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JD, Roy and Andrew are all huge audio drama fans and have been for many years. Adventures in Odyssey was one of the first radio dramas that they ever experienced and they were hooked from then on. Focus on the Family Radio Theatre came along several years after AIO, and this series was also a huge hit. More recently, Lamplighter Theatre has been introduced to listeners around the world and the guys were instant fans. In terms of acting, production, sound design, …well frankly, in all points, JD, Roy and Andrew feel that these three drama series are the most superb dramas currently being produced. Therefore, the Audio Theatre Central podcast will primarily focus on Lamplighter Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, but will also introduce and discuss other productions that the guys feel would be of interest to listeners. On this audio drama fan podcast you will hear the following regarding what we’ll call the “Top 3”: · Commentary and reviews on recent episodes · Exclusive interviews with cast and crew · Behind the scenes info · News on forthcoming releases · Any other tidbits that the guys can find Additionally, the podcast will offer information regarding any other audio dramas that are family friendly and have reasonably good quality in acting and production. Their purpose is to stimulate conversation/discussion among fans of the “Top 3” and to give them a more in-depth look into the production of these great shows and have a great time while doing it. If you love good audio drama then Audio Theatre Central, the premiere audio drama fan podcast, is for you!








ATC97: Listener Feedback Show

We appreciate our listeners so much that we dedicated an entire episode of the show to your feedback. You sent in such great questions and comments that we couldn't help but take some time to discuss them. We address feedback from Naomi, Christopher Green, Amber, John T, Christopher 164, Keagen W., an Anonymous Texter, and ARBravo1. We chat about Adventures in Odyssey theories, Imagination Theater, Liberty U's new audio drama and more! Download Episode 97 Listener Feedback Naomi...

Duration: 00:43:22

ATC96: Adventures In Odyssey Get In The Show Finale 2017 Recap [Bonus Episode]

On August 12, 2017 the finale of the 2017 Adventures in Odyssey Get In The Show event was held in Colorado Springs. In this episode JD, Roy and Andrew walk you through all the audio collected at the event by JD and Austin Peachey. JD interviews comedian Bob Smiley, the AIO actors, the top 3 finalists of the GITS contest and Austin recorded man-on-the-street interviews with other attendees. And ATC listener Michael Schroeder documented the event via photos for us. We hope you enjoy this...

Duration: 01:10:42

ATC95: Review of In The Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio

Heirloom Audio continues to put out extremely high-quality audio drama productions and In The Reign of Terror is no exception. We review this production in today's episode after Roy delivers a packed newscast. Then Sarah Grace's and Victoria's comments about Adventures in Odyssey cause us to have a lengthy AIO discussion that is nearly as long as the review and may be a bit controversial! JD also shares a few tidbits to wrap up this episode. Download Episode 95 Newscast Segment Heirloom...

Duration: 00:56:12

ATC94: Review of Iliad House Series 1 and Phil Lollar Interview

In this packed episode we review the first six episodes of the Iliad House audio drama. This is a phenomenal program from Adventures in Odyssey co-creator, Phil Lollar. Speaking of Phil Lollar, he joins us on the show to chat about Iliad House, Jungle Jam, Adventures in Odyssey, and mango chutney. We also have a tidbit about The Brinkman Adventures, Roy has a newscast, and we've got feedback from Abigail, Jaxon and Keagan. Whew! It's an extra long show today! Download Episode 94 Newscast...

Duration: 01:19:53

ATC86: Review of Jimmy and the Star Angel from Family Time Audio Theatre

Family Time Audio Theatre released their first audio drama in October 2016, Jimmy and the Star Angel, a fun, endearing Christmas story that you're sure to enjoy. We review this wonderful audio drama in this episode, respond to an Odyssey-related question from Sarah Grace and chat about a new audio stories website we recently discovered. Roy also has a newscast and we finally announce that The Cross Maker is finished! Producer's Note: Unfortunately we had a bit of an issue with the audio...

