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Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.

Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.
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Show about leadership development and how to overcome hardships along the journey.






(S2E40) The Crossroad-Motivation Pt. 7

David talks about how difficult the journey of leadership and life can be. The journey is what will help strengthen our courage to overcome fear. There comes a moment in everyone's life where we must make a choice in life. One path is safe and easier while the other path is scary and unpredictable. The episode digs deeper into why people choose to stay unhappy because of the unknown. Today is the day you choose to find your path at the crossroad. Change your mindset. Facebook Group: Awaken...


(S2E39) In Over Your Head

Welcome back! David launches Season 2 sharing a personal story about him taking on a project way over his head. It was a reminder of why fear can paralyze our personal growth. David took on a home repair project and during this project he discovered he needed to acquire a new skill set to do something he's never done before. As he shares his memo he realizes the parallels between fear in life and fear in leadership. David shares his courage and confidence began to change as the project...


(S1E38) Choose Your Attitude **Bonus Ep. 2

This is a lost episode David never released. In this episode David gets an email asking him, "How did you always stay positive?" He shares how difficult it was to always stay positive and he learned choosing your attitude matters. In the beginning he allowed everything to affect his attitude which damaged his career. David shares insight that being negative creates an environment of people not wanting to work with you. He learned to make a conscious choice to stay positive. Learn to step...


(S1E37)**Bonus Memo #1

In his first bonus episode, David shares a deeper look into how the show has changed him. He shares how he is standing at a cross road of pursuing this project on a professional level. Everyday he wakes up with passion to help people and its become is fuel. It takes a deeper look into the man behind the microphone and his personal goals. Life is beginning to influence the show as well as our listeners feedback. We all face a moment in our career when we must decided what to do next. David...


Season 1: Reflection (#36)

David celebrates the end of season one with his reflection on the podcast and leadership journey. He also shares how you as a listener helped shape the show. As a leader its important for us to reflect on our learnings and celebrate our wins and identify our shortcomings. Email me at Please leave a review!!! Follow me on Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Faceboook, and Twitter


Season 1: Motivation Pt. 6-Student of Life (#35)

In this episode David defines why its so important to stay a student of life. You will continuously face challenges in life which will require your leadership. Your leadership in life will help shape your decisions and changing your life. Life is filled with unpredictable obstacles that will push you to your breaking point. How hungry are you to learn? In school we sacrifice time to learn and earn a degree. How much time have you sacrificed to invest in yourself? It all comes at a...


Season 1: Fear of Failure (#34)

David shares how many leaders have a fear of failure. He shares insight to all his failures in his career/life which taught him valuable lessons. But fear can prevent us from taking action. Growth is all about taking action and learning from it. David also talks about being comfortable feeling uncomfortable. It's never going to comfortable while going through change...especially within yourself. He uses the analogy of a child touching fire for the first time. You get burned but learn what...


Season 1: Help Wanted (#33)

David shares we often choose not to ask for help for many reasons. Maybe we believe that asking for help shows weakness or lack of leadership. But that's far from the truth. As we grow as leaders we come to value the power of asking for help when needed. Many of us have experience catastrophic failures simply because we chose not to ask for help at critical times. Pride. We need to humble ourselves and recognize we can't get everything done alone. This is a people business. We are either...


Season 1: Follow Your Heart (#32)

In this episode David discusses knowing when to listen to your heart. If you begin to lose passion in what you are doing your fulfillment will decline. Sometimes we lose "fuel." You can be successful without passion its called being "professional." But over time it can wear you down emotionally. Its ok to recognize you may be in a position that doesn't offer growth or your leadership doesn't fit your current role. This doesn't mean you failed it means your journey to find the right...


Season 1: Watch Them Grow (#31)

David shares a personal observation of his own team. He has watched them grow throughout the last year but today was different. Today he witnessed the evolution of his team becoming an "All-Star" team. David shares recognizing he begins to recognize his need to step out and allow them to shine. He saw his team ability to use their empowerment to make critical decisions. We often fear our teams will fail if we are not involved with decision making. But as we grow it becomes clear we need to...


