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EP 168 - Make Better Decisions

The life of an athlete involves making constant decisions. Everyday you're deciding on something. What to do. How to train. What to train. Where to train. So as an athlete how do you make better decisions or what decisions should you be making. In this episode of fruitful friday i breakdown how you should make your decisions as an athlete. As always its concise and straight to the point, just like you like it. Click play. If you enjoy this episode please leave us a review on itunes or...


EP 167 - BONUS - What No One Told You About Injuries In Sports

In this episode i share with you a few things nobody tells you when you get injured but which are critically important in your journey in sports. We talk about pain and why its not always bad news. We also talk about loneliness and why you never see it coming when you get injured. Click play PS: If you're interested in a course that further breaks down all the steps you need to go through to understand, prevent and recover from injuries, head over to to signify...


EP 166 - Monica Seles - Your Mind Is Your Most Powerful Tool

Monica Seles is a former professional tennis player and former world number 1. She's also a winner of 9 grand slam titles. Today, we share two lessons you can learn from her legendary career. Click play PS: Head over to and start on your FREE email course on how to build your mental toughness


EP 165 - The Law of Cause And Effect

The law of cause and effect is simple. Everything you're doing right now has either a negative or positive impact on your career. The fact that you're listening to Athlete Maestro right now has the positive effect that you're being a student of your sport and you're trying to improve. The diet that you miss has a negative impact on your career. The training that you miss also has a negative effect. Understand this EVERY thing you do has an impact and the minute you realise that you're a...


EP 164 - How To Effectively Recover From Injuries In Sports

What happens when you get injured? What happens when you have an injury setback? Here's the thing, no athlete is immune from injury. In this episode i share with you tips on how you can effectively recover from injuries when they do occur. I'm creating a detailed course on the entire process an athlete must go through to prevent and then recover from injuries. It contains everything you need to know as an athlete so you know what steps to take at every stage. If you're interest head over...


EP 163 - 5 Top Athletes Who Recovered From Devastating Injuries

Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl title after he was let go by the Indianapolis Colts because they feared he would never recover from his neck injury. Monica Seles won an Australian Open title after she was tragically stabbed in the back by a fan in 2003 at a tournament in Hamburg. She was out of the sport for two years before making her return. Tom Brady tore his medial and anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in 2008. The Patriots kept faith with him despite missing the entire season. He...


EP 162 - Focus On Self Appraisal

Self appraisal is your ability to look within yourself and access your progress. "put yourself in the best position to achieve. consistently evaluate your actions and ask yourself a very simple question, will my current actions lead me to where i'd like to go" If as an athlete you don't ask yourself this question regularly, you are making a mistake. I created a free guide to help you with this. Head over to to access this free guide. You need to...


EP 161 - How To Reduce The Risk Of Injuries

If there's one thing we already know, its that injuries are a part of sports. So how best can you prevent or reduce injuries in your own career. Thats what we discuss on today's episode. Injuries can be devastating, especially when you don't know where they came from or how they came about. One of the lessons we teach in this episode is educating yourself about the necessary muscles your sport entails. The knowledge that you have about those muscles means you can prime them to handle the...


EP 160 - Inky Johnson - Injuries Are A Part Of Sports

Inky Johnson is a former college American Football player for the University of Tennessee. He played cornerback and was 10 games away from realizing his dream of playing professional football in the NFL. However, things didn't go as planned as Inky suffered a serious injury that ended his dreams. The injury paralyzed his entire right hand. In this episode we break down all the injury lessons you can learn from Inky Johnson. How he approached his setback, what he is doing now for himself...


EP 159 - Inspiration Is Good But Action Is Better

Everyone can be inspired. It doesn't require any special talent or special effort. Listen to music or a great podcast, watch athletes perform on the grand stage and you immediately feel pumped up. What people don't do is take action after being inspired. Your inspiration is worth nothing if you don't act on it. All it does is heighten your emotions. Yes be inspired but better still step out from the crowd and your peers by taking action. That simple step gets you closer to your dreams and...


