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B+ Player Radio is a network of wrestling podcasts produced by comedians, actors, musicians and professional wrestlers. Tune in for multiple episodes per week including "The Outsiders' Edge," "It's Still REEL to Me," and "BroCase of the Immortals."






American Sports Connection - Lights Camera Jaxon Stone Interview

It's another exclusive interview from the American Sports Connection featuring Joey Railroads and a one-on-one sit down with the one and only "Lights Cameras" Jaxon Stone! Listen to all of your favorite American Sports Connection podcasts on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud Stitcher GooglePlay & YouTube!

Duration: 00:24:03

American Sports Connection - No Mercy 2017 Preview W Mark Adam Haggerty

Joey Railroads from the American Sports Connection is joined by B+ Player Radio executive producer and founder Mark Adam Haggerty to discuss the upcoming No Mercy pay-per-view on the WWE Network. Follow Mark on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @BPlusRadio Follow on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2eNTttk Subscribe on iTunes: http://apple.co/1SSq6Dr Listen on TuneIn SoundCloud Stitcher & GooglePlay Sponsored by: AudibleTrial.com/BPlusPlayers

Duration: 01:07:42

D-Struction 101 - WrestlePro, Brooklyn Nets News, Drinking With Gino, More...

Dave D-Struction Sturchio is back with his bi-weekly podcast D-Struction 101 Episode 34! Exclusively on the Shining Wizards Network and B+ Player Radio! Dave is back with some not so great news, The Nets Called. WrestlePro is coming off a huge show on September 9th! Lots of action and blood! FREE SHOW This weekend in Edison, NJ at the Edison Fall Festival! How did the Franklin Warrior football team do on Week 1 and 2? Is Coaching draining Dave? Got that first W! The Dallas Cowboys beating...

Duration: 00:52:14

Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 50 - Tony Mamaluke

In this edition of The Wrestling IQ 101 Podcast we talk to former ECW/WWE Superstar, Tony Mamaluke. He tells us about his experiences being in the F.B.I. (Full Blooded Italians) and working with ECW Original Nunzio. We talk about working on the WWE's version of ECW, being trained by Dean Malenko, and his future plans! All this and a lot more! Follow Derrick on Twitter @HeyItsZeek Follow Andrew on Twitter @TheRealAndrew19 Follow Pat on Instagram @Patman2216 Follow on Facebook:...

Duration: 01:07:17

Wrestling IQ 101 - Big Time Wrestling & UWA Elite Coverage

The Wrestling IQ 101 gang covers two great events in this episode! First the crew heads over to Big Time Wrestling and gets to talk to some of wrestling's best. We talk to Tito Santana, Mick Foley, Homicide, Scott Steiner, Maria Manic, Joey Janela, and Koko B. Ware. Next Andrew heads on over to UWA Elite to cover Crossroads 2017. He talks to Hedges, King Tek, Jordan Oliver, Brandon The Bull, The Brotein Pack, Rich Reed and Jeff Cannonball. Check out this star studded episode right now!...

Duration: 00:32:13

This Week In Wrestling 9/18/17

"This Week in Wrestling" returns with Joey Railroads and Ryan Ennis dishing on the latest news in professional wrestling. Please excuse the recording malfunction that leads into the first - and ONLY! - commercial break, and catch brand new episodes of "This Week in Wrestling" and all American Sports Connection podcasts each week on B+ Player Radio. Subscribe on iTunes: http://apple.co/1SSq6Dr Listen on TuneIn SoundCloud Stitcher & GooglePlay Sponsored by: AudibleTrial.com/BPlusPlayers

Duration: 00:56:58

The Ken Reedy Show - Storytime Part II & Remembering Bobby The Brain Heenan

Ken Reedy and company have returned with another episode of B+ Player Radio's only LIVE call-in show starring the American Bulldog himself alongside Dave Rosenbluth, Rocky AKA Sgt. Cash. The trio take another stroll down memory lane discussing their numerous interactions with wrestling luminaries throughout the years. Plus remembering the late and incredibly great Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Remember to catch "The Ken Reedy Show" LIVE every Sunday at 6 o'clock and call in to have your voice...

Duration: 02:01:56

High Spot Podcast Ep. 92 - WrestlePro Extravaganza

We Are WrestlePro! The Jersey Wrecking Crew returned to Rahway, NJ to capture all of the sounds from Saturday night's extravaganza. Jeff & The Trendsetter sat down and talked with the WrestlePro talent, as well as "Bad Boy" Joey Janela and "The Big Guy" Ryback! We also talked to the fans in attendance and they shared their feelings on why they love WrestlePro! Plus, Danny Maff's beef with "The JWC" is also covered and how did it get started. Why didn't Maff make the list! It was a great...

Duration: 02:32:02

Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 49 - The Master Of Chaos Kevin Knight

Wrestling IQ 101 is back on B+ Player Radio and this week they're chatting with the one and only Master of Chaos Kevin Knight! He tells the guys how he got started in the business and what made @WrestlingIWF such a success over the past 20 years. He tells us his decision to shut down IWF, the importance of working with your community, working with the WWE, and his legacy in the business. All this and a lot more! Follow Kevin Knight on Twitter @KevinKnightNJ Follow Derrick on Twitter...

Duration: 01:01:00

Outsiders' Edge #115 - Paradise Alley, Dynasty, XZW, LAW, Trump Talk, WWE News, More...