Season 1: Motivation Pt. 5 - Protect Your Dream (#30)

David shares how important it is to protect your dream. So many people will not understand your goals in life. You are a visionary and so many people will not believe in what you are doing. Protect your dream by preparing yourself for the hardship you are about to endure. Surround yourself with like minded people who will support you. You must be willing to do whatever it takes. David shares his own experience of doing whatever it with the podcast. He recorded the last 5 episodes in his...


Season 1: Eating Humble Pie (#29)

In this episode David talks about how important it is to stay humble. As we begin to experience success we can often forget about others until we are humbled down. Sometimes we start to focus on ourselves and not the team. He shares three things you can do to help you stay humble. Email me at Please leave a review!!! Follow me on Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Faceboook, and Twitter Our Store...


Season 1: Find Your Reason Why

David shares in this episode how important "Knowing Your Reason" why is critical in the foundation of your leadership. He begins to share two reasons that will surely set you up to fail: Money and Not Knowing Why. David discusses his "Why." All of the failures in his career became the spring board for him to help others avoid hardship and develop their leadership. Hold on to your "why" because its will be the one thing that catapults you through difficulties. You must accept how difficult...


Season 1: 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset (#27)

David continues focusing on the foundation series for new leaders. While listening to other podcasts, their messages resonated with him. He gives three things you can do immediately to impact your growth: 1)Never get consumed by the totality of your goal, Win the day (Manage the chaos), Reflect on what you did well today. The hardest part of becoming an effective leader is conditioning your mindset. Your mental toughness will be challenged. But as a new leader your confidence to overcome...


Season 1: Being Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable (#26)

In this episode David follows up with your progress from Episode #24 Back To Basics. He shares his own personal discoveries after returning to work after 6 weeks (post knee surgery). David discusses the need to become comfortable feeling uncomfortable while pursuing your goals. He offers personal advice as he faces the same challenges. We are currently donating $1 to St. Jude's Children's Research for every mug we sell on our family website Thank you so much for...


Season 1: Motivation Pt.4-Take The Leap (#25)

David shares a powerful memo recorded in Webisode #4. So powerful he believed it needed to be shared in his motivational series. Sometimes in life we must find the courage to take the leap. A powerful motivation speech. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have comments or questions. Always remember...awaken the leader inside!-David email me at Music by: Nexus-The Fiend inside Me Thank your for listening to...


Season 1: Back to Leadership Basics (#24)

This episode is dedicated to those who wish to become leaders or currently struggling with direction in their career. David discuss "Getting back to basics" follow three steps: Be Objective, Find a mentor, and create opportunities for oneself. This episode will help your focus over the next 30 days on achievable steps to help you find the path. **my apologies for the audio clipping (pops) on video.


Season1: Coaching Yourself in the Moment (#23)

After a brief hiatus from knee surgery, David returns to share his self-discovery. He shares how during his recover how frustrated, discouraged, and demoralized he became with lack of results. In agonizing pain, David realized the parallels between recovering from an injury and recovering as a leader. You can choose to give up or you can fight through the pain to find success. Despite his pain and discomfort he gets back in the saddle and returns to the microphone to share his...


Season 1: Is Passion Needed? (#22)

Do we need Passion to be a successful Leader? Dave Ballentine, from the Surging Forward Podcast, joins the discussion on todays podcast. Dave Ballentine shares his journey in leadership. From starting successful business to those which failed. He also shares those mentors who impacted his career and leadership. Dave Ballentine is Teaching and helping Tradesman … Continue reading "Season 1: Is Passion Needed? (#22)"


Season 1: Motivation P.3 (#20)

Winning is tough. David shares his reflection after the National Sales Meeting on his own leadership. Sometimes we must take the time to embrace our progress. We get so focused on trying to get to the “next level” we often don’t appreciate small milestones. These small steps are the foundation to success.


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