EP 158 - What You MUST Know About Injuries As An Athlete

Every athlete gets injured. You've been injured, I've been injured. We won't be the first and we won't be the last. The interesting part is some recover and some don't. Do you remember what it was like before your first injury? How fearless you were? Running into tackles, dribbling with reckless abandon and feeling invincible. All that changed the minute you got injured. You began to doubt yourself. You saw others competing while you couldn't. You lacked motivation because everything you...


EP 157 - Sidney Crosby - Do You Know The Ins And Outs Of Your Sport?

Sometimes its easy, sometimes its not. Sometimes it appears you have it all figured out and other times its complete chaos. Thats the life of an athlete One of the lessons you'll learn from Sidney Crosby today is knowing everything about your sport. Its that simple. The more you know the more confident you are. The less frustrating the process is. I want to help you on this journey and Sidney Crosby is the perfect example. Click play. If you need a little extra, which you absolutely should...


EP 156 - Your Habits Will Make Or Break You

Have you wondered how far your habits will take you or if your habits are even that important to start with. Guess what? They are. They are as important as the talent you have. They set you up for success. They are the fulcrum with which you will change the world. In this episode we discuss the power of your habits and how they can be the change you need in your career. Click Play. music credit: A. Himitsu on soundcloud


EP 155 - Maestro Mindset 3 Most Important Traits You Need In 2018

Your life as an athlete might be confusing. There's so much to keep up with, so many advices, so many plans and it all gets overwhelming. Do you start with A? or do you skip A and go to B? What happens to C? You get the point In this episode, we break down 3 must have traits for every athlete in 2018. Forget all the clutter and focus on just these 3 things. The catch is this, focus on these three things and every other thing becomes easy. These 3 traits are the bedrock of all the things...


EP 154 - Carli Lloyd - Why You Must Take Kindly To Criticism

What can you learn from an athlete who is a two time world player of the year? No special circumstances or connections, no special path to success. That's the story of Carli Lloyd. When nobody was watching she was putting in the work. Her story is detailed and filled with lessons every athlete can learn from. At a point she almost quit all together. But she survived and is making waves in the soccer world. Personally i love her story and the dedication she put into mastering her craft. Her...


EP 153 - Use Revenge As Your Motivator

We have all felt the feeling of revenge. I know you have. Question is, have you used it to your advantage or have you let it consume you.


EP 152 - Have Your Best Year Yet Even If You're Not Ready

Everyone starts the year with goals. You map out what you want to achieve and get to work. There's a reason most new year resolutions fail. And yours might fail too. Today, we address this frequently asked question about how to approach your plans for the new year. Listen to this episode and learn what you should be doing instead. Quick tip: it starts from last year. If you follow the steps in this episode you are guaranteed to have a better 2018 than you had 2017. Click play.


EP 151 - Anderson Silva - You Must Learn Everyday To Succeed In Sports

Anderson Silva is considered one of the greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighters of all time for a reason. In this episode we break down what makes him a legend and what you can learn from him. Imagine learning something new in your sport every single day for a year. At the end of the year you would have learnt 365 new things. Compare yourself to an athlete who learns something new in his/her sport once a month for a year. At the end of the same year that athlete would have learnt just 12 new...


EP 150 - Why You Always Have An Excuse

Welcome to Fruitful Friday, 5 minute motivation for the weekend while answering your burning sports questions. Every athlete who isn't successful always has excuses. Ring a bell? This is why i didn't achieve this or this is why this happened to me. Sure you have made some excuses in the past. The thing with excuses is, they stick. They are always available when you need them. Used them once, why not use them again. In this episode I break down why this excuses bite you and never let go and...


EP 149 - Why You Struggle To Stay Motivated

You might have been wondering how you're going to stay motivated in 2018. You're probably thinking if only you can stay motivated then your goals would be a matter of time. Sorry to burst your bubble but you won't always be motivated. Good news there's something you can apply to help. The Goldilocks Rule. In this episode we break down why you struggle with motivation and how you can battle back. This year we have great stuffs coming out for you. Only a fraction of athletes eventually go...


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