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Reputation Management – How to manage the information people read about you

Summary: Ever wonder if you can control what is said about you on the internet? Well, you can’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t control most of it. Don’t be passive about your reputation online. Be pro-active and learn ways you can mitigate negative comments about your brand. Matt and Brandon lay out all the [...]


Using Analytics to Measure Your Success – Part 2

Have you ever wondered if changing the layout of your website actually helps or hurts your sales? In part two, Matt and Brandon show you how to take out the guess work and optimize your website to sell even more, with Split Testing (or A/B testing). Then imagine watching your customers browse your website to find out what catches their eye and what they click on most. Using tools like Heatmaps, and Click Density Analysis shows you what your visitors are doing. Finally, get feedback...


Using Analytics to Measure Your Success

Learn how to measure real business results from your website, email campaigns, and more. In this episode, Matt & Brandon talk about using Google Analytics, campaign tracking, and email autoresponders to track measurable goals for your website. Enable yourself to take action by analyzing actionable metrics, and segmenting your data.


The Pillars Of Our Automated Business Philosophy

Back to basics... Matt and Brandon revisit the most important areas of business automation and building a successful company. In this episode, they cover the Pillars of AMSB, and how to get started. Once you build a foundation, your business is ready to go the next step; automating that business to become more effective and require less time on your part. This episode is a must for budding entrepreneurs, or business owners that feel they need to get out from under the day to day operations...


Using Crowdsourcing To Accomplish More with Less

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new term but the idea has been around for years and is a great way to automate your business. Imagine thousands of people all working for you, adding content to your website, generating spam notifications and generally helping to keep your small business website up to date and consistently fresh. To find out what other benefits crowdsourcing has to offer, Listen to Matt and Brandons discussion on this topic in the latest installment of the Automate My Small...

Take Back Control With WordPress, The Content Management System

The days of the static website are truly over, It's replacement? Content Management Systems! The reason Content Management Systems are leading the way is that they give control back to its users. Content is made in minutes and is available to the world in seconds. Wordpress is a CMS made simple for users but is powerful enough to run shopping carts ,communities and business websites, all thanks to the multitude of plugins and widgets freely available which really make this content...

Using Social Media for Business. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Businesses are starting to jump on the social bandwagon, increasing brand loyalty and expanding their reach to new customers. Is it time for your business to join the party? How do you create a social media strategy? And, how can it be automated? Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube are just some options available to businesses looking to keep their finger on the pulse and a hand outwardly extended to their customers. Brandon and Matt cover all the bases from reserving your brand name to going...

Increase Sales Using Affiliate Marketing

Imagine having a sales team of 100 people for your small business that you only had to pay if they brought in more sales for your company. That's exactly what you get with a team of affiliates working to drive sales of your product. In this episode Matt and Brandon teach you how to find affiliates to sell your product, and how to make money as an affiliate selling someone else's product. Affiliate marketing is a great way of achieving higher sales, generating traffic to your site and...


Getting That Business Idea Out Of Your Head And Making It Work For You.

Everything starts out as an idea, and everybody has at least one good idea. What seperates the sheep from the flock is the ability to turn a business idea into an entity. You will never know if your business ideas will be a success until you put them to work. From prototyping to patenting Matt and Brandon share their views and experience to help you finally get that business idea from your head and into reality. They also talk about the best ways to protect your ideas and businesses and...


Local Search and Marketing: Bye bye Yellow Pages… Hello 21st Century Advert

If you have a business that caters to a local area, REMEMBER! The world has moved online for finding products or services, even if you own an "offline" business. If you are still cold calling customers, you need tools that get the customers calling YOU! Your competitors won't know what hit 'em, or why your business is growing. Matt and Brandon talk about the tools to help grow your local business. From putting your business on Google Maps, to using Craigslist, and facebook for promoting...


Choosing the Right Legal Entity, Incorporation, and Funding your Startup

One of the reason's business owners can build wealth faster than employees, is because they get to play by different rules. When you incorporate your business, you can take advantage of a large set of tax breaks, cashflow tricks, and risk avoidance that you would otherwise be missing out on without it. But what business entity is the right one? LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or Limited Partnership. We cover all the benefits of each, the tax ramifications, and how to save money doing it all. We also...

Eliminating Waste Using Lean Concepts for Small Businesses

Lean Manufacturing, and Process Improvement are essential methodologies used by large corporations when eliminating waste from their processes. Learn how to apply the same philosophies to optimize productivity and eliminate time waste from your small business. From task switching to fax machines, Matt & Brandon talk about the best ways to eliminate waste from your business and how these process improvements can help you to create a lean and efficient business that will save you time,...


Agile Project Management Methodology, Tools, and Software for Small Busines

Project Management! What are the best project management tools and methodologies available and what are the most cost effective? In this weeks podcast Matt & Brandon discuss project management assets such as project management software and tools like microsoft project and basecamp. Learn the advantages of agile project management methodologies like scrum over traditional waterfall methodologies, and how these methods are executed in business to maximise the...


Getting Things Done, Enhanced Personal Productivity, and Better Time Manage

Would you like to Increase your productivity? Streamline and optimize your workflow for better time management? Well, this weeks podcast discusses some of the best ways to enhance your productivity using various tools and techniques. Matt & Brandon talk about getting things done (GTD) and how this approach works great at every level of the automated business model, the best way to capture Ideas on the fly and on the go and how to use google to make the most of...


Outsourcing and offshoring to India, the Philipines and beyond.

In this weeks podcast, Matt and Brandon discuss the concept of outsourcing and offshoring to places like india and the philipines, and how even the smallest company can utilize this beneficial method of cost cutting that was once, only the privilege of huge corporations. You will learn how to outsource your call centres, bookkeeping, marketing and even managment. but more importantly where to go to find the people to outsource the work to. Why outsourcing is the...

Introduction to the Automated Philosophy

Matt & Brandon introduce themselves and discuss their automated business philosophy. Get a sense of the automated business system and learn what will be covered in future podcasts. Topics covered include e-commerce shopping carts, fulfillment and distribution, outsourcing, video training, and much more. Learn which books which inspired the automated business system, and learn which ones to avoid. Make sure you get involved by using the website or twitter to contact us!

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