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AvTalk Episode 12: Out on the Airfield

On episode 12 of AvTalk, we discuss Air Berlin’s insolvency and what that might mean for other airlines in Europe, NASA gets ready to study the eclipse, and we list some of our favorite airports. We also talk with Dan Kierna, an airport operations supervisor at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago about what it takes [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:50:37

AvTalk Episode 11: 747s, Skunks, and Babies

In Episode 11, we check in on the 747 to note a few melancholy milestones and the possibility that two 747s might soon find an interesting new home. We run through some of the flights that made the news recently, including some for the wrong reasons. And we ponder the thorny legal issues that airborne [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:35:53

AvTalk Episode 10: Construction, Cows, and 225,000 Pounds of Ketchup

In episode 10, we talk to Andrew Poure, a flight operations supervisor for a U.S.-based major cargo airline. We see how construction fumes and cows affected aviation last week, celebrate an impressive milestone, and quickly preview next week’s Airventure. All Cargo, All the Time We sat down with Andrew Poure, who works for a major [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:47:38

AvTalk Episode 9: Vectors for Landing and Coins for Luck

In episode 9, we talk about some of the stranger aviation stories over the past few weeks, including a a passenger new to approach patterns and a woman who threw coins into an engine for luck. We also talk with Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren Norwegian’s first 737 MAX delivery and long-haul, low-cost flying. Approach and Landing A [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:48:16

AvTalk Episode 8: Turning the MAX up to 10

In episode 8, we recap some of the major announcements from the Paris Air Show, like the launch of the 737 MAX 10, this year’s big seller, Boeing’s tease of a ‘New Market Airplane’, and Airbus’ new A380plus winglets. A brief apology, as we had earlier planned to discuss ATC privatization, but as everyone we [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:37:55

AvTalk Episode 7: Meltdowns and Bans

In episode 7, we discuss the flight ban affecting Qatar and how it is reshaping air traffic in the region. We also attempt to understand the IT problems that forced British Airways to cancel a full day of flights at London-Heathrow. Qatar Flight Ban Following the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:32:14

AvTalk Episode 6: An Update on the Mitsubishi MRJ from Japan

In Episode 6 we head to Japan for an interview with John Walton to get an update on the status of the Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet program. We also delve into the peculiarities of Japanese aviation. Checking in on the MRJ Jason travels to Japan to meet up with John Walton, Runway Girl Network’s deputy [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:39:18

AvTalk Episode 5: the COMAC C919 Takes Flight

In Episode 5 we sit down for an extended interview with CNN Aviation Editor Jon Ostrower to talk about the COMAC C919’s first flight and burgeoning Chinese aviation market. We also learn how to track newly built aircraft and send Jason off to Japan. COMAC C919 First Flight and Chinese Aviation We sat down with [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:37:51

AvTalk Episode 4: North Korea, Goodbye 747-200s, and Patterns in the Sky

In episode 4, we learn how most airlines navigate their way around North Korea, sit down with Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren to talk about the last US-based 747-200 flight, and learn about tracking aircraft that may be broadcasting the sporting event you’re watching on TV. Help more listeners find the show by leaving us a review on [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:31:21

AvTalk Episode 3: Visiting the Aircraft Interiors Expo

In a special Episode 3, we visit the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany to see what you might find inside or connected to an aircraft in the coming years. Help more listeners find the show by leaving us a review on iTunes The Aircraft Interiors Expo At this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, we walked [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:27:55

AvTalk Episode 2 – Jason Crawls Inside a Plane

In Episode 2, Jason crawls inside a plane, we talk in circles about circular runways, wonder about the best job in aviation, and quickly preview the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo. Jason Crawls Inside a Plane Jason takes us to Malta where he spent the day with Lufthansa Technik at their MRO facility getting up close [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:22:32

Introducing AvTalk—the Flightradar24 Aviation Podcast

Introductions We’re excited to introduce ‘AvTalk’, our new Flightradar24 aviation podcast, hosted by Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz, two aviation geeks with a passion for anything that flies. Ian is Flightradar24’s communications director, whom you may remember from such films as the Cathay Pacific 747 tour at Oshkosh. Jason’s been researching and writing about aviation [...] Read More →

Duration: 00:26:50