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B-Movie Bandits - Episode 15

This week the Bandits tackle the Italian Star Wars, also known as Starcrash. Poor script translations, confused looking actors and unpainted miniature space ship models all take centre stage in Luigi Cozzi’s sci-fi disasterpiece.

Duration: 01:26:01

B Movie Bandits - Episode 14: Dreamcatcher

*RE-UPLOADED* With the new iteration of Stephen Kings “It” smashing it at the box office, the Bandits take on some of Kings less successful works. This week get ready for Shit Weasels and Morgan Freeman to really ruin the day of a few folks out in the woods. It’s the critically panned Dreamcatcher.

Duration: 01:12:25

B Movie Bandits - Episode 14: Dreamcatcher

With Stephen King’s It cleaning up at the Box Office, the Bandits check out a movie known for it’s villainous British accents and a creatures lovingly dubbed “shit weasels”. Not even Morgan Freeman can save this one.

Duration: 01:17:01

B MOVIE BANDITS - EPISODE 13: Popeye (1980)

The Bandits are back after their long hiatus. What have they been doing? Being unemployed and lazy, of course. Get off their backs, stop judging them. You’re not their dad! They do have a fancy new microphone though. Anyway, this episode the Bandits tackle a Robin Williams musical commedy classic from the 1980’s. With largely inaudiable dialogue, confused plot and music crafted by a drunken mad man, grab your spinach and wind up your punches for Popeye!

Duration: 01:04:36

B Movie Bandits - Episode 12: Blastfighter

This week, the bandits tackle the Italian Rambo in a no holds barred battle to the death. He’s a real son of a bitch, but this time he’s going down.

Duration: 01:17:34

B Movie Bandits - Episode 10: Unbreakable

Welcome to double digits people! And what better way to herald this new age of banditry than with Unbreakable, the second of our Cynthia Rothrock adventures - Come with us and join the fine folks of Kungfuiton on a high kicking escapade!

Duration: 07:47:58

B Movie Bandits - Episode 09: Power Rangers

It’s Morphing Time! This week, the Bandits fire up their old Morphers, donning the power of the radical 90s to battle against god awful puns and some fantastically cringey acting. So wear your baseball caps backwards, pull off a couple of sweet roller blading tricks and get ready to hang with the original teens with attitude, it’s the Power Rangers movie.

Duration: 01:45:11

B Movie Bandits - Episode 08: The Running Man

This week the Bandits pull in reinforcements to face up to the hulking, leotard clad form of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80’s classic, The Running Man! Costumes, one liners and mad tv personalities, this has the best of the 80’s in it’s purest form!

Duration: 02:21:38

B Movie Bandits - Episode 6: Honor & Glory

This week the Bandits are backflipping and round house kicking their way into Godfrey Ho’s masterpiece, Honor & Glory. With more martial arts scenes than lines of dialogue, you know this poorly edited masterpiece is going to win your heart, or at the least punch it our of your chest.

Duration: 01:11:11

B Movie Bandits - Episode 05: (Why Did We Watch) Pink Flamingos

Join us as the Bandits watch Pink Flamingos, the filthiest, most depraved film of the 70’s! Will it be too much for our intrepid moviegoers? Listen along and find out!

Duration: 05:17:17

24 Hour Movie Marathon - Part 1

The Bandits tackle a movie marathon that threatens to unhinge their minds. Come and check out the first part of our special 2 part marathon for charity.

Duration: 01:44:04

B Movie Bandits - Episode 01: Robocop 3

The B Movie Bandits delve into the future dystopia that is the Robocop universe, armed to the teeth with enough cynical wit to take down gargantuan robots that find stairs a bit tough. Will the hour long toy commercial that is Robocop 3 defeat our anti-heroes? Probably not, since this is the very first episode.

Duration: 01:01:08