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Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.






Season1: Coaching Yourself in the Moment (#23)

After a brief hiatus from knee surgery, David returns to share his self-discovery. He shares how during his recover how frustrated, discouraged, and demoralized he became with lack of results. In agonizing pain, David realized the parallels between recovering from an injury and recovering as a leader. You can choose to give up or you can fight through the pain to find success. Despite his pain and discomfort he gets back in the saddle and returns to the microphone to share his...

Duration: 00:10:33

Season 1: Is Passion Needed? (#22)

Do we need Passion to be a successful Leader? Dave Ballentine, from the Surging Forward Podcast, joins the discussion on todays podcast. Dave Ballentine shares his journey in leadership. From starting successful business to those which failed. He also shares those mentors who impacted his career and leadership. Dave Ballentine is Teaching and helping Tradesman … Continue reading "Season 1: Is Passion Needed? (#22)"

Duration: 00:28:31

Season 1: Motivation P.3 (#20)

Winning is tough. David shares his reflection after the National Sales Meeting on his own leadership. Sometimes we must take the time to embrace our progress. We get so focused on trying to get to the “next level” we often don’t appreciate small milestones. These small steps are the foundation to success.

Duration: 00:08:24

Season 1: Exceptional Customer Service (#19)

David shares his experience watching Motivational speaker Lisa Ford deliver an amazing speech about Exceptional Customer Service. Are you committed to delivering exceptional service? David shares how Lisa talks about Starbucks model and turning customer service into an experience. Recorded on location at the Arizona Grand Hotel during a National Sales Meeting. This was the … Continue reading "Season 1: Exceptional Customer Service (#19)"

Duration: 00:12:45

Season 1: Effort Vs. Execution (#18)

David shares the difference between “effort” and “execution.” Although many of us believe effort is important, at the end of the day what matters is execution. We must learn to be transparent about why we fail at delivering results. David uses the analogy of a baseball player struggling to hit a fastball but refuses to … Continue reading "Season 1: Effort Vs. Execution (#18)"

Duration: 00:12:52

Season 1: Will Set (#17)

David share’s real world experience while managing two different stores struggling with “will set.” He also discovers how each environment needed a different leadership value to overcome their challenges. It’s a deeper look at how the 7-Values of Leadership are used to analyze team dynamics and improve performance. David identifies “Accountability” and “Team Orientated” are … Continue reading "Season 1: Will Set (#17)"

Duration: 00:13:33

Season 1: Results Driven (#16)

David talks about becoming “Results Driven.” It’s the final value needed to complete the 7 Values of Leadership. Become a strategic planner and learn to navigate the “playing field.” Special thanks to David Ballentine of Surging Forward Podcast for all the continued support.

Duration: 00:14:26

Season 1: Motivation Pt.2 (#15)

“A bad day” is the topic of this motivational podcast. Sometimes chalking it up to a bad day is all that’s needed. Believe in yourself and keep yourself focused. These are the days that build character. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:06:40

Season 1: Team Orientated (#14)

David shares how challenging building a powerful team truly is. It starts with create a team-orientated environment which starts with you. Great insight how trust will impact your team. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:11:24

Season 1:Communicate Effectively(#13)

Communication is the most powerful tool in your leadership arsenal. Listen as David shares his learnings about communication. He explains just because we deliver a message doesn’t mean the team will interpret accurately. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:11:08

Season 1:Demonstrate Courage(#12)

Courage is not something we are born with, but rather something we learn. As we learn to ignore our fears we begin to build our confidence. The only difference between a hero and a non-hero is despite their fears the hero takes action. Be the hero… Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:09:43

Season 1: Rigor (#11)

David discusses the leadership value rigor by Q&A submitted by listeners. Rigor and mental toughness are they keys to changing cultures. You must push yourself out of your comfort zone. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:09:05

Season 1: Motivation-Pt.1 (#10)

Sometimes we need a little motivation. This podcast David offers words of encouragement as you face difficult challenges. Being a leader is never easy…so never give up. Make it happen. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:03:33

Season 1: Accountability (#9)

David talks about one of the most challenging values…accountability. He takes a look at why we fail at it and what we can do differently. David also shares the need to get feedback from those you trust. They will be truthful regardless if we are ready to hear it. David also shares how the book … Continue reading "Season 1: Accountability (#9)"

Duration: 00:09:46

Season 1: 7 Values of Leadership(#8)

Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. These are David’s 7-Values of Leadership. Established through years of experience with different organizations, he created a unique blend of values designed to develop high-performance leaders. Download PDF

Duration: 00:08:47

Season 1: Linear Vs. Non-Linear (#7)

This podcast briefly explains how a new leader can take the progressive path (Linear) and listen to podcast in numerical order. While those leaders who are seasoned, can access specific series or values on the website based on your needs (non-linear). Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:03:26

Season 1: The Choice (#6)

The choice to become a leader should never be taken lightly. Do it for the right reasons. Or with certainty, you will fail. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:11:01

Season 1: Defining Success (#5)

Defining Success is one of the most misunderstood elements of becoming a leader. Listen as we explore how to measure your individual small wins and build from them. Win the day! Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:08:01

Season 1: The Foundation (#4)

David shares his own personal journey and setbacks early in his career. Coming to terms with his failures opened the door for self discovery. Part of understanding the foundation is honestly assessing your shortcomings and acknowledging your failures. The most difficult challenge for many leaders. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:08:52

Season 1: The Great Debate (#3)

In this podcast we begin to discuss the difference between management and leadership. Please join the discussion and debate. Let us know your perception. Subscribe NOW on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Duration: 00:14:14

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