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movers + shakers

the Aunties have some Nice Conversations with two friends who have recently become citizens of “this whole shindig called America.” Uncle S and Ravi reflect on passports, elections, leaving and returning and (re)claiming “home,” and what meaningful support for immigrants here might look like. don’t sleep through French class, the Aunties Submit diasporic musings and AP US History Exam scores here: Auntie of the Hour: National Mama’s Bail Out Day. Support future bail-outs and...

Duration: 00:28:21

Age and Aging/Asian Aging

the Aunties interview each other about age, aging, Asian aging (, youth empowerment, the concept of peaking, time travel, and what the talking parrot predicted. Since this was recorded, Auntie Whiskers has found not one, but two (2) grey hairs, so…be careful what you wish for. Also, make sure to listen all the way through to the end for our first ~call to action~ and a special Auntie Frond-themed surprise!! don’t forget to wear sunscreen, the Aunties Submit...

Duration: 00:38:26

h e l l o e v e r y o n e

Greetings audience…If we’ve finally gotten our podcast out into the world, we hope Grey’s Anatomy season 35 is going swimmingly. By that we mean: h e l l o one and all! We have a podcast, it’s really here. Welcome to Auntie Hour!! Why "Auntie Hour," you ask? Good q, and one we answer in this pilot episode. Also, we say the word “[redacted]” a bunch. If you like what you hear, or you just enjoy our lovely theme music, subscribe on iTunes/Soundcloud! -the Aunties Submit comments,...

Duration: 00:43:27