experiences while working on the property and what they discovered inside the buildings. For all the details, visit

Duration: 00:25:10

Episode 4: The Grant House

Tonight we’re exploring, arguably, the creepiest places on the planet - hotels! We’ll have a listener join us to share a few stories of the supernatural occurrences inside the historic Grant House in Rush City, Minnesota. Jill recounts her surreal interactions with a peculiar guest while working at a hotel. Links are on the site!

Duration: 00:35:52

Episode 3: Pere Cheney

Tonight we're venturing up to northern Michigan to explore all that remains of an old lumbering town - the Pere Cheney Cemetery. Come ride along, At the Fire! Links Articles: Walk around the cemetery:...

Duration: 00:32:53

Episode 1: Urban Legends

Gather 'round! It's Episode One and we're excited to share some urban legends with our friends At the Fire! Submit your story: Sound Credits: The Hook *crickets_creek* by rhapsodize ( ) *body falls* by Ephisus ( ) *bm_carongravel* by cmusounddesign ( ) *fm flip* by cognito perceptu (...

Duration: 00:32:39

Gather 'Round

Share Your Story This recording gladly uses the following sounds from 'Sounds of the forest night' by Kingcornz ( ) 'campfire in the woods front' by craftport ( )

Duration: 00:01:15