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3: Our review of tumultuous year in politics

It has been an extraordinary year for British and international politics. Theresa May began 2017 as the queen of all she surveys. She ended the year humiliated in the Commons, broken by her disastrous decision to call an election and in charge of a party deeply divided over Brexit. For Labour, Jeremy Corbyn began the year fighting for his survival only for his fortunes to be transformed by the general election. This was the year which also saw Donald Trump run wild in the White House,...

Duration: 00:49:59

The Brexit plans hit the buffers

Theresa May’s week started brightly and then went quickly down hill. The Prime Minister had hoped to lap the glory of securing a deal with the EU to move to trade talks. But a farcical day in Brussels saw the breakthrough kiboshed by the Democrat Unionist Party. Mrs May was forced to retreat back to London for urgent talks to try to rescue her Brexit plans. And that was not the only problem cluttering the PM’s already overloaded in-tray. On this week’s Ayes to the Left, the Mirror’s Kevin...

Duration: 00:30:21

2: Ayes to the Left podcast: Donald Trump’s anti-social media

The Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Mikey Smith and Jason Beattie discuss Donald Trump’s Twitter bile, the Brexit bill and why Emily Thornberry was the star of PMQs.

Duration: 00:22:16

Philip Hammond's Budget fails to impress young people he hoped to woo

There were two big headlines in the Budget: the appalling growth figures and the stamp duty cut. But there was a vacuum at the heart of the Budget - nothing for social care, no public sector pay rise and no extra money for the police and education. On this week’s Ayes to the Left, the Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Head of Politics Jason Beattie and political correspondent Nicola Bartlett discuss Hammond’s bad day at the office, what the Budget means for you and why it did little for millennials....

Duration: 00:21:39

Russian meddling, Theresa May's 'barmy' gambit and who won PMQs

After a run of strong performances Jeremy Corbyn’s winning streak at PMQs came to an end today. The Labour leader peppered Theresa May with questions on the NHS, crime, police cuts, the universal credit and tax avoidance. But he was up against a Prime Minister who appeared to have recovered her confidence after a morale-sapping few weeks, On this week’s Ayes to the Left, the Mirror’s Head of Politics Jason Beattie, Deputy Political Editor Ben Glaze and political correspondent Nicola...

Duration: 00:25:04

Westminster needs to do more to tackle sexual harassment

There is only one topic of conversation in Westminster at the moment: the sex scandal. Some of the allegations have been harrowing to read, others have left a question mark over the careers of senior politicians. On this week’s Ayes to the Left, the Mirror’s deputy editor-in-chief Alison Phillips, Head of Politics Jason Beattie and political correspondent Nicola Bartlett discuss the culture of sleaze in Westminster, the reaction of the party leaders and whether the victims are getting the...

Duration: 00:23:17

1: Jared O’Mara revelations dampen another strong week for Jeremy Corbyn

For three weeks in a row, Jeremy Corbyn has owned Prime Minister’s Questions - putting Theresa May on the back foot on Universal Credit. It’s gradually putting to bed the idea the Labour leader’s relatively strong performance since the election has been a fluke. But a string of damaging allegations of sexism and homophobia against a young Labour MP threatened to dampen the party’s spirits. On this week’s Ayes to the Left, the Mirror’s Associate Editor Kevin Maguire is joined by political...

Duration: 00:27:26

Labour is back on the offensive over the economy - the power is shifting

Not even a good set of jobless figures could save Theresa May from a mauling at Prime Minister’s questions. While Jeremy Corbyn grows in confidence, the Prime Minister looked diminished and isolated. A few months ago it was Mrs May who commanded the House of Commons and the Labour leader who was jeered. Now Mr Corbyn is heard in respectful silence and the Prime Minister struggles to be heard. In this week’s podcast The Mirror’s Kevin Maguire, Nicola Bartlett and Jason Beattie discuss how...

Duration: 00:24:07