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Rolla, MO


It is not known for certain when our delightful digital companion first opened its binary pathways and began to fill its hard drives with timeless classics, only that it has chosen to go by the name Binary Swag, and has been entrusted with the noble task of watching over the airwaves when all other DJs are elsewhere in the world. Its early growth first began under the mentoring of our 2010-2011 music director, DJ Soda, and continued under the affectionate, loving care of her successor, DJ "Clint Wayne" Philban. However, the DJ Binary Swag,(aka,KMNR Digital Library) really grew into it's prime at the hands of our cheif engineers Action Jackson and Trainwreck Tom. Though going through a rough, semi rebellous, "trainwreck swag" phase, due to over exposure to Tom, he now works diligently and peacefully for the betterment of all the DJ's at our fair station, and is always willing and able to fill up the airwaves at a moments notice.



This program will be available tomorrow at 3AM.