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Episode 07.5 - Of Beauty & Discord

Music is many things to me. It can be a way to kick back, relax and zone out or get pumped up. I can use music to express myself when I'm angry, happy or sad. Music even marks my life's moments and allows me to revisit those moments whether good or bad by playing the songs I listened to at those times. In those moments, I can revisit those experiences and sometimes even take measure of my life. Ever since the early 1990s, I have loved making mix tapes for myself and others. That eventually...


Episode 07

Hey everybody, I’m back again with another podcast. This episode started out being composed of all female vocalists and was during a heavy shoegaze kick. After a while I felt the atmosphere was too somber, so it’s evolved a bit, as they all do, but I think you will find some really great songs in this episode with lots of atmosphere and emotion. As always, head over to the blog to check out the full write-up on this episode. You will find links to the artists, the labels and the albums...


Episode 06

Hey everybody, I’m back again with another podcast for you and as I mentioned in Episode 05, this episode I have something a little special planned. That special something is I have a guest with me on this episode. With me is Mr. Ryan Voss, who is a personal friend of mine for almost 20 years and is the host of the ‘Why Are You Yelling’ podcast. Ryan had me on as a guest for episode 04, so if you haven’t heard his podcast before I really recommend you check it out. Ryan has been on a sort...


Episode 05

Hello again everyone! I’m so happy to bring you episode 05 of the Audio Disclosure podcast. Thank you all again so much for listening to the podcast and for sharing it. At the recording of this podcast we hit 1600 total plays that morning! I know that may not seem like a lot to some, but it is to me, so thank you. Episode 05 is geared towards the same style of Episode 02. So if you liked Episode 02, I am really confident you will like this one as well. As always feel free to contact me on...


Episode 04

Audio Disclosure Podcast - Episode 04 Hey everybody, I’m very happy to share Audio Disclosure Podcast episode 04 with you. When I was making episode 02 I had a few hip hop tracks selected that I wanted to use, but they didn’t fit the general feel I was going for so I pulled them out. So like I did with episode 03, I decided to take those tracks and create a podcast around that genre. The reason I have been doing these genre specific episodes is to give you a detailed look at the different...


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