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EP 134 - Self Efficacy in Sports - The Most Important Tool You Need as an Athlete (2)

Last week we looked at Part One in the series on Self Efficacy and why its the most powerful tool you need as an athlete. The reason is not far fetched. If you don't believe you can succeed you aint succeeding, simple. This week we go a little further in looking at the last two sources of self efficacy and also how you can measure your self efficacy. Essential learning points from this episode:  You can gain belief by looking at other athlete's experiences  Positive thoughts and spoken...

Duration: 00:17:09

EP 133 - The Science of Change

"resistance is proportionate to the size and speed of change not to whether the change is a favourable or unfavourable one" SO what is the science behind this change? Fruitful Friday goes deeper. Episode 133, the science of change Essential learning points from this episode:  Change is essential in life  there is a right way to approach change  The way you approach change is vital to your success There are a ton of podcasts you could listening to right now but you chose Athlete Maestro....

Duration: 00:05:24

EP 132 - Self Efficacy in Sports. The Most Important Tool You Need as an Athlete

Self Efficacy is arguably the most important tool you need to succeed as an athlete. Why you might ask? Well if you have all the other tools, hardwork, skill talent etc and you lack self efficacy, you won't be able to perform to your best. See why its that important. Self Efficacy is your belief that you will succeed in sports. So if you don't believe you will succeed why go through the rigours. Anyways, we delve into that in Episode 132. Everything you need to believe in yourself in right...

Duration: 00:20:28

EP 131 - Talking Doesnt Guarantee Any Success In Sports

There was a lot of buzz recently about the Floyd Mayweather Jnr v Conor McGregor fight. The more important thing i want my listeners to focus on is what they can learn from the event or from either Mayweather or McGregor. On this episode we do just that. Essential learning points from this episode:  There are different types of athletes who talk.  There are different types of things people expect athletes to talk about.  Either way the talking would not get you closer to your goals...

Duration: 00:12:12

EP 130 - The 4 Cs of Mental Toughness

I get asked a lot, How do i build mental toughness? Well this is the fastest way i thought to break it down. Essential learning points from this episode:  Mental Toughness starts with you  The concept is not as complicated as people make it seem  The world wants you to succeed There are a ton of podcasts you could listening to right now but you chose Athlete Maestro. I appreciate you. If you enjoyed this episode and I hope you did, kindly take a SECOND to share on social media so others...

Duration: 00:07:21

EP 129 - How to Master Your Emotions in Sport (2)

Last week we looked at the essentials to mastering your emotions in sports. This week we take it a step further and discuss how you should feel just before your big games. Essential learning points from this episode:  Feeling too pumped up before a competition might be a bad idea  Feel confident is not as straight forward as it seems  And why you should not underestimate your preparations Episode 129 looks at the relationship between arousal and performance. There are a ton of podcasts...

Duration: 00:16:54

EP 128 - Adam Peaty - Your Training Is What Sets You Apart

"i can achieve that little bit more because as your training gets better, your racing gets better. I have already proved that" - Adam Peaty. This multi-talented swimmer is on his way to being a legend and is being touted as the next Michael Phelps. What lessons can you learn from him. Essential learning points from this episode: Always focus on yourself and stop focusing on others Your training is more than essential to your success  Why you must be determined to be the best There are a...

Duration: 00:20:30

EP 127 - Luck comes to the Persistent

Are you persistent in the pursuit of your success? Are you willing to stay the course? A lot is said about luck, but you see that luck would only come to the persistent. A little more persistence.........and what seemed a hopeless failure could turn into success. Episode 127 dives deeper. Enjoy

Duration: 00:05:55

EP 126 - How to Master your emotions in sports (1)

Have you ever asked yourself why your emotions get the best of you when you perform? Have you wondered why even when you feel things would go right they sometimes go wrong? Do you see yourself like other athletes but wonder why you don't achieve the same results. Well, your emotions play a massive role in your performance as an athlete. In episode 126 i discuss scientifically proven ways to be the master of your emotions. Controlling your emotions and not letting it control you is part of...

