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BAWL! on Bulls is a Chicago Bulls podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV and their flagship podcast BAWL!. Listen for insightful and entertaining conversation about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls from your hosts and many guests.

BAWL! on Bulls is a Chicago Bulls podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV and their flagship podcast BAWL!. Listen for insightful and entertaining conversation about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls from your hosts and many guests.
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BAWL! on Bulls is a Chicago Bulls podcast hosted by Big DAVE and C-Dub of Rookie TV and their flagship podcast BAWL!. Listen for insightful and entertaining conversation about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls from your hosts and many guests.






95: Dr. Noh

"Do you expect me to talk?" No Mr. Bond I expect you to BAWL! Welcome to BAWL! on Bulls. By now you know the drill. We cover the Beloved and do our best to entertain and inform. No exception on this one. We got writer for The Athletic and Co-Host of Bull Court Press podcast Stephen Noh along for the ride. We ask his feelings on the tank, who is the leader in this team, Cam Payne looking competent and what he's enjoyed about covering the Bulls this year. Plus, we ask him the only question...


94: 2017 Credentials Fantasy Footbawl Champions

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the ride. On this we we got Dre from the awesome podcast According2Sources with us talking everything from the state of the Bulls, the League issuing a warning about the Bulls tanking and Lavine and Dunn battle for who is the “lead dog” of the team (Lauri). Plus Chris and Dave finally address their Fantasy Footbawl title victory. It's hilarious. Pull up and stay tuned. We got more coming at you soon. Enjoy!


93: The Remote Part 2

Welcome to the final show of our 2 night podcast remote from the awesome Piece Pizza located 1927 West North. Today we got the man, the myth, the Legend SeeRedFred himself, Fred Pfeiffer and his co-host, writer, blogger, The Podfather, Doug Thonus. We discuss it all from The Bulls tankathon, the maturation of Lauri Markkanen and the best fit for the team from the NBA Draft. We also have a nice discussion about Colin Kaepernick and which league is more progressive, the NBA or NFL. We had a...


92: The Announcement

This is a special one. On here we announce our 1st ever BAWL! remote from Piece Pizza Feb. 15th and the 22nd. If you in the city stop by and say “hey”. But don't worry, we got down to business in this episode talking building around Lauri, LaVine a star or piece and Niko days being numbered. Sit back and enjoy. You know how we do. BAWL!


91: Return of the Zach

"So I'm back up in the game (Hustling strong) Running things to keep my swing (All night long) Letting all the people know That I'm back to run the show" The lyrics of Mark Morrison have never sounded sweeter. Welcome in to the show that is ecstatic to have Zach LaVine back. We discuss his 1st game in action and his future with According 2 Sources host Christian. We also talk tanking, Niko trades and The Last Jedi. Also Dave asks a question he's been holding in for a while. Find out the...


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 90 - WTF?!?

Merry New Year! Ok, let's get down to it. The Bulls won 7 straight and even though we don't know how, Dave is not mad and you shouldn't be either. We breakdown the season so far and tell fans to chill. The season is long but the year is over. Bring it in with us. Enjoy fine people! And don't forget to donate. We like that kind of thing.


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 89 - Pence Forth from this Day Forward

Greetings and salutations to all you kind folks. We appreciate you stopping by. Full show for you on deck. We got writer from Bulls Outsider Brandon Pence along with us for the ride. We talk the tank, Kris Dunn starting, is Hoiberg tanking or incompetent and Chris' theory as to why Markkanen isn't getting more touches. Plus we reminisce on the great career of DRose here in Chicago. Grown man tears will be shed. Enjoy the show wherever you may be. We got more left in the tank (couldn't...


BAWL! Episode 88 - Roast Battle (Seinfeld)

What's poppin' good people? Welcome in, to the show we recommend, highly that is. On this one we brought back Dee Jackson and Tone AKA Feast is Famine to drink a few beers, roast each other, try to get Dee to watch Seinfeld, and discuss plenty of Bulls topics. We talk Bobby Portis, Zach LaVine impact and where the Bulls will be in 3 to 4 years. Playoffs or no? There is a lot of disagreement on this show and it's hilarious. Get ready to laugh and be entertained. We here!


BAWL! Episode 87 - Punks Jump Up to Get BeatDown

We giving nothing but abuse! Peace and Love kind wonderful people. Welcome in. The NBA season is now in full swing and you picked a great time to check out your podcaster's favorite Bulls podcast. On this one, we talk the Niko/Portis Rocky IV "fight", give a conspiracy theory on it involving Lauri Markkanen and talk about the talent on the court. Plus, we also reveal who won the 3rd Annual #TournamentOfTrash Turn up your speakers, your woofers and your tweeters. BAWL! On Bulls is in full...



It all. Comes down. To this. Welcome in good people. We have reached the Fatal 4 of the Tournament of Trash. We will now see who goes to the Title game. Our awesome guest Dre from According2Sources joins up to pick the winners. Also we talk Doug Collins, NBA trades and Chris and Dre put an end to the disrespect of Scottie Pippen. It's a must listen. The Finals are here. Let's see what decision is the worst in the Tournament. Enjoy!


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 85 - Tournament of Trash RD 3

Greetings! Here comes a dope rap. We back and in fact we doing Round 3 of the Tournament of Trash with Dee Jack. You feel me black. We never fall like "splat" and that's that. Ok we'll stop. Tone aka Feast is Famine also joins us. Tune in sit back and laugh. This is a funny one. The tournament moves on good people! Tournament of Trash: 1:00:15 Guest: Dee Jackson Donate: Treat us to a beer


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 84 - Tournament of Trash RD 2

Good people. Round 2. Tournament Of Trash. It's time. We got writer and friend Jack Silverstein making the picks and talking the Bulls future. A good time is right ahead. Tune in. Laugh. And enjoy. BAWL! On Bulls is here. Tournament of Trash: 0:10:50 Guest: Jack Silverstein Donate: Treat us to a beer


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 83 - Tournament of Trash RD 1

Fellow trash lovers! This show is for you! Welcome into BAWL!l on Bulls. Of course we got the awesome guest Fred Pfeiffer from Chicago Bullseye, talking everything from John Paxson hate to DRose to the Draft, but the Main Event is the 3rd Annual Tournament of Trash. This year we do the worst Chicago Bulls Front Office decisions. It gets heated, emotional and completely hilarious. You do not want to miss this. Thanks for tuning in. The Tournament rages on... Tournament of Trash: 01:05:00...


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 82 - Rondo Rally

Back again people. As promised. We told y'all these shows are coming at you fast and well, here ya go! On this one we got our favorite guests from ETMF Podcast Dre and Shawn on to talk about everyone's favorite player Rajon Rondo. