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Spanish Fly Part 2 The Episode

Love is in the air, take two! On this week’s special Valentines Day Episode, Travis and Bobo continue the list that they started in Episode 46, Spanish Fly The Episode. The list, for those of you who may not remember, is a list of questions that you are supposed to ask someone if you want to fall in love with them. So come and listen and play the role of Travis as we try to make him and our audience fall in love with Bobo, for the second time. This week’s End Times features a major...


Indecent Proposal The Episode

Ever seen people do dumb things for money? Ever thought about how much they’d have to pay you to do that same thing? Us too! Here on Prestige Worldwide this week, Bobo and Travis list off a ton of potential “scenarios ,” and just how much they’d be willing to be paid to do them. From recent children’s Youtube stunts to indecent proposals of a nefarious nature, the boys have you covered if you’re trying to make some serious cash, as long as you’re willing to give up most, if not all, of your...


Waiting The Episode

Do you enjoy waiting around all day for three minutes of entertainment every couple hours? How about if you paid a fortune to do it? If you answered yes to these questions, according to Bobo and Travis, you should probably check out Disneyworld. On this week’s episode, Travis recounts his recent vacation to Disney for the listeners, while Bobo mocks him for standing in line for seven hours to ride a ride three times. And don’t even get him started on the price of a Bud Light, Dilly Dilly!...


Invent This The Episode

We’ve got some great ideas, and now you’re all going to hear about them! On this week’s Episode of Prestige Worldwide, Bobo yanks the steering wheel to enlighten the listeners about all the amazing inventions and ideas he has to vastly improve not only the lives of every citizen on earth, but primarily his bank account balance. From hit TV show ideas to fashionista trends, Bobo has you covered if you’re looking to invest in something that’ll lose you more money than Bitcoin. This week’s...


Feels Good Man The Episode

Welcome to all the feels this week on Prestige Worldwide. Bobo and Travis take a break from all of the negativity in the media and the world to share with the listeners uplifting stories that are sure to tug at your heartstrings. That is, until the firm cutoff time Bobo gives Travis because he can’t take anymore than forty minutes of that garbage. Also on this week’s episode, Bobo and Travis give the listeners a bitcoin price update, Bobo learns what a nonverbal cue is, and Travis talks...


Kick The Bucket The Episode

On this week’s episode, Travis and Bobo discuss all of their hopes and dreams that they want to accomplish in life. In Travis’s case, this ends up being a pretty normal list of exotic places to go and things he wants to do. In Bobo’s case, it ends up being a list of everything he hates and never wants to experience in the past, present, or future. Which is sad for him, but great for you, the listener, as he takes you on a bizarre rant describing what it’s like to go through life as a clone...


New Year New Us The Episode

Welcome to 2018 on Prestige Worldwide! The boys are back and just as despicable and deplorable as ever, but they still expect you to tune in and deal with their lack of common sense and senseless rhetoric because hey, why the heck not?! On this week’s episode, Bobo and Travis do a year in review for the podcast and take listeners on a trip down memory lane for some of their favorite episodes. Then they shove you right into 2018 with a discussion about the goals and what you can expect from...


Die Hard The Episode

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! Welcome to what seems like the annual Christmas episode of Prestige Worldwide. The boys have decided to do things a little differently this time, with an abridged episode that talks about the best Christmas movies of all time. Also this week, the boys perform a special audio reading of A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic. So pour yourself some eggnog, grab a seat by the fire, and let the soothing sounds of Prestige Worldwide lull you to...


Festivus The Episode

It’s a Festivus Miracle! The boys have made it to season 2 on Prestige Worldwide, and in celebration, they’re doing a special Festivus episode where they perform mental feats of strength, have the airing of grievances, and many Festivus miracles accompany the episode!, And, because it’s Bobo and Travis, there are all scratch-off lottery tickets and ridiculous topics of conversation. No End Times this week, because Bobo and Travis don’t know how to stick to a time clock and stay on...


Go Fund Yourself 2 The Episode

Like donating money for crappy stuff? Yeah, us too, so we’ve brought back an old classic for our anniversary episode. Welcome to Go Fund Yourself 2! We break down more hilariously stupid kickstarters and fundraising campaigns, all for your amusement and pleasure, and as a PSA to warn you to not buy any of this garbage! All this and more on this week’s episode!


