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Avenue G is a mythical, mirthful, musical place. From parodies of pop songs to skits about topics in the news, expect the unexpected, because Avenue G is a place were anything is possible. Broadcast live, every 1st & 3rd Saturday at 7:00pm on Gtownradio.com






Avenue G #48

Theme: My Fair Feldman Released April 28, 2017 > Ed gets a job offer > “If They Hired Me” > “A Little Nip and Tuck” > Lady Edna trains Ed > “Down the Shore” > Andy trains Ed > Ed gets hired > “I Go To France Tonight” > Ed gets fired > “The Job’s Not Mine” > For more Avenue G fun, visit http://www.avenue-g.net/

Duration: 00:26:58

Avenue G #47

Theme: Jim Gets Juiced Released March 23, 2017 > Bad karaoke > Scoring in Shantytown > Enhanced performance > Darted, not defeated > The hunt for Bigface > Panic on the putting green > Rehab and redemption > for more Avenue G fun, visit http://www.avenue-g.net/

Duration: 00:14:11

Avenue G #46

Theme: Vermintown Released February 21, 2017 > Mice in the studio > Ants in the kitchen > Let’s open a pet shop! > Song: Vermintown > Uncooperative animals > Ed is kidnapped > Jim Meets Mister Goodroach > Liberty and justice for all > for more Avenue G, visit http://www.avenue-g.net/

Duration: 00:09:42

Avenue G #45

> Theme: Boomer Baristas > Released February 6, 2017 > Donald Duck luggage > New business idea > Networking with Millennials > What IS this stuff? > Our first customers > Insufficient inventory > Snapchat fame > Head for the hills > for more Avenue G fun, visit http://www.avenue-g.net/

Duration: 00:11:47

Avenue G #44

Theme: President Pinocchio Released January 13, 2017 > Ed’s fairy tale master thesis > Jim has a dream > Song: I’m A Pill Bug > Geppetto’s clock shop > The puppet boy comes to life > Song: A Man With No Friends > Pinocchio falls in with a bad crowd > Song: Be An Ass > Jackass Island > The Big Bad Wolf backs Pinocchio > Song: Red Riding Hood > Red Riding Hood loses election > Jim Asks the wicked witch for a favor > Back in the “real” world > for more Avenue G fun, visit...

Duration: 00:21:59

Avenue G #43

Theme: Knockin’ Down the Wall Released December 21, 2016 > Song: A World Ruled by Trump > Professor H. remembers the Berlin Wall > Fartoo & company head for the border > Song: Fartin’ Down the Wall > The wall comes down! > R.I.P. Fartoo > Song: My Old Friend Fartoo > Please SUBSCRIBE to our show - THANKS! > for more Avenue G fun, visit http://www.avenue-g.net/

Duration: 00:18:19

Avenue G#41

Theme: Frankenturkey Recorded November 21, 2016 > Andy seeks asylum > Aunt Lulu's in the kitchen > Song: Baking a Pie > Martha's DNA machine > Song: Losing My Pigeon > Where's Jim? > Song: Changes > Song: Just a Turkey > Where's the pie? > for more Avenue G fun, visit http://www.avenue-g.net/

Duration: 00:04:49

Avenue G #40

Theme: Hillary - The Musical Recorded September 18, 2016 > No more political jokes > Song: Orangutan Babies > Podcast ratings plummet > Plans for show about Hillary > Childhood with Granny > Song: The State I Live In > The ghost of Lincoln > Meeting Bill at Yale > Song: I Wanna Dance > First Lady > Song: Pick Yourself Up > Song: I Cain’t Say No > Senator > Song: Secretary of State > Debating the Donald > Song: Basket of Deplorables > Song: Don’t Stop > For more Ave G goodies, visit our...

Duration: 00:48:34

Avenue G #39

Theme: COUP! Recorded September 18, 2016 > Song: We Can Win Nobel > Pig Story - part 1 > Song: Pig Time > Sharma Featherblink arrives > Song: Reikinomics > Sharma takes over the show > Jim gets locked up > Andy takes over the show > Song: I’m No Good > Song: I’m Ed Feldman > Ed takes over the show > Woody Hardscrabble arrives > Song: Hey Mister Bernie Sanders > Martha takes over the show > Song: Grunto > Flacido Domingo arrives > The Great Debate > The Pig Story - conclusion > Song:...

Duration: 00:17:06

Avenue G #37

Theme: Avenue G at the DNC Recorded July 16, 2016 > SONG: Gettin’ Ready > SONG: Nuttin’ From Nuttin’ > SONG: I’m A Woman (Hillary) > Off to the DNC! > Emcees Fran Dresher & John Oliver > SONG: Let’s Get Liberal > Ed jams with Bill Clinton > SONG: When I Was the Man (Bill Clinton) > Martha helps Bernie Sanders get dressed > Andy & Hillary reunite > I Dreamed a Dream (Hillary) > Jim jams with Barack > SONG: Pass the Kouchie (Barack Obama) > Meaningful epilogue > SONG: América > For more Ave...

Duration: 00:18:03

Avenue G #36

Theme: Escaping Trump’s America Recorded June 19, 2016 > Song: Interior Decorating Corps > Ed proposes new show plots > Song: Head Writer > Jim’s agent gets him an audition with Kelly Ripa > Jim cooks with duct tape > Trump’s takeover plan revealed > Hillary’s secret exposed > Song: North of the Border > Stop 1 - Canada > Song: Cielito Lindo > Stop 2 - Mexico > On to Germany and Iceland > Song: Puffins and Muffins > Back home in Philly > Song: The Unbeatable Trump > For more Ave G info,...

