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BAI Banking Strategies is a weekly show that focuses on the key issues impacting financial services leaders. We bring you objective opinions and actionable insights to power smart decisions. Hosted by BAI managing editor Lou Carlozo.

BAI Banking Strategies is a weekly show that focuses on the key issues impacting financial services leaders. We bring you objective opinions and actionable insights to power smart decisions. Hosted by BAI managing editor Lou Carlozo.
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BAI Banking Strategies is a weekly show that focuses on the key issues impacting financial services leaders. We bring you objective opinions and actionable insights to power smart decisions. Hosted by BAI managing editor Lou Carlozo.






4.09: How hedge funds evaluate banks

Before hedge funds decide which banks to invest in, they compile questions—lots of them—that reveal a 360-degree view of the financial institution from management, monetary and credit strength angles. Tom Brown of Second Curve Capital explains how his decades of experience have helped him develop the litmus tests that reveal which make banks make for sound investments—and shares his views on crucial, near-term variables from deregulation to digital technology.

Duration: 00:13:29

4.08: The artificial intelligence adoption gap

For all the recognition artificial intelligence has enjoyed in the banking community, it hasn’t yet found a nearly equal level of adoption. With all the questions, misconceptions and curiosity surrounding this game-changing technology, Jim Marous, the publisher of Digital Banking Report, shares some of the latest findings by way of his newly published report, on the eve of its formal presentation at BAI Beacon.

Duration: 00:17:05

4.07: Wall Street, blockchain and the promise of powerful innovation

Across the board, experts agree that Wall Street needs to take a closer look at blockchain. Ron Quaranta, chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, has gone a step further as a proponent for education and preparation within the financial services sector. Quaranta talks about how blockchain is changing the calculus within the industry, and how curious executives can stay on top of digital ledger technology.

Duration: 00:16:53

4.06: Sales excellence in the digital age

Greg Blausey of Salesforce explains how a digital-savvy sales approach makes all the difference in a time of big data, artificial intelligence and customized customer treatment.

Duration: 00:15:46

4.05: Facebook, mobile and banking opportunity

Facebook has 2 billion users, giving it astonishing potential to reach the prospective customers banks want. Social media platforms can also enhance customer experience and identify desirable demographics with pinpoint accuracy. Deepanjan De of Facebook shares his insights into how banks can make the most of mobile technology and Facebook's ubiquity.

Duration: 00:16:50

4:04: Artificial intelligence and the path to banking’s future

More than just chatbots, artificial intelligence in banking promises to change how the industry tackles its most fundamental tasks and pain points, from serving customers to streamlining troublesome paperwork and processes. But what’s taking shape today that sets the stage for a bold tomorrow? Ruth Polachek, the CEO and founder of Fincheck and a BAI Beacon speaker, offers her views on A.I. present and future.

Duration: 00:16:48

4.03: The rise of a FinTech hotbed

Where does Chicago stand within the worldwide FinTech community and what are its major contributions? Michael Busch, the president of Burling Bank and Lisa Curran, the co-founder of the non-profit industry group FinTEX provide an informed glimpse into what’s going on in Chicago’s FinTech scene.

Duration: 00:18:37

4.02: Branch technology and ingenuity

Bank branches, while on the decline, will continue to serve as an integral part of multi-channel strategy for financial institutions. To that end, innovation and inspiration will play out on many levels as banks attempt to keep their branches relevant. Jonathan Rowe of nCino takes a deep dive into best in technology and user friendliness that branches will offer in the near future and beyond.

Duration: 00:17:25

4.01: Social media, consumer care and customer acquisition

More than ever, a social media presence for banks means more than mounting a Facebook page or sending out generic Twitter messages. Melissa Musgrove of Regions Bank shares how her institution leverages social media to address service inquiries, handle complaints quickly and win new customers. She also stresses the need for replacing sales pitches via social media with meaningful information and advice.

Duration: 00:17:38

3.08: The fine points and phenomenal power of FinTech

Whatever FinTech meant just a generation ago, or even a few years ago, its breadth and scope have widened to a point where it embraces a stunning range of applications. Scott Robinson, the founder and VP of San Francisco-based Plug and Play FinTech, takes us through the innovation landscape to highlight the very best of FinTech prior to his appearance at BAI Beacon.

Duration: 00:15:51

3.07: Banking innovation: It's more than just FinTech

The BAI Global Innovation Awards program has fielded thousands of submissions over its seven-year history. It's given BAI president and CEO Debbie Bianucci insight as to what true banking innovation looks like. While FinTech may be an innovation driver, it's far from the only one. On this podcast, Bianucci discusses the many facets of banking innovation, from human capital to societal impact.

Duration: 00:18:18

3.06: Helping customers win through financial wellness

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey outlines how consumers can reach meaningful financial wellness goals and how banks can help them get there.

Duration: 00:12:44

3.05: Smart security in a risky digital world

Even as hackers and malware make international headlines, banks have resources to keep the bad guys at bay--some of them as simple, yet powerful, as keeping fresh data backups under lock and key. Sean Cassidy, the co-founder and chief technology officer of DefenseStorm, walks us through what banks can do to stay a step ahead of cyber threats.

Duration: 00:14:43

Podcast: 'Fintegration': How smart banks can embrace

FinTech is no longer a matter of anti-bank disruption, and sometimes it takes a former entrepreneur in the space to best communicate that message. Andres Wolberg-Stok, who serves as Citi FinTech's global head of policy, shares how his bank makes high-tech work for in-house teams and customers alike.

Duration: 00:17:38

3.03: How banks can lead consumers to financial wellness

Financial wellness has come to public consciousness as consumers look for better ways to take control of their finances. But what can banks and financial institutions do to ensure a successful journey? Jennifer Tescher, the founder and CEO of the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), outlines the big wins possible when banks and consumers work in tandem to realize financial wellness goals.

Duration: 00:18:12

3.02: CECL—Get your bank's credit records in order

Tom Caragher discusses what banks need to know about CECL including which records to pull and which staff members to recruit to present first-rate data.

Duration: 00:15:29

3.01: Community banking and the drive for excellence

The BAI Banking Strategies podcast kicks off season 3 with Jill Castilla, President and CEO at Citizens Bank of Oklahoma. The institution has roots that go back more than 100 years - to a time before Oklahoma was a state--and on this episode, Castilla talks about how her bank has learned to adapt to the times to stay healthy and relevant. She also shares some of her best practices in areas such as finding, hiring and retaining the best talent.

Duration: 00:16:03

2.07: How banks build winning innovation teams

On this episode of the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, we talk with Bennett Bradley of BB&T about his bank's new in-house initiative to identify prime areas for innovation, and champion for various bank divisions while partnering with FinTechs. Bradley discusses how the ultimate goal of his team is to "surprise and delight" customers.

Duration: 00:16:37

2.06: Where payments meet people

How do digital-social ecosystems allow financial services organizations to serve consumers where they already live, work and play? We discuss this and more with payments expert Patricia Hewitt.

Duration: 00:16:51

2.05: The rise of the mobile-only bank

On this episode of the BAI Banking Strategies podcast, we talk with British banking veteran Anne Boden, the founder of Starling Bank, the first mobile-only banking platform in the U.K. Boden shares what led her to leave the traditional banking world and how she sees the nimbleness of FinTech companies leading to new opportunities for challenger banks.

Duration: 00:14:43

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