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"Speaking With The Master" ~ with Noel Tyl

There are few astrologers who have brought more credibility to the practice than the wise and venerable Noel Tyl. For the past 36 years he has contributed to the wealth of astrology knowledge through books, apperances, and a continued presence on the astrological stage. He is a highly-regarded expert and the author of over 35 books on his particular style of understanding astrology. Join me as I speak with one ogf the giants of astrology on this my final show on Awakening Zone Radio. Thank...

Duration: 01:08:43

Realizations of a Master with Mary Beth Shewan and John McCurdy

For the final episode of Living Masters come join Mary Beth Shewan and John McCurdy as we share and discuss some of the profound realizations that we and other have had along the path to Embodied Enlightenment. Call in or join in the chat room and ask questions, or add your consciousness and wisdom to this special Christmas Eve program! Listen live and join the chat at!

Duration: 01:21:41

"Astrology's Bad Boy~ How To Handle Pluto" with Hazel Dixon-Cooper

There is no astrologer on the planet that will disregard Pluto as a non-entity. In fact, all astrologers pay reverence and heed the power of this mighty orb. the planet, known for destruction and re-construction is a powerful player in the astrology chart of the individual. It identifies your karmic debt and illustrates areas in your life that require repair. If you don't repair these parts of your life, Pluto will not stop until you do.

Duration: 01:11:05

Dream Art

In this segment of the D-spot meet artists who have used their dreams in their chosen work. Meet painters, poets and musicians who have received images, words and musical scores in dreams and who have practiced the 'art of recollection' to turn their dreams into reality. Hosted by Poet and Writer Joan Gelfand, this show will include a call-in period for questions and answers.

Duration: 01:25:02

"The Venus Star Point" ~ with Arielle Guttman

Discover your unique talent and special gift to the world by identifying your Venus Star Point, apowerful, ground-breaking tool, never before utilized in astrology in this way. Prior knowledge of astrology is not necessary to gain a meaningful and life-chaging insights from this amazing technique. Join me as I speak with noted astrologer, Arielle Guttman about this remarkably accurate interpretation of your horoscope.

Duration: 01:17:27

"The Secret Clue to Your Numbers" with Michael Fierro

As you've heard me mention many times, numerology and astrology are siblings of the same mother, so to speak. They both share time as a baseline for discovering the unique qualities within us all. Join me and Michael Fierro as we discuss what works and why

Duration: 01:01:38

The Temple of All Knowing

Join Kelly as she interviews Holistic Entrepreneur Lee Papa! Lee Papa’s mid-life courageous journey from the depths of despair amidst a challenging marriage, shattering financial collapse and heartbreak while caring for her elderly mother, finds her way back from the Light. In her first book, The Temple of All Knowing, Lee’s 2008 near death experience provides much more than a glimpse into the unknown, she came back with tools to share with all.

Duration: 01:01:01

Being a Master When Times Are Tough - Living Masters

As masters we are becoming very sensitive, and the energies of Earth and Humanity are incredibly intense right now. Join us for a special episode of Living Masters as guest host John McCurdy talks with a panel of masters about what we are feeling right now and how we can cope with the intensity and chaos of this time on Earth. Call in to join the discussion or ask questions, and join the online conversation at!

Duration: 01:33:50

Dream Interpretation Monday

Did you have a strange dream last night? A recurring dream? Did you fly? Did you fall? Did you dine with Oprah on a magic carpet? Did you know it's strange NOT to have a strange dream? Did you know that today is Dream Interpretation Monday? Join Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden,'s #1 bestselling author of ""I Had the Strangest Dream""--call in if you'd like a FREE live dream interpretation. Call in or join the live chat at Remember, every dream is sacred and...

Duration: 01:02:21

"Moon Viewing" with Barbara Yoshida

Barbara Yoshida is an adventurous traveler and photographer who fills her backpack with tent, sleeping bag, large format camera, film and tripod, then sets out to photograph natural forms, spiritual locations and women artists in countries from Sweden, throughout Europe to the Ukraine, Armenia, Israel, Morocco, The Gambia, Japan, and Mongolia. Camping with her family in northern Idaho was an early influence. She picked up a camera after twenty years as a painter and six years making...

Duration: 01:07:16

Michael Jaco, The Awakening of a Warrior. Past lives of a navy seal remembered

In this episode we will talk with tear 1 Navy Seal Michael Jaco about his latest book Awakening of a Warrior, past lives of a navy seal remembered. The book meticulously details his memories of lifetimes at key moments throughout history. It is an epic and thrilling story of kings and generals, philosopher and religious leaders. The story travels through great wars in India, Egypt, Greece and Rome. He’ll talk to us about spiritual warfare, what it is and how he used it in this lifetime as...

