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The Curto & Keasty Football Show - 20/03/2018

This weeks episode brings back The Championship rundown as we continue to look at the Race for The Top 6 - the main talking point is all about the Derby vs Cardiff game being postponed. Check out our thoughts! We then move to the Premiership and although there was only 4 games this weekend, we have detailed analysis on the Relegation Zone. We predict the results of the remaining games for the 7 teams looking to beat the drop. We then Cover Every Blade Of Grass as we finish off our Ultimate...


Aussie PomCast #68 - The Wet Goddess

Episode 68 of our Aussie PomCast rolls into the station. This week both The Aussie & The Pom have got a good story involving their respective partners. We then see What's P***ing Nate Off - however it's The Pom that has a rant about celebrity break up's As always a very entertaining Hmm That Must Be Fake News with how NOT to protest at McDonalds as well as a special shout out to the Ready Steady Cut Podcast with an interesting review on The Shape Of Water! We finish with our Top 5, which...


The Curto & Keasty Football Show - 12/03/2018

The Curto & Keasty Show invites huge Liverpool supporter, Lee Brindle, onto the show as it is a very big week in the footballing world!!! We rundown this weeks Premiership action before getting into the Hot Talking Points of the week We have our say on the issues at West Ham, right from the weekend action of the fans on the pitch to the running of the club and we get very controversial! Our main game feature this week is Manchester United vs Liverpool where we have indepth analysis to the...


Aussie PomCast #67 - Dinner And A PomCast

This week we are joined by a very special guest as Steve from Dinner And A Podcast joins us for the enitre show! We learn all about Steve and his podcast, whilst he also provides the entertainment as he stars in 1 Truth 3 - find out what teachers really get up to!!! The Pom shares some Hmm That Must Be Fake News stories as he explores what can happen after a Tinder date The team finish off with a Steve requested Top 5 - what would you buy if you won the lottery?!


The Curto & Keasty Football Show - 06/03/2018

We start off with a roundup of The Championship and even though The Beast From The East hit, there is plenty to talk about in the race for the top 6. Who do we think will finish in the top 2 and also who will secure a playoff position?! Next up is a Premiership round up - top talking points are Chelsea and Conte in particular this season, listen out for a huge rant from Keasty!!! We also discuss The Sack Race 2.0 and see how some of the managers who have taken over clubs this season, have...


Aussie PomCast #66 - The Beast Has Arrived

Well The Beast From The East arrived in the UK and so The Pom gives us the downlow on what it has been like this week! Nate has had laptop trouble, again, and this fills up the majority of What's P***ing Nate Off This Week! The Pom brings us the best news stories from around the world in Hmm That Must Be Fake News including what not to do if you get a ring stuck on your manhood We finish off with our Top 5 as always and this week it is the Top 5 things we would like to see happen in our...


The Mixed Tag Podcast - Elimination Chamber 2018

The first edition of a brand new Wrestling Show - The Mixed Tag Podcast! On this edition, your host, Rus Curtis, is joined by Danny and LeeLee who are hugew wrestling fans and are discussing the latest WWE PPV - Elimination Chamber. Not only do we discuss each match and the top talking points, we complete a predictions scorecard beforehand and battle to the end to see who wins the PPV Championship Belt! We also talk about The Road To Wrestlemania and predict what matches will make the main...


Aussie PomCast #65 - Two Tickets To Rant City

It gets a bit feisty in Episode 65 as we board the train straight for Rant City. We start with a weekly catch up but The Aussie goes off on one abut Kindergarten Mum’s and small talk in general. We try to carry on with the show, however The Pom then catches up with his week where he watched Fast and The Furious 8 and he lets rip on his hatred of the franchise and in particular the CGI. The Pom isn’t finished there as he takes over The Aussie’s segment – What Is P***ing Nate Off – with a...