Dilly Dilly The Episode

Like commercials? Yeah, neither does Prestige Worldwide, which is why on this week’s episode, the boys bring in multiple examples of commercials that generally annoy them and piss them off, so they can have intelligent discourse about them and why they miss their mark. And by intelligent discourse, we really mean Bobo and Travis just shout a lot about how terrible they are. But it’s pretty funny, and interesting, and you might learn a thing or two about how to make a commercial later in...


I Love The 90s The Episode

It’s Throwback Tuesday on Prestige Worldwide, and the destination is the 90’s! Bobo and Travis are joined by Uncle Hair to settle an ongoing dispute between Hair and Travis, which is who knows more about 90’s alternative music. With Bobo as the moderator and author, a quiz was constructed, and a game played. Who will come out on top? You’ll have to listen to find out! This week’s End Times features a steely-eyed missile man blasting himself into the clouds to prove the earth is flat, and...


Thanksgiving The Episode

Happy Thanksgiving! Prestige Worldwide is thankful for a lot of things, and now you’re gonna hear about them this week. From The Fast and The Furious, to GPS on cell phones, to Simpson’s Tapout, the boys have you covered on just about everything you should be thankful for this year. Pro tip though, include your husband/wife on the list just in case they catch you read it. This week’s End Times features the burning question of is being trans-racial a thing? Also, Bobo talks about being...


Dad Jokes The Episode

Do you like puns and G-rated humor? Neither does Travis, but too friggen bad, because this week the boys decide to bring in their favorite dad jokes on this week’s episode. From corny one-liners to ridiculously stupid lightbulb jokes, the boys have enough to make any step-dad ashamed of whom they’ve become. You’re sure to pretend to laugh right along with us. Also on this week’s episode, Bobo warns the readers about AIDS-bananas that may or may not be at a grocery store near you, and...


Therapist The Episode

In case you weren’t able to discover the clever ruse with the title this week, Bobo and Travis can’t ignore the recent news of all the celebrities in the world apparently being rapists, and bring it in for the topic of conversation. Bobo can’t stop proclaiming that he’s been right all along and all celebrities aren’t real people anyways, and Travis can’t get Bobo to shut up. The boys also decide to engage some reckless speculation about who they think might be the next celebrity to be...


Spanish Fly The Episode

Guess who? That’s right, the man everybody loves to hate, Bobo, is back and better than ever. Well, maybe not ever, but he’s back. Or maybe it’s Uncle Hair in disguise? We’re not sure ourselves, but that’s not the point. The point is you need to fall in love with him all over again, and this week’s episode is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Travis has compiled a list of questions that are designed to help people fall in love with each other, and he presents them to Bobo with...


Millennial Falcon The Episode

This week Travis tackles that dreaded plague that is the millennials. The common narrative out there is that millennials are killing just about every industry the world has to offer. He examines a few examples and makes his own opinion about how deadly this generation is. For End times, Travis goes back to an earlier episode to see how the boys did with the summer blockbuster movie predictions. Was Bobo right? Was Travis right? Were they both wrong? Tune in to find out!


Boob Tube The Episode

Fall is in the air and what a good time to lock yourself indoors and watch some TV. This week Travis discusses some of the TV shows he’s been watching lately and give you his opinion for what you should be watching. Everything from comedies to dramas and even a reality show. Listen for his recommendations and see if you agree or god forbid, you disagree. For end times, Travis does you a favor and clues you in on a chain restaurant’s new drink promotion. So get out there, get drunk, and...


Abandon Ship The Episode

If you ever wondered what a podcast of just Travis sounded like, this week’s episode is for you. Travis goes it alone and breaks the news that Bobo will no longer be a regular part of Prestige Worldwide. That being said Travis tackles a couple issues that have been weighing on his mind. From Juggalos to the NFL to Twitch, as he tries to keep this podcast train on it’s track. Take a listen, enjoy, and remember to go to the website and tell him how he’s doing!


Trolls The Episode

Trolls and internet trolling is the topic on this week’s podcast. The internet has given rise to some amazing examples of trolling, as well as coining the phrase itself, and Bobo and Travis will walk you through some of the most recent examples, as well as some of the classics from the early days of the world wide web. From Wu-Tang albums to saving Toby, we’ve got you covered this week. This week’s End Times features a “fatberg” the likes of which London has never seen before, and Travis...


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