Duration: 00:14:40

Avenue G #35

Theme: Haters Never Win Recorded May 15, 2016 > Song: We Are All Humankind > Avenue G gets new neighbors > Song:Gotta Stop the KKK > Jim goes undercover > Ed hates ambidextrous people! > Rand Paul & RuPaul join the team > Martha infiltrates the Neo-Nazis > Rand sabotages Klan robes > Ed occupies the Butterfly Room > Song: Your Ambidextrous Hands > Song: A Paler Shade of White > White power Rally > Ave G heckles haters. Rally flops. > Ed sings whaling songs > Everyone Sings the “One Ball”...


Theme: Let’s Plant a Tree Recorded April 17, 2016 > Jim's Big Book of Earth Day Songs > “Earther-birthers” raid Downturn Abbey > Song “England’s Rose” > Worm hunt! > Song: Holly and Ivy > Planet of the Ducks > Song: Save the Planet > Diverting an asteroid > Song: Let’s Plant a Tree (R&B) > Diggin’ a hole > Song: Let’s Plant a Tree (jazz) > For more Ave G info, visit our website, http://www.avenue-g.net > For mobile devices, get the free Podomatic app for mobile devices at...

Duration: 00:15:48

Avenue G #33

Theme: Saints and Sinners Recorded March 13, 2016 > Will Ed be nominated? > Song: Who Can Replace a Justice Like Scalia > Song: Irish Reggae > Debate: Green beer or Irish potatoes? > Ad: Eliminade > Song: New York Values > The Book of 10,000 Excuses > The Pope arrives > Ad: Trump’s Golden Comb-over Emulsifier > Song: The Wives of Trump > Trump appears, debates Pope > Trump melts > Song: Keep Runnin’ > For more Ave G info, visit our website, http://www.avenue-g.net > For mobile devices, get...

Duration: 00:26:21

Avenue G #32

Theme: The True Meaning of February Recorded February 21, 2016 > Oscar controversy > Diversity on Avenue G? > Song: It's Not Easy Being Irish > Song: Phony Phony > Searching for a seer > The Fabuloso Tremendousness Awards > Song: Sweet Delaware > Song: Maybe Next Year > Vision Quest! > Song: Mister Groundhog > Song: That's February to Me > Song: Don't Stop > For more Ave G info, visit our website, http://www.avenue-g.net > For mobile devices, get the free Podomatic app for mobile devices...

Duration: 00:47:22

Avenue G #31

Theme: Welcome, 2016 Recorded January 10, 2016, 2015 Song: 2016 Mummers - politically incorrect? 2015 speaks Welcome, 2016 Song: On The Sunni Side of the Street Song: Here Comes ISIS Nostodomowitz predicts Brenie Sanders speaks Song: Socialism Song: Nanny State Evil James Taylor Song: Mexico Rockin' Vegan New Year Keith & Adele: Auld Lang Syne Song: Mummers Strut Song: Hello / 4-Leaf Clover > For more Ave G info, visit our website, http://www.avenue-g.net > For mobile devices, get the free...

Duration: 00:16:03

Avenue G #30

Theme: Merry Croosmoos Recorded December 19, 2015 Song: Panda Teeth Blalok creates “Muchomas” Jim creates “Croosmoos” Song: Feliz Croos-a-moos Song: Have a Merry Croosmoos The gang prepares for Croosmoos Santa’s lawyer intervenes Song: Nuttin for Christmas Santa gives Jim a warning Jim fires Andy & Martha Andy & Martha wander the streets Song: Poor Little Match Girl Song: Must be Santa The gang reunites for sensitivity training Reindeer attack the station Happiness returns to Avenue G...

Duration: 08:27:05

Avenue G #29

Theme: Thanksgiving Odyssey Recorded November 23, 2015, 2015 Andy wants meat! Song: Let’s Eat Vegetables The gang time-travels back to Plymouth Rock Jim tries to turn the pilgrims vegan Jim gets put on trial as a witch Song: Witchcraft Andy gets captured by the French Navy Martha becomes a pirate Song: Fun To Be A Pirate Andy & Martha save Jim from the puritans Song: The Greatest Meal Everyone returns to the present Thanksgiving dinner on Avenue G > For more Ave G info, visit our website,...

Duration: 00:52:28

Avenue G #28

Theme: "Andy Get Your Gun" Recorded October 7, 2015 Gun group Ad Andy’s got a gun! The gang visits a gun show “Can’t Shoot Yer Way Outta Hell” Andy joins the gun show “Hey Joe” Jim gives a speech & gets chased Andy loves sharpshooter Esmeralda “The Gun That I Carry” “They say It’s Wonderful” Andy becomes the star of the show Esmeralda exposes Andy Andy gets chased Jim & Martha save Andy from mob Andy repents Slush Flimshaw alerts the patriots “Tomorrow” > For more Ave G info, visit our...

Duration: 07:29:53

Avenue G #26

Theme: Be-In Recorded July 17 at Read & Eat Bookstore Remembering Woodstock Planning a new festival “Two Tickets to Seniorfest” Interviewing applicants “Aquarius” Eartha backwater - Park Ranger “Everyday People” The concert: Sonny & Cher impersonator Neil Diamond impersonator Jim Morrison “Cover of the AARP” “Middle Age” (Purple Haze) “Just Seventeen” “Birds of America” “Get Together”

Duration: 00:41:14

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