Aussie PomCast #64 - It's Almost Live

Aussie and The Pom on steroids this week as we drop it as it is, nice and RAW!!! We have a weekly catch up this week and include what has been p***ing Nate off as well as The Pom throwing in an interesting Hmm That Must Be Fake News - stay clear of cheese and a diving suit The gents have both been to the cinema and so we get non spoiler reviews for Black Panther and 50 Shades Freed as well as a little Cameo from Mrs Pom We finish off with our Top 3 favourite days of the year


The Curto & Keasty Football Show - 13/02/2018

Returning with another action packed show, but this week we start with some exciting news regarding a video that went #Viral on our Football Banter Page on Facebook. We then get into the action and rundown The Race For The Championship Top 6 whilst exploring the controversial disallowed goal in the Milwall vs Cardiff game AND also giving our thoughts on Villa and Steve Bruce. We move into The Premiership next where we catch up on the weekends action and discuss the big talking points...


Aussie PomCast #63 - Baked Beans, Kittens And Punching Goats

Wow what an episode, we have goats, kittens and all things weird in our latest episode.


The Curto & Keasty Football Show - 06/02/2018

The Curto & Keasty Show returns to cover all the action from the first weekend of February 2018! We check out The Race for The Top 6 in the Championship – who is going to finish where and who could potentially become a stable Premier League side?! We then catch up with the results from the Premiership and Curto throws in some cheeky facts. Keasty then shares his views on the Transfer Window as we do Recruitment Watch and discuss how the first couple of weeks have gone for the big recruits...


Aussie PomCast #62 - Dysfunctional Sex Robot

We start Episode 62 with a big announcement as we share with the AP Posse the new partnership we have started – The Tribulation Saints Podcast Radio Station – very exciting times!!! The Pom shares a very embarrassing toilet story as he recaps his week and for once, The Aussie is happy and it’s The Pom’s turn to share What Is P***ing Him Off. We move over to the best/funniest/strangest stories of the week as we cover off Hmm That Must Be Fake News. Interfering with cows, Bathroom weddings...


Aussie PomCast #61 - Devastating Star

Devastating Star.........In which our host learn of some shocking payback from a member of the dreaded podcast Mafia. How will they handle this news? Rus also brings us his fake news segment......and yes we know its real. Like thats the point. We finish off with our top 5 bucket list. See what the boys have on their bucket list. Will it shock a few people? maybe not but its our list.


Aussie PomCast #60 - The Poop Knife

We bring you Episode # 60 in its all glory!!! We catch up with the lives of both The Aussie and The Pom over the last week and find out all about The Aussie's new design project We then head on down to some Entertainment as we see what has been going on in the world, including the Kardishans new baby name and why Ethan Hawke is the bravest man in the world! This weeks Hmm That Must Be Fake News are both poo related as we investigate what happens when you take too much viagra and also what...


Aussie PomCast #59 - Come Dine With Me

Back foranother week of entertainment as we catch up with the lives of The Aussie & The Pom and what they have been up to for the week! We find out what is P***ing Nate Off and he is feeling sporty as he goes after The Olympics! The Pom gets his first ever Fake News Story from a listener and finds 2 of his own, and yes 1 of them is poo related! We mix it up for our Top 5 this week as we find out who The Aussie & The Pom would invite to a Dinner Party if anyone Dead/Alive could be invited....


Aussie PomCast #58 - No Strings On Me

Aussie PomCast #58 - No Strings On Me by Aussie And The Pom


Aussie PomCast #57 - New Year, New Me

New Year New Me you ask - well find out by listening as Aussie & The Pom say goodbye to 2017 and let the AP Posse know what's in store for 2018 We review Christmas in Australia and England before finding out "Whats Pissing Nate Off This Week?" We then get a double rant and a Mic Drop moment which will mould the future for the Aussie PomCast The Pom brings a special Poo News Edition of Hmmm That Must Be Fake News. Before we finish off with a rundown to our favourite movies of 2017! Check it...


Aussie PomCast #56 - Merry Xmas Everyone

We are so mainstream these days - as we bring you our Xmas Special!!! Find out what the team have been up to leading up to Christmas. The Pom has a special Christmas Present for The Aussie and we also have a very FESTIVE Edition of HMMM That Must Be Fake News We then steal something from The Aussie's other show as we Smash 2 Piece some Christmas Songs We finish with a Top 5 Special as The Aussie & The Pom share their favourite Christmas Experiences! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas


Aussie PomCast #55 - Smashing Everything

This week week we sit back and have a chat. what about you ask? well Rus does his fake news segment. Nate fires back at one of his favourite podcasts and we finish with Disaster movies as out top 5


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