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Search Marketing Measurements That Matter with Rand Fishkin of Moz

Putting on our analytics cap to ensure efforts contribute to the bottom line for clients, the Arketi team is trying to better understand the metrics that matter most in B2B search engine marketing. To do this, we’re speaking with Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz. To continue our Measurements that Matter series, we spoke with Rand Fishkin, best known as The Wizard of Moz, to discuss measurements for search engine marketing.


New marketing tech economy

At a recent Technology Executives Roundtable event, executives from four of Atlanta’s marketing tech companies — Arke Systems, Cardlytics, Insightpool and Salesfusion — came together to discuss marketing and sales today. Tune in to find out the key take-aways from their discussion.


A Few Lead Nurture Resolutions

The new year is here, and now is the perfect time for marketers to make (and start on) a few New Year’s resolutions related to optimizing lead nurturing efforts.


The Personal Path to Customer Connections

Despite cuts in travel budgets and fewer mega industry conferences, respondents still prefer personal connections over technology touch points.


Stop Pitching. Start Listening.

Media relations is key to the overall success of your marketing strategy, but if you’re like most companies, you’d like more success.


10 Must-Haves for a Buyer-Centric BtoB Website

Your company’s website is its face to the world. It’s the first place anyone, and most everyone, goes to understand who you are and what you do.


Big Data: Big opportunity or big headache?

Marketers have long dreamed of having accurate information about customers and prospects. With today’s social media, CRM, ERP and new tools for data collection, what was once a hard-to-find trickle of customer data has become a torrent of information. Companies are asking themselves how they can effectively manage the increasing volume and complexity of the data stream.


From Buyers to Believers

Across almost every industry, new customers cost more than old ones – so customer satisfaction, as a means to retention, is “job one” for most businesses. In recent years, the stakes have grown even higher as economic conditions and the growth of social media have given customer opinions more significance. Today, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easy for a customer to share a positive or negative brand story with hundreds or thousands of people as quickly as one can hit the submit...


Stop Selling. Start Listening.

It’s time to stop selling and start listening. This is a way of thinking that places buyers at the center of all marketing priorities. Understanding what buyers care about, how they make their decisions, and how they want to receive information, makes marketing about them, not about us. This isn't about doing more – or even about doing less. It's about doing what matters. And since most of us are being asked to stretch our resources ever further, focusing on what’s important is more...


Could Your Writing Stand to Lose a Few Pounds?

The holiday season is full of family, friends, fun and food. If you’re like us, that homemade pie was just too tempting to resist a slice… or two. Now, as the new year starts, we notice our waistlines seem a little fuller, our motivation kicks in, and we make resolutions to drop the added weight. Instead of trying to lose your love handles, shed some pounds elsewhere – your writing. No sweating is required (we promise!) and this is a resolution that you can actually see through the end of...


The Marketing Dream: Make it hard for them to leave

A recent article on a BtoB Marketing website titled “Facebook user satisfaction dips; could face user exodus,” reports that the online service’s customer satisfaction has hit an all-time low. In fact, half of those questioned in an informal poll were prepared to abandon the social network in favor of Google+. Isn’t that one of our dreams as marketers? Have the switching costs be so high, that folks would rather stay with you than go through the pain of moving?


2011 Arketi Web Watch Survey

The 2011 Arketi Web Watch Survey: Inside BtoB Media Usage of Social Media is hot off the press and reveals BtoB media continue to have a rich appetite for using social media tools. This year's survey found that 92 percent of journalists have a LinkedIn account, an increase from 85 percent from the 2009 survey. Find out where journalists are getting their story ideas and which channels you can utilize to engage with target audiences.


Making Email Newsletters Work Better

The email newsletter has become a mainstay of every BtoB marketing mix. But as the novelty of getting a newsletter in one’s inbox has worn off, open rates and clickthroughs have declined. Much of this can be remedied by making the enewsletter more relevant, targeted and just plain interesting. In parallel to content and segmentation efforts, enewsletter design can also be tweaked to yield better results by keeping 4 key points in mind.


Content Creator or Content Curator?

Did you know that 90 percent of BtoB organizations are now engaged in content marketing? In addition, more than a quarter of a BtoB organization’s marketing budget this year alone will be spent on content marketing. WOW!


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