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Episode 37 - Rob Montague

This episode features my conversation with filmmaker Rob Montague. Rob is a co-founder of the production company Late Morning Films and is in the process of creating a new documentary called: ‘SECRET IDENTITY: The Origin of SUPERMAN’ Besides talking about this latest project towards the latter half of the conversation, Rob and I have a boisterous, fun and wide ranging conversation about: -The importance of artistic integrity -The danger and balance of consuming media -Rob's journey from...


Episode 36 - Brandyn DeVante Armstrong

This episode features my conversation with Brandyn Devante Armstrong. Brandyn is an entrepreneur originally from East Cleveland. He is the creator and founder of the Studio Stick, the World’s first portable recording studio for smartphones and tablets. The Studio Stick has been featured on NBC, Yahoo News, CBS, and Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. In this episode Brandyn and I talk about things like: -The realities of growing up in East Cleveland -Neighborhood Pride -Conquering difficulties and...


Episode 35 - Tony Madalone

Happy 2018! This is the first authentic audio pod episode of the New Year and it features a conversation with entrepreneur Tony Madalone. Tony is the owner of Fresh Brewed Tees & Tready Shoes. He was on the podcast back in 2017 for a conversation during his run for mayor of the City of Cleveland. ​Now, in 2018 after an unsuccessful but memorable bid for public office, Tony and I sat down for a vibrant and raw conversation at his Fresh Brewed Tees headquarters in Cleveland. In this episode...


Episode 34 - Mark Klaus

Happy Holidays Authentic Audio Pod listeners! This special festive episode features a conversation with Mark Klaus. Mark is an eccentric personality and the brilliant mind behind Castle Noel, the largest indoor Christmas attraction in the country. Castle Noel is located in my hometown of Medina, Ohio located about 30 minutes south of Cleveland. Mark and I recorded this episode on location at Castle Noel and talked about his insatiable passion for Christmas, the incredible impact his family...


Episode 33 - Van Jones

This episode of the Authentic Audio Podcast features a conversation With CNN’s Van Jones. Van and I sat down this past October and had a fascinating talk about politics, Trump, the 2016 election, the American Rustbelt and his latest New York Times bestselling book Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart. How We Come Together. No matter where you stand politically, Van’s new book and this conversation is something most everybody will find common ground with. More Authentic Audio Pod Here:...


Episode 32 - Christopher Johnston

This episode features a conversation with writer Christopher Johnston. Chris is a dynamic writer and journalist from the Cleveland area whose work is wide ranging. From writing about and covering human trafficking, medical miracles and serial killers, Chris has some incredible insight you'll want to hear. You’ll also want to hear us talk about his upcoming book which is so very timely in the light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The book titled Shattering Silences: New Approaches to...


Episode 31 - Joey Sprinkles

This is an episode for musicians, music lovers & music nerds. Joe Boyer aka Joey Sprinkles is a dynamic musician, songwriter and experimental punk-pop artist. Several months ago we sat down, drank some coffee and had a conversation about his love of music, his passion for punk rock and his deeper mission with music and as he tours the country as a solo-artist. Joe, who has played in local bands based in Cleveland for over a decade, was most notably the former guitarist for the Cloud...


Episode 30 - The Danger of Storytelling

In this story episode I implicate myself in a moment of questionable judgment. This past month in America we’ve been immersed with the talk and violent actions of Nazis, white supremacists and race-baiters during protests in Charlottesville, VA. In response to this, I recorded a monologue that examines a moment in my life where I encountered a bit of hypocrisy of my own. In my life I've always strived to be a progressive, open and loving person to all people but in the situation that this...


Episode 29 - The Legend of Peter Jennings

This episode features a story about a summer spent at my grandmother's home in rural Ohio. The afternoons were mainly spent in a cottage watching soap operas and the nightly news. It was the first time in my life that I watched the nightly news with the great Peter Jennings on a regular basis. It was also the time I started to think about the transformation of the news into pure entertainment. What are we to do in this brave new world? Support Authentic Audio:...


Episode 28 - Tony Madalone

This episode features a conversation with Tony Madalone. While Tony may be best known as the innovative owner of Fresh Brewed Tees, our conversation focused more on his recent announcement and official candidacy for Mayor of the city of Cleveland. The conversation, recorded at the historic City Club of Cleveland, provides an authentic and unscripted opportunity to get know the ideas, vision and man behind the campaign. To learn more about Tony's Mayoral campaign visit:...