Duration: 00:45:08

ATC81: Review of Beric The Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions

We discuss Beric The Briton, the 5th production in Heirloom Audio's Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series. The Heirloom team has once again created an audio drama masterpiece with some of the best produced adventure scenes ever made in this medium. Also in this episode, Roy delivers a superb newscast and we address feedback from Nate, Victor, Sarah Grace and Elisabeth. Download Episode 81 Newscast Segment Janet Waldo Passes Away The Avery Awards for albums 59 and 60 are...

Duration: 00:45:09

ATC80: An Introduction to the Kids Corner Production Team

We are joined by the Kids Corner production team on this episode. We chat about the beginning of the series, some of the major characters, favorite episodes and much more. We also feature our first edition of the Eugenius Minds quiz game with contestant Elisabeth H. and we share another short behind the scenes tidbit from The Cross Maker recording sessions. In the feedback segment, we respond to comments from Sarah Grace and Jack W. Download Episode 80 Interview Segment We conduct a...

Duration: 00:44:20

ATC79: Review of Adventures in Odyssey #60: Head Over Heels

We do a deep dive into Head Over Heels, Adventures in Odyssey's 60th album, in this episode of the show. JD, Roy and Andrew have very differing opinions on many of the episodes in this album which makes for an interesting discussion. We also share several various AIO related tidbits, Roy is back with another newscast, we address some feedback from Rob and Sarah Grace, and we get a voicemail from Elisabeth with her thoughts on AIO 60. Download Episode 79 Newscast Segment New audio drama...

Duration: 01:01:53

ATC78: Review of The Brinkman Adventures, Season 4

Season 4 of The Brinkman Adventures is the topic of conversation in this episode. With this latest season the team has kicked things up a couple notches with great acting and writing as well as each episode's music being composed by Aaron Fullan and Jared DePasquale. This is their best season yet! Also in this episode are several audio drama tidbits. Not quite enough to make a newscast, but still interesting nonetheless and Roy enjoyed taking a break from the strenuous work of reporting....

Duration: 00:59:39

ATC77: Free Episode of The Brinkman Adventures & An Audio Drama Smorgasbord

We break the mold with this episode. Not only do we share an entire episode of Season 4 of the Brinkman Adventures, but we also share some behind the scenes info on "The Cross Maker", an update on the Jonathan Park series, address feedback from Sarah Grace and Elisabeth, and a whole bunch of other audio drama goodness! This is a very different episode, but we hope you enjoy it.Download Episode 77Newscast SegmentAIO #61 is now available for preorder.Heirloom Audio has announced the title of...

Duration: 00:58:18

ATC76: Review of Frozen Fire from Lamplighter Theatre

Frozen Fire from Lamplighter Theatre is the first new release in two years and they do not disappoint with this audio drama. We review this fantastic production in this episode and we highly recommend it. Also in this episode we reveal the name of the new AIO quiz segment of the show, Roy has a chock full newscast, and we address feedback from Aaron, Gabriel and Sarah Grace. Buckle up! It's a fun one!Download Episode 76Intro SegmentATC listeners Victoria and Sarah Grace have produced an...

Duration: 00:46:46

ATC75: Review of The Dragon And The Raven from Heirloom Audio

Heirloom Audio is back with their 4th release in the series, The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty. This audio drama is called "The Dragon And The Raven" and we are so excited to share our thoughts and reactions to this production. Also in this episode, Roy delivers another exciting newscast, we share an update on the upcoming Adventures in Odyssey trivia segment that is coming to the show and we respond to feedback from Jaxon and Victor. Download Episode 75NewscastHeirloom Audio...

Duration: 00:53:46

ATC74: Odyssey Foley Room Tour with Nathan Hoobler & Much More

Today we feature some audio recorded during JD's recent visit to the Focus on the Family campus. During the visit, AIO writer, director and all around great guy, Nathan Hoobler, gives a tour of the Foley Room where the Odyssey team creates and records the sound effects for the show. Also in this episode we share about a few new audio dramas in the works and the recent formation of a new audio drama coalition. And we respond to feedback from Ciara and Sarah Grace and Sarah Grace's comments...