Duration: 02:11:14

Stan Tenen: Science of Consciousness in Geometry & Gesture

STAN TENEN is the Director of Research for the Meru Foundation of Sharon, Mass. With a B.S. in Physics (1963) from Polytechnic Institute of New York University. The Alphabet That Changed the World offers startling new insights of interest to readers in the fields of religion, history, philosophy, language, and consciousness. Rabbinic tradition asserts that every letter of every word of Torah is a word in itself. In The Alphabet That Changed the World, author Stan Tenen demonstrates that...

Duration: 01:00:26

Dream Art with Sandra S. McRae

In this segment of the D-spot meet artists who have used their dreams in their chosen work. Meet painters, poets and musicians who have received images, words and musical scores in dreams and who have practiced the 'art of recollection' to turn their dreams into reality. Hosted by Poet and Writer Joan Gelfand, this show will include a call-in period for questions and answers. Sandra S. McRae teaches creative writing, composition, and literature at Red Rocks Community College near Denver....

Duration: 01:02:52

"The Holy Universe" with David Christopher

David Christopher is an award-winning author and teacher of the “new story,” a story that integrates the science of the 20th and 21st centuries with a spiritual sensibility toward the creation of the Universe. He became intrigued with this story over 15 years ago. But as he dove deeper into this new worldview, he felt something was missing. He missed the poetry. He missed the lyricism of the liturgy and the scriptures. He wanted more. He wanted a story that also felt like the story given...

Duration: 01:11:39

Dreaming with Arjuna Ardagh and Tommy Edison

Join Kelly as she interviews two incredible guests! First she chats with author Arjuna Ardagh followed by an interview with The Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison! Millions of people today all over the world are having glimpses of who they really are: beyond endless thought and reactive feeling. Such a moment of “awakening” changes everything, and unleashes a wellspring of energy, humor and love. People have called such moments “Better than Sex.” Now comes a lively new book that not only helps...

Duration: 01:06:47


Like astrology, numerology can be an amazingly accurate predictive tool. When you know your numbers, you'll be surprised what they can reveal. Relationships, careers, family-planning and a host of other details emerge from the simple alignment of your numbers. And like astrology, they are incredibly accurate and revealing. Dr. Felicia Bender is “The Practical Numerologist.” She helps people uncover their life’s purpose with Numerology. She’s an author and speaker who teaches seminars,...

Duration: 01:02:48

Tune up Your Life with Mindset Mechanic Julie Rahm

Julie Rahm, M.S., is a Resultant who eliminates stress and pain by applying quantum theory to resolve human problems. She specializes in resolving obstacles to learning for students of all ages. She also interprets and resolves nightmares and dreams so clients can sleep peacefully and know what's going on. In this episode, we’ll talk about how to have love in your life free from hurt. We’ll learn tools on how to reduce and relieve stress, fear, anxiety, pain, and negative emotions so you can...

Duration: 01:27:04

Bill Harvey: “You Are The Universe: Presents “Theory of Everything

You Are The Universe: Imagine That ( presents a “theory of everything” that reconciles science and religion in a way that anyone can understand and visualize. Unlike the unified field theories of Albert Einstein and modern unified field theorists, Bill’s picture of the universe can be visualized by non-mathematicians. Thought experiments in You Are The Universe: Imagine That involve readers as active participants in exploring answers to questions such as: Is the universe...

Duration: 01:02:20

Archive Episode: Spirit Recovery

Enjoy this archived episode of The D-Spot, featuring an interview with Lee McCormick. Spirit Recovery is about recovering our authenticity, our natural condition as joyful human beings. To do this Spirit Recovery has created programs, journeys and events that promote expansion beyond the limitations of your beliefs, to get back to yourself as you were before the programming — a spiritual being who is free to love, free to live, free to be happy.

Duration: 01:02:25

"Who Was Dracula?" with Jim Steinmeyer

Popular culture has always been fascinated with vampires. They were popular in the 1800s and they are popular now. What makes this topic so intriguing? Why vampires? Why Dracula? Is there a connection between our hidden selves and the creepy image of the stalking vampire? Do we want to be scared? Listen as I speak with author and magician Jim Steinmeyer about this fascinating look at Dracula and how he came to be through the works of author Bram Stoker. Just in time for Halloween!

Duration: 00:59:32

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