Episode 27 - Dani Pajak

I got a chance to stop by the amazing Disowned Customs shop a few months ago and record a conversation with its founder and owner Dani Pajak. If you haven't heard about Dani, his shop, his television show on the Esquire Network (Wrench Against the Machine), or his incredible story, I'm sure you'll be intrigued after hearing our conversation. Dani is an entrepreneur, professional builder and television personality. He's the owner of Disowned Customs on Cleveland’s west side. There, he and...


Episode 25 - Derf Backderf

This past Fall 2016 I recorded a conversation with John Backderf. Derf aka Derf Backderf is an artist, writer, cartoonist and graphic novelist. Episode 25 starts with a story/confessional about why I was nervous to interview Derf to begin with and then leads into our conversation (which starts at 11:45). Among many other topics our talk explores his career, ideas about art and creativity, the Rustbelt, the bizarre political climate of Fall 2016 and his international bestselling graphic...


Episode 24 - Kasumi

This is Kasumi. She is uncanny. She is a recipient of a 2011 Guggenheim fellowship. She's a force in the experimental film and art world. Her latest film Shockwaves will jar your senses awake! Kasumi is an artist who works in a broad range of media: directing and producing short and feature length experimental films, performing live shows and VJ, creating looping electronic sculptures, designing motion graphics and animated gifs, producing immersive 360 virtual reality pieces and making...


Episode 23 - Eric Coble

It was great privilege to record a conversation with a gentleman, distinguished artist and award winning playwright Eric Coble. Eric's plays have been staged in Cleveland, throughout the Midwest, on Broadway and across the entire country. His wide ranging writing style has earned him respect in the American Theatre. His 2014 play "Velocity of Autumn" made a long journey to Broadway. Veteran actor Estelle Parson's performance in the play was nominated for a Tony Award that year. ​This...


Episode 22 - Scott Plate

The first #authenticaudio episode of 2017 (Episode 22) features a wonderful conversation with Scott Plate. ​Scott is the Associate Professor of Music Theatre and Area Coordinator for the Music Theatre Program at Baldwin Wallace University. He’s also an award winning actor, director, writer and one of the most gentle and warm personalities I've ever come across. Scott and I talk about his fascinating personal and artistic journey that ranges from New York City, Cincinnati, Montreal,...


Episode 18 - Laura Wimbels

​I recorded an intriguing conversation with Laura Wimbels . Laura is the photographer behind the amazing images of her latest book of photos entitled Faces of CLE. Faces of CLE seeks to capture "the familiar faces within the spaces of our city". The episode starts with a story about how "faces" give us an inside look at our universal human experience. Then, Laura and I have a conversation that dives into her past, her journey that led to the creation of "Faces", and the impact that her...


Episode 16 - "Honestly, Most Bios Lie"

This episode of Authentic Audio is a stand alone story. I do this every couple of months to mix it up. In this story entitled "Honestly, My Bio is a Lie" I talk about layers of truth and lies that we create to conform to society and I reveal the real reason why I started doing this podcast. That truth is found somewhere between a broken marriage, following my dreams and being a father. Is it possible to have it all? Or at least a little part of everything that leads to an authentic and...


Episode 3 - Raymond Bobgan

Raymond Bobgan is the Artistic Director of the Cleveland Public Theatre. Raymond and the crew at CPT are at the forefront of theatrical innovation in ‪Cleveland. I sat down with him at CPT in the heart of the Gordon Arts District and had a really insightful and intimate conversation about connecting with audiences, being an artist in Cleveland, and the deeper reasons for why he devises theater. I also found myself thanking Raymond for something that I never would have imagined. This...


Episode 1 - Bill Squire

This is the first episode of The Authentic Audio Podcast with Aaron Calafato! Bill Squire is one of the top comedians in Cleveland and is recognized around the country. Bill's journey took him from Medina Ohio, to the Philippines on a mission for the Mormon church, to having a nervous breakdown and finding his true calling as a stand-up comedian. Bill's story is an amazing journey of hard-work , perseverance and finding ones creative voice in the industrial Midwest. This episode is...