Duration: 00:22:41

EP 125 - Kevin Durant - Chase your Dreams no Matter What

Kevin Durant is the reigning NBA Finals MVP and just won his first Ring in the NBA. Its something he had chased for so long and finally he got it. Just how did he do it? What were the things that got him to this point? In the episode we look at three lessons that got Kevin Durant that elusive first NBA Ring and how you can apply them to the goals you are chasing in sports.

Duration: 00:19:06

EP 124 - Creavity requires practice

"Genius occurs when you show up enough times to get the average ideas out of the way" James Clear. Quite simply you need to show up more times than you currently are. Thats why your creativity is not shinning through. The greatest in any field are the ones who show up enough times. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tom Brady, LeBron James you name them in any field and they put in HOURS of work to get to a certain level. If you want your creativity to be seen by the world, show up more times its...

Duration: 00:06:19

EP 122 - Roger Federer - Everything starts with BELIEF

The truth is i cannot believe in you for you. I cannot believe in your talent more than you believe in your ability. Therefore, it means in essence that everything starts with you. More importantly everything starts with that belief. You athletes say "they don't believe in me" Then again you here another athlete say "it doesn't matter what they think, i believe in myself" And really thats all that counts. Your belief in yourself. In this Episode we use Roger Federer to illustrate this...

Duration: 00:12:12

EP121 - Believe in Luck

Luck is a word that gets thrown around a lot. He was lucky to achieve this.....she was lucky to achieve that But then again what kind of luck are we talking about? Are there different types of luck? or are we just getting the process wrong. Episode 121 urges you that yes luck does exist but there is a right way to approach it and when you do approach it the right way.........booooooom. SUCCESS Enjoy......

Duration: 00:06:24

EP 120 - How to overcome your limiting self beliefs

We all have limiting self beliefs. You know when you think maybe i'm not good enough. or maybe i don't deserve to be here. or there is someone better than me. For you it might be that you will never reach your full potential in sports. or it might be that you know you are destined for greatness but can't seem to find that extra push to take you a step further. All the greats have felt it. We all feel that. Difference is that the greats overcome it everytime. And in this episode we break...

Duration: 00:18:08

EP 119 - Andre Ward on Why every athlete must chase greatness in sports

Andre Ward is the current WBA/WBO/IBF Light Heavyweight Champion of the World but he did not get there by chance. He has focused all his energy on doing things the right way. In this episode, we break down some of his success secrets and how you can begin implementing them today. Ward says "chasing's all i am about" Are you chasing greatness? or are you content with mediocrity?

Duration: 00:18:41

EP 118 - What is your Anchor?

In this episode, we talk about why its important to focus on your anchors. Yes you can be anchored to something positive but by definition an anchor is something that is in a fixed position. which means it can drag you back. Episode 118, discover your negative anchors and how you plan to break free from them to make progress in the pursuit of your goals in sports.

Duration: 00:06:34

EP 117 - Steph Curry on why you should focus on your blessings and not your misfortune

EP 117 - Steph Curry on why you should focus on your blessings and not your misfortune by Tola Ogunlewe - A sports podcast tailored for athlete development and peak performance

Duration: 00:15:31

EP 116 - The dangers of Auto-Pilot

Ask yourself, is your career on auto-pilot?

Duration: 00:06:55

EP 112 - Make Each Week Matter

The goal in life should always be to measure progress. You can only know how far way you are from your goals if you know how far you have come. So its important to be aware of the stage in your career you are and the only way to do that is to measure progress. The only way to ensure you have something worth measuring is to make each week matter. Ask yourself at the end of each week if you made any progress on your goals. And if you didn't what was the reason. I share my thoughts on this in...

Duration: 00:05:41

EP 111 - Andy Murray - Why you must run your own race in sports

"champions keep playing until they get it right" - Andy Murray Andy Murray has been through a lot in his tennis career. What has made it more difficult is the fact that he is playing in the era of three of the greatest players of all time. So just how do you create your own path. First step is to run your own race. Do things at your own pace. Because something is working for the other guys does not mean you should up and change everything you have been doing. Thats casting glances. Your...

Duration: 01:04:27

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