Duration: 00:48:49

ATC73: Review of A Bethlehem Christmas from Insight For Living & Visit From Mandy Straussberg

It's Christmas time again so we spend this episode reviewing "A Bethlehem Christmas" from Insight For Living, we talk about some of our favorite Christmas audio drama and even recommend a few new ones. Roy shares a newscast and we also have a special Christmas visit from a very special guest! Merry Christmas! And God bless us, every one!Download Episode 73Newscast SegmentHeirloom Audio Productions recently won 4 Voice Arts Awards at the Voice Arts Awards ceremony in Hollywood in November...

Duration: 00:34:55

ATC72: Review of Adventures in Odyssey #59: Taking the Plunge

We "plunge" into a review of Adventures in Odyssey #59: Taking the Plunge in today's episode. And if that isn't enough, we share a hilarious new Odyssey themed comedy skit that Austin Peachey put together and we respond to feedback from Sarah Grace, Ciara, Aaron, and Christopher. And Roy has another packed newscast with lots of exciting audio drama news!Download Episode 72Newscast SegmentLamplighter Theatre’s Frozen Fire has been released!Classic Jungle Jam albums have been re-released on...

Duration: 00:55:36

ATC71: Discussing Old Time Radio Comedies with Guest Guy Jones [Bonus Episode]

We share some thoughts on some of our favorite Old Time Radio comedy shows in this episode. We are joined in the studio by Andrew's father, Guy Jones, who is a wealth of knowledge about OTR. We dive into lots of behind the scenes info about the actors, things that took place in the studio, how some shows were connected to others and even play a couple short clips from two shows. You'll hear how Lou Costello lived up to the saying "The show must go on", find out if Jack Benny really was a...

Duration: 00:59:28

ATC70: The Hosts Get Interviewed & An Interview with The Riffenburghs

The tables are turned on JD, Andrew and Roy today and they are the ones being interviewed! In celebration of our 5 years of working on Audio Theatre Central, listeners Victoria and Sarah Grace interview the guys about how the show started, their favorite audio dramas, who in the audio drama world they'd most like to meet, and lots more. In addition to that, Duane and Andrew Riffenburgh make an appearance on this episode to talk about their latest production in the Creation Adventure Family...

Duration: 01:01:05

ATC69: ATC Celebrates #PodcastDay With Our Old Time Radio Favorites [Bonus Episode]

In recognition of International Podcast Day we offer you a special bonus episode of Audio Theatre Central! Today JD presents three separate radio drama episodes from three different Old Time Radio series. Each episode was hand-picked by JD, Roy and Andrew to share with you. These are some of our favorite episodes from the "Golden Age of Radio" and we hope you enjoy them!Download Episode 69A great resource for thousands of OTR shows is the Old Time Radio Researchers Group Library.JD's...

Duration: 01:33:20

ATC68: Review of The Plimoth Adventure from Colonial Radio Theatre & Introducing Shadows And Daylight from GreenStreams Studio

We review The Colonial Radio Theatre's production called The Plimoth Adventure: Voyage of Mayflower in today's episode. This is a historical audio drama that is packed with facts and information, but still entertains. Also in this episode is an interview with Christopher Green from GreenStreams Studio about their brand new audio drama serial entitled Shadows And Daylight. Christopher introduces some of the main characters and shares more behind the scenes info on this series. We also give...

Duration: 00:45:44

ATC67: Review of With Lee In Virginia from Heirloom Audio Productions

Heirloom Audio is back with their third production in The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series called With Lee In Virginia. JD, Roy and Andrew dive into this nearly 2 1/2 hour audio drama and go over some of their favorite scenes and more in this review. Heirloom Audio has once again delivered an incredible audio theatre experience that you must hear! There is also a jam-packed newscast from Roy and then the guys address some feedback and questions from Will, Michael and Sarah...

Duration: 00:48:00

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