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#73 Get It In Ya! with Sam Corbeil, Caleb Gilgan & James Benson (Sawdust City)

Sawdust City have been one of our favourite breweries since we started the podcast, so of course Brewmaster Sam Corbeil is only the second guest we've had on twice. We had just brewed our collaboration beer, Get It In Ya! New New England Australian Double IPA, with the Sawdust team so we headed up to The Griffin Gastropub for an epic bottle share and rowdy conversation. Beers Reviewed: Foam Experimental Jet Set; Old Nation Boss Tweed; Field House x Modern Times Foraged Saison; À la Fût La...


#72 No Sleep 'Til Durham with Jeff Talmey and Tim Ferriman (Town Brewery)

Whitby, ON isn't exactly a region that has been super well known for it's beer game, but lately the Toronto suburb has had a serious come up. The fourth craft brewery to open in the area is Town, and we swung by the brewpub to hang out with Owner Jeff and Head Brewer Tim to chat about the Durham scene. Beers Reviewed: Town Brewery Square Wheels Wheat IPA; Town Brewery Brave New World; Town Brewery Loto Max; Town Brewery Leap Of Faith Foreign Extra Stout. This week's podcast is sponsored by...


#71 New Year's Day 2017 Wrap Up Party

This is the first episode since #42 we've done without a guest, but we figured that since it was New Year's Day and we were hungover, let's get drunk and review the awesome year that was 2017. Good times ensued, and this is officially our longest podcast to date. Beers Reviewed: Blood Brothers Momotaro; Blood Brothers Guilty Remnant; Old Nation Boss Tweed; Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad (2015);Sawdust City ODB (2016); Magic Hat Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy Champ. This week's podcast is...


#70 Beer Is The New Wine with Will Roman and Ryan Corrigan (Rosewood Winery)

For our milestone Episode #70, we decided to do something a little different. We headed down to Beamsville, ON in Niagara Wine Country to connect with Will and Ryan from Rosewood, who we consider to be the Bellwoods of wine. Rosewood have collaborated with breweries like Bellwoods, providing honey from their in-house bee hives, lavender from their property, and grape must from their incredible wine production. From honey wine to mead to braggot to straight up phenomenal wines, Rosewood are...


#69 A Brewhaha For Beer with Daniel Essiambre (Broue Pub Brouhaha)

Long before BAOS Podcast was a podcast, Dan appeared in the video for Cee's craft beer anthem - and our theme song - "BrewHeads", so it was full circle when they finally connected for an interview. They hung out at Broue Pub Brouhaha's Ahuntsic location to knock back some of their own in-house brews and discuss all things Quebec beer, including a candid chat about the recent Trou du Diable buyout. Beers Reviewed: Brouhaha Arrakis; Brouhaha Coup de Soleil; Brouhaha x St. Pancrace x...


#68 Old Port & New BreWskies with Guillaume Couraud and Derrick Robertson (Pub BreWskey)

Finally back on Canadian soil, we figured it was long overdue that we focus on our local scene(s) so Cee caught up with Co-Owners Guillaume and Derrick from Montreal's Pub BreWskey. Located in a cosy basement in the famous Old Port neighbourhood, we ran through a bunch of their in-house brews, chatted about the Quebec scene and got the scoop on why the "W" is capitalized in their name. Beers Reviewed: Pub BreWskey Oktobrewskey; Pub BreWskey La Cold Brew; Pub BreWskey P-Nut Buster; Pub...


#67 #BlackPeopleLoveBeer with Teo Hunter & Beny Ashburn (Dope & Dank) and Tiffany Alexis

Our final LA podcast was a special one. We connected with the enigmatic Teo Hunter on Instagram back when Black People Love Beer first launched, and we'd stayed close supporters over the years as both of our movements grew. This LA trip finally allowed us to hang out and build in person with both Teo and his partner in Dope & Dank, Beny Ashburn. Since our producer Tiffany was there too, it was only right she joined in this vital conversation focused on diversity in craft beer. Beers...


#66 Propagatin' with Evan Partridge & Blanca Quintero (Firestone Walker) & Teo Hunter (Dope & Dank)

Four podcasts in and we're sitting with the legends from Firestone Walker at their new(ish) Propagator venue in Venice Beach, CA. Head Brewer Evan and Certified Cicerone Blanca gave us some fantastic insight into how Firestone has changed the game and grown over the years, and even though Cee was hungover AF, Teo from Dope & Dank came through in the clutch to help him make it through. Beers Reviewed: Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pils; Firestone Walker Walker’s Reserve Porter. This week's...


#65 Bare-Faced Brewers with Jonathan Porter & Tim Harbage (Smog City) & Teo Hunter (Dope & Dank)

The third Los Angeles podcast was with the beardless guys at Smog City out in Torrance, CA. This brewery has really made waves in the scene in recent years, so we were excited to sit down with Co-Founder Jonathan and Head Brewer Tim for a candid and hilarious convo. Things got a little messy towards the end there, so shouts out once again to Teo Hunter from Dope & Dank for helping Cee out. Beers Reviewed: Smog City Tall, Darth & Handsome; Smog City IPA; Smog City Amarilla Gorilla IPA; Smog...


#64 The River's Dry & The Beer Is Slow with Naga Reshi (Dry River) & Teo Hunter (Dope & Dank)

Literally across the street from Indie Brew Co. was another of Boyle Heights' finest residents, the Naga Reshi-helmed Dry River Brew Co. Surrounded by candles and South American burning herbs, we talked about Naga's 'slow beer' methods and the struggle to open a brewpub with some neighbourhood resistance. Beers Reviewed: Dry River Al Palmito; Dry River Guanyabo; Dry River Bridges; Dry River x Indie Brew Co. There Gose The Neighbourhood. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for...


