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Stop Calling Dads Babysitters -114 (Jeff Cox)

Jeff Cox is a father, husband, student, teacher, scholar and in general an extremely curious individual who loves to share thoughts and discoveries with others. He writes extensively on parenting in various outlets. ABOUT ME I help overwhelmed, frustrated parents who want to parent differently than their parents, make sense of their early childhood experiences, connect to their authentic self and their children on a deeper level, reduce stress, bring more ease and calm into their lives by...


Signs of Childhood Trauma in Adults

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C is an integrative trauma therapist and on this episode she talks about childhood trauma: what it is, how prevalent it is in our society, what are its lingering effects on our life as adults and why childhood trauma is not over in childhood. Most importantly, what we can do to heal ABOUT ME I help overwhelmed, frustrated parents who want to parent differently than their parents, make sense of their early childhood experiences, connect to their authentic self and their...


How To Cultivate Self-Compassion

Marion Rose, PhD talks about what self-compassion is, how it has helped her, common myths about it and how can you cultivate a self-compassion practice. What makes parenting hard and are you hitting yourself with emotional sticks? She also walks us through a simple yet powerful practice she has developed called the Inner Loving Mother and more. ABOUT ME I help overwhelmed, frustrated parents who want to parent differently than their parents, make sense of their early childhood experiences,...


Growing Up with an Autistic Sister

It was the 1950’s, The Netherlands and people didn’t know much about Autism. Born 18 months earlier than her, Carl's sister was severely autistic. She never spoke a word. For the first 3 years of her life she cried a lot. It was very difficult for her parents in many ways. Sometimes they couldn’t even to find love for her. Carla’s parents wanted her to be “normal’ and that meant not showing emotions, not getting angry, meeting their high expectations, being the best and not wanting much....


Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

Mindfulness teacher Michelle Gale shares some practical, doable, parent-friendly practices that will truly make a difference in your life. It's all about those simple steps that accumulate and yield to big shifts. About my guest Michelle Gale is an Executive Coach who works in corporations, non-profits, schools and communities. She is mom of two boys, and author of a newly released book Mindful Parenting in a Messy World: Living with Presence and Parenting with Purpose Do you need an...


Screen Addiction: How to Stay Sane in a Digital Age

Technology has become an integral part of our life. We do everything with or on our smartphones (well, almost everything). Just think about how you use your phone daily? I had installed the Moment app to track my usage and the data was pretty surprising. In one day I had picked up my phone 154 times. Since living with digital devices is a whole new phenomenon, we do not know fully it's implications. The virtual space is pretty much an uncharted territory. We are all new to this, our kids and...


Year in Review

This is the final episode of the 2017. I don't know about you but I feel like the time is really flying by. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was recording the final episode of the 2016, which is by the way the least downloaded episode of the podcast:) In preparation for this episode I went back and listened to it. It’s a really good one. In it I compiled all of my guests wisdom, their answers to “If you had to go back in time, knowing what you know about motherhood/fatherhood,...


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5 Strategies to Avoid Power Struggles with Children

Description This is our monthly special episode where I co-host the show with another colleague. For now, I have a Mystery Seat for each month and I invite passionate coaches or parent educators to host the show with me. This should be fun. For the monthly special episodes the show has a different format. We have 4 segments. Examples from Our Home What’s Up with You? Answering listener parenting questions Favorite Finds ---------------- In the first segment I tell a story that...


How To Communicate Your Needs In a Relationship?

About my guest Max Rivers is the lead mediator at where he pioneered using mediation to save marriages instead of to assist in divorce. He has developed a six-session process to help couples learn how to use NVC, Nonviolent Communication to navigate their difficult conversations. He is available at his office in Philadelphia, or worldwide over video conferencing. He is the author of a book about his work with couples called, “Tired of Having the Same Old Argument?”...


100th Episode Celebration!

We have made it! Yay! 100 episodes under our belt. Where did the time go? This special episode is for you. I want to celebrate, you, my dear listener! Audience participation. Woohoo! Thank you so much for being part of Authentic Moments community. Listeners who appeared on this episode: Isabelle, Angela, Katja, Carla, Tina, Ashley, Corrine, Elizabeth, Melanie. Here are some of your favorite shows mentioned in this episode. 1. How To Stop Yelling 2. Are You Stuck In The Past? 3. Are...


Healing From Trauma

My guest for this episode is Christina Louise, The Peaceful Parenting Mentor and World's #1 Freedom Coach offers a unique understanding of what you and your child are going through right now, because she WAS a challenging child and troubled teen herself! Because her parents didn’t understand how to manage their emotions without going into fight or flight mode, she wound up experiencing years of abuse and neglect, which resulted in self-loathing, anxiety, trouble with the law, and other...


Why You Might Be Feeling Tired, Negative and Overwhelmed

Do you sometimes feel tired, negative and overwhelmed? By chatting with Dr. Corrine Seeley it became clear that there is scientific reasons why you feel that way especially when you don't get enough adequate sleep. In this episode we talk about the importance of sleep both for parents and children. Corrine started doing fertility meditation on youtube, earned her PhD at 8 months pregnant and started her business when her baby was 6 months old. Highlights: -how a career-oriented woman...


How to Find and Maintain Happiness No Matter What

How to find happiness and maintain it is a central question. Do you know that we have what’s called a set point for happiness? According to Dr. Puff we can change that. We can raise our set point and what he calls become superenjoyers. We can raise our set point of happiness. Happiness is a lot like our weight. You have to do things to maintain your healthy weight. To begin to change our happiness begins with awareness. Dr. Puff shares four steps to creating happiness. Here they...


Why “Hate” is Not a Bad Word [monthly special episode]

This is the monthly special episode where I am joined by my lovely friend and colleague Sarah MacLaughlin. If you are a regular listener then you know that we have 3 main segments: Examples From Our Home in which we both share parenting fails and triumphs. What’s Up With You? in which we answer your parenting questions Favorite Finds in which we talk about what we have read, or found to be helpful, resources, podcasts and such. Anna’s story is all about a hair mask disaster. Her 9 year...


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