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Revisit: How to Learn Fast?

So this is a tip I got from Jim Quick. Now, Jim Quick is thought of as the memory guy. So, you can find him over at his website, but he also has a fantastic podcast I recommend checking out. So Jim uses the acronym FAST, how to learn anything and how to learn it faster, right?


The Root And Power Of Scarcity

Have you ever experienced the feeling of scarcity? Perhaps it’s that you don’t feel like you have enough money for what you are trying to pursue, maybe it’s that you feel like you are good enough for your partner. Whatever it may be, the feeling of scarcity stems from a place of fear and stops you from living out of your abundance. It robs you of living from a space of love. Today episode helps us all identify where we are living from a place of scarcity and how we can best shift...


The Outside World Can't Control You

When I say the outside world can't control you, what do I mean? Well, how often do you hear someone complaining about something outside? You know, "My work is stressful, it's overwhelming me." Or "My husband or my wife frustrates me." Or "My business partner drives me nuts." I hear this all the time as a coach, but also just as a friend of so many people who reach out to me. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


What Are the Biggest Lessons You've Learned Over the Past Year?

We're less than 10 days as I record this away from my birthday and during this time, it's a great time for reflection, kind of like the beginning of the year even though I do this every quarter. My birthday just happens to fall on the end of Q1 for this year. One of the things that I like to do is look back and look at lessons that I've learned. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


What's Your Lowest Set Point?

Just recently I was taking care of my sick wife and child. Now, this is to me it's something I'm actually really enjoyed, I'm grateful that I have the ability to do that. I've created a lifestyle for myself and for my family where I don't have to work if I don't want to. It's complete freedom, and part of that comes to a responsibility as a husband and as a parent. When those times come, when both my child and my wife are sick at the same time, for me to step up and step into that role....


Do What You're Born To Do

***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Revisit: Can You Handle the Truth

Can you handle the truth? I mean are you actually telling yourself the truth in areas of your life that are important, in your five to thrive, or are you actually trying just to be positive and tell yourself everything's OK, when really it's not, really you're not on the path to getting where you want to go? Now see, there's a difference between positivity and lying to yourself or being deceitful to yourself to protect yourself. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Episode 300

What is a success without freedom? And the reason I ask this is oftentimes as business owners, we actually go after success so hard that we lose freedom. What happens all too often with business owners, especially solopreneurs or people who have less than 10 employees under one roof. What happens is, they define success by trying to build their business, and the amount of time they're putting in. This is a time of natural reflection, a time where we can look back, go through our journals,...


Revisit: Imagine You're The Idea

Today’s episode is for all of you who have a great idea (or many), and are looking to grow your idea from infancy to fruition. Many of us have ‘great ideas’ but how can you make your idea and even better reality? How can you make your idea the best idea that is out there? How can you beat your competitors? Today’s tip helps you get into the mindset of creating the best idea/product/service possible ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Revisit: Just And Only

Do you use the words "just" and "only" in your everyday language? You may think it's no big deal if you do...but in today's episode, Doug talks about why having those 2 words in your vocabulary are allowing you to justify your own shortcomings and how eliminating these two words can fully allow you to get real, and make the changes you truly want to make. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Revisit: The Skater, the Entrepreneur and The Author of Your Own Story

Last night someone asked me, they said, "Doug, how do I know when I see somebody that's actually living The Author of Your Own Story lifestyle? Give me two examples, just something that I can look at in other areas of life that I can really see." And I said, "Easy, that's really easy for me to do." And they looked at me in astonishment. "Well, why was it easy?" Well one, the skater. The skater is the perfect analogy, right? You see a skateboarder and what are they doing? They're trying...


Is It Working Or Not?

A snap shot in time, the present moment. Ask yourself, "Is it working or is it not?" Now, oftentimes we kind of fudge things around. You know, "Is your diet or exercise program working?""Well, you know sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. You know, sometimes I'm on it and sometimes I'm not." Well, that's BS right? Either it is working, or it's not working. And if it's not working sometimes that means it's not working for you. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


The Need For Growth

People often ask me, why do high-end successful business owners and coaches turn to me for coaching? Well, the idea is really simple. We need to always be growing. And so, the conversation revolves, and they say, well Doug, these people are already successful. I know some of your clients. They have a private plane. They have a successful business. Now, not everybody does, right? Some of my clients are actually entrepreneurs just starting out. They're willing to take the deep dive, but all...


Focus On What Matters

Just yesterday I was sitting in my office and my office is at home, and I was working away on a big project. We're launching a huge program that we think is a game changer here. And as I was working on it, I have glass windows, glass doors, on my office and I looked outside and I heard the words, "Da-Da." Now, I looked to my right and there was my young son smiling, and he was just gleaming from ear to ear. Now, I was so focused on this project. I was working hard and I wanted to get it...


Stop Holding Onto Things For So Long

The other morning, I was driving to the gym, it was 5:30 in the morning. And as I was driving down, I came up into a roundabout, and suddenly another car entered the roundabout going pretty quick. I hit the brakes to slow down and found myself on a patch of black ice. Now, to give you some reference, I've lived my whole life by the beach. In fact, the coldest place I've ever lived is Santa Barbara California. Now, recently, my wife and I moved up to beautiful Bend, Oregon, and we live by...


The Key To Creativity Is Focus

Contrary to popular belief, the key to creativity is actually focus. I know a lot of creatives are going to be like, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I don't like rigidity. I don't like this out there. I want to be creative. I want to be in flow." Well, you can't be in flow if you're constantly being interrupted. In today's age, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social media galore going right at us. We have chats coming up on our computer, email coming in, people talking to us left and...


When Your Why Doesn't Match Your Actions

In today’s daily growth hack, Doug gets honest with us and talks to us about him falling “off track” and moving away from his “why” and what that looks like when that happens. All of us experience feeling “off” every now and then, and sometimes it can be harder than others to figure out how to get back “on”. Learn the insight you need to discover where you may be living out of alignment ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Escalation Expectation

Is there an area of your life where you are laser focused on achieving a specific result? It could be bringing a certain dollar amount in your business’ revenue, reaching a specific physical goal, or even achieving a certain result in your relationships. In today’s episode, we talk about what you might be missing with in your laser focus. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


The Fear of What Might Happen

The fear of what might happen. I don't know about you but I have definitely been in a situation where I feared what could happen rather than focusing on the here and now and the possibilities. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


Be Ruthless to the Things That Don't Matter

When I go through my day, I actually have it planned out the day before, but oftentimes things come at me. I get asked to speak on different podcasts or radio shows. I get asked to guest blog. I get people that want me to coach them, whether they be business owners, coaches, or just everyday people. ***Subscribe --- Episodes up DAILY***


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