#63 Indie Scrapper In Boyle Heights with Connor Forbes (Indie Brew Co.) & Teo Hunter (Dope & Dank)

Our first Los Angeles podcast was with Connor Forbes, Co-Founder of Boyle Heights' Indie Brew Co. Teo Hunter from Dope & Dank joined Cee as his co-host for all LA podcasts, bringing a phenomenal energy to a hilarious and entertaining chat about Indie's history and the LA beer scene. Beers Reviewed: Indie Brew Co. Found That Juicy Double; Indie Brew Co. IPA Del Rey. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft beer gear needs. Use the code BAOS for 15% off your order;...


#62 OGs In The Mecca with Shawn Steele & Mark Theisen (Coronado Brewing)

Our second stop in San Diego was with some OG's in the game, Coronado Brewing. We sat down with Director of Brewing Operations Shawn and Head Brewer Mark to yap about their fantastic beers, their story, the San Diego scene and Coronado Island itself. Beers Reviewed: Coronado North Island IIPA; Coronado Early Bird; Coronado Orange Ave Wit; Coronado Coastwise. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft beer gear needs. Use the code BAOS for 15% off your order; Toronto...


#61 Happy For No Reason with Daniel Drayne (Half Door Brewing)

San Diego is known as a craft beer Mecca so when we decided to head down for a few weeks, we knew we'd get some gold. We hung out with Daniel Drayne, Head Brewer at Half Door in downtown San Diego, to chat about the scene, haze and palm trees. Beer Reviewed: Half Door #Buzzwords. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft beer gear needs. Use the code BAOS for 15% off your order; Toronto Urban Adventures: for the best craft beer tours in Toronto. Use the code...


#60 Mission Accomplished with Steve Beauchesne (Beau's All Natural)

The day after Beau's annual Oktoberfest, we headed back to Vankleek Hill to interview the man who started it all, Steve Beauchesne, live at the brewery. We ran through some of their best beers and really dug deep into the philosophy behind the legendary, employee-owned Canadian brewery. Beers Reviewed: Beau's Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout; Beau's Full Time IPA; Beau's Lug Tread; Halcyon Barrel House Infinity Mirror. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft beer gear...


#59 Picton All-Stars with Brett French (Barley Days), Eric Horneaur (Prince Eddy's) & Drew Wollenberg (555)

After a fun day covering the first annual Ontario Fermentation Festival, we hung out with three of the most lauded brewers in the beautiful wine and beer region of Picton, Ontario. Brett from OGs Barley Days, Eric from newcomers Prince Eddy's and serial entrepreneur Drew from 555 Brewing Co animatedly chatted with us about the local scene as we went through some phenomenal local beers. Beers Reviewed: Barley Days Almond Kölsch; Barley Days Sunday Brunch; 555 Watermelon Kettle Sour; Barley...


#58 Barrel-Aged Beer Bosses with Dave Engbers and Jeremy Kosmicki (Founders Brewing Co.)

This is potentially our biggest podcast to date and mate, we were super excited for this one. If you've been drinking under a rock, Founders is one of the OG breweries in the USA and currently the 16th largest brewery in the country. Co-Founder Dave Engbers and Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki hung out for a chat on their huge patio at the Grand Rapids, MI facility, breaking down the history, how they grew and changing the barrel aged beer game. Beers Reviewed: Founders All Day IPA; Founders...


#57 Michigan Haze with Tommy Kennedy and Nick Panchamé (HOMES Brewery)

Our second podcast in Michigan was with incredibly popular Ann Arbor newcomers HOMES. At the time of recording they had only been open for three months, but the demand for their phenomenal and often hazy beers has already elevated their status in the Michigan scene and beyond. We sat down with Founder Tommy and Head Brewer Nick to find out how it all came together. Beers Reviewed: HOMES Lots Of Dots, HOMES Blurb, HOMES Same Same Different. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for...


#56 The New Detroit with Stephen Roginson & Jason Williams (Batch Brewing)

During our mid-summer trip to Michigan to cover the 20th Anniversary MI Summer Beer Festival, we figured we should connect with a few local breweries. Stephen and Jason from Detroit's Batch Brewing were kind enough to hang out and ply us with some of their phenomenal and extremely unique beers, while discussing the Detroit/Michigan beer scene. Beers Reviewed: Batch Pale Wise, Batch Unrequited, Batch Stoan Boans, Batch Requited, Batch Candy Flip, Batch Second To Last Word, Batch Strawberry...


#55 Vintage Verticals with Noah Forrest (Beerism)

When two members of the internet craft beer media finally meet and have the opportunity to hang in person, what else would they do but a vertical. Cee connected with Quebec OG beer writer Noah Forrest of to put back Cee's first ever vertical, and discuss all things beer in La Belle Province. Beers Reviewed: Dieu du Ciel Isseki Nichō 2013 through 2016. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft beer gear needs. Use the code BAOS for 15% off your order;...


#54 Striving For Excellence In The Prairies with Scott Sawatsky (PEG Beer Co.)

Cee and our Producer Tiffany were blessed with the opportunity to head out to Winnipeg to be a part of an A&W root beer campaign, so we figured it'd make sense to get a podcast in while we were in town. We connected with our mate Colin at PEG Beer Co. who set us up with Head Brewer Scott to chat about the burgeoning beer scene in the Prairies. Beer Reviewed: PEG Beer Co. Dazzle Ship IPA. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft beer gear needs. Use the code BAOS...