Catch an all new episode of B+ Player Radio's flagship show, the Outsiders' Edge, hosted by Mark Adam Haggerty. Mark gets serious when he takes on Trump by discussing the Commander-in-Chief's recent collaboration with lawmakers on the left, and pays particular tribute to those affected by both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Mark discusses this past week's debut at Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling and previews an insanely busy weekend on the horizon featuring stops at The Dynasty, Xtreme...

Duration: 01:24:48

The Ken Reedy Show - Storytime!

Over the almost past decade of this show we've all encountered some amazing encounters in the wrestling world. Whats it like to spend 8 hours in a car with a former wwe wrestler? Who's been nice and maybe not so nice? Can life be Sunny on the independent scene? Chance meetings, working shows or just hanging out, Ken Dave and Rocky share some of their stories of experiences with legends of the business, From both a fans perspective and and being in behind the scenes we'll take you back to...

Duration: 02:02:21

This Week In Wrestling 9/9/17

Check out a brand new episode of "This Week in Wresting" hosted by Joey Railroads with Ryan Ennis discussing and disecting the major #ProWrestling news stories from the previous week. Listen to "This Week in Wrestling" every Saturday morning on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud Stitcher GooglePlay and YouTube via B+ Player Radio. Catch other great programs from the @AmSportsConPod like "WWE Rewind," also available right here on B+ Player Radio! Listen on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud & Stitcher Visit on...

Duration: 01:03:10

Live From Hollywood Alabama! - Episode 4 "Look At The Cut Of That Jacket"

At long last it's a brand new episode of "Live From Hollywood Alabama!" featuring Mark Adam Haggerty and James Thorpey back in B+ Player Radio studios discussing the 4th episode of MTV's Wrestling Society X! What happens when Scorpio Sky mixes it up with Matt Sydal? Who will answer the open challenge put forth by Keepin' It Gangsta? Have you ever met someone naked Arik? The answers to these questions and more coming at you in a brand new broadcast airing on iTunes, TuneIn, SoundCloud,...

Duration: 00:49:21

D - Struction 101 - Summer Memories And Autumn Projections, WrestlePro This Weekend, More

Dave D-Struction returns to podcast land after yet another week off. Does D-Struction101 Go Bi-Weekly? Possible. Not Definite. Dave returns with SHOW WEEK! WrestlePro returns to the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway NJ THIS SATURDAY! Get your tickets www.wrestleproonline.com ! Dan Maff vs Pat Buck in a Cage!! Dave expects a huge crowd! D-Struction is set to make his coaching game Debut in Phillipsburg this friday! Dave's Birthday is Sunday! What's he doing? Football & Pizza sounds good to me!...

Duration: 00:51:55

B+ Player Radio presents... Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 48 - Chris Payne

In this episode we talk with WrestlePro's Chris Payne. We talk about his experiences working on WWE's NXT, being a police officer in New York City, the difficulties of being a heel in wrestling but a babyface in real life, as well as the family like culture of WrestlePro! All this and more! Listen now! Listen on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud & Stitcher Visit on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2sAo9kN Subscribe on iTunes: http://apple.co/1SSq6Dr Sponsored by: AudibleTrial.com/BPlusPlayers

Duration: 00:50:35

Outsiders' Edge #114 - Birthday Bananza, Rhode Island, LDN Back In The USA, MCU Thoughts, More...

Catch an all-new episode of the Outsiders' Edge featuring Mark Adam Haggerty. This week Mark is discussing his recent trip to Providence Rhode Island for Wrestlers Laboratory & Live Prov Wrestling and breaking down the action at Paradise Alley's DieselMania 2 on September 23rd! Plus a special Q&A segment where Mark tackles questions related to WWE, EVOLVE, his favorite podcasts, and more. ALSO, Mark is caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix.. and he fucking LOVED IRON...

Duration: 01:12:33

American Sports Connection "WWE Rewind - Midsouth Wrestling 3/3/86"

Get ready for a brand new episode of the "American Sports Connection" and the "WWE Rewind" with Joey Railroads and Lance Winter. This week, Joey and Lance are breaking down Midsouth Wrestling from March 3rd, 1986! Listen to the American Sports Connection every week on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud Stitcher YouTube & Google Play via B+ Player Radio. Listen on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud & Stitcher Subscribe on iTunes: http://apple.co/1SSq6Dr Sponsored by: AudibleTrial.com/BPlusPlayers #WWE #NXT...

Duration: 00:45:55

American Sports Connection "This Week In Wrestling 9/1/17"

American Sports Connection "This Week In Wrestling 9/1/17" by B+ Player Radio

Duration: 01:07:48

Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 47 - Bull Buchanan

In this episode we sit down with former WWE Superstar Bull Buchanan. We talk to him about how he got started in the business and his relationship with the person that recruited him, Jim Cornette. We also talk about being in one of WWE's most memorable factions, The Right to Censor. We talk Bret Hart vs HBK at Survivor Series, working with John Cena, and all he has learned from the Big Bossman! All this and a lot more! Listen on iTunes TuneIn SoundCloud & Stitcher Visit on YouTube:...

Duration: 01:18:56

Outsiders' Edge #113 - UFO & NEW Debuts, Twitter Q&A, GTS, More...

The Outsiders' Edge is back with Episode #113 featuring B+ Player Radio executive producer Mark Adam Haggerty flying solo once again covering the past week's events including UFO in Malden Massachusetts and NEW in New Windsor NY. Get the details on upcoming events from Dynasty, Paradise Alley, XZW, Wrestlers Lab, and more, plus an exclusive Q&A session discussing everything from Grim's Toy Show to PlayStation 4! All that and much more on this week's Outsiders' Edge. Listen on iTunes TuneIn...

Duration: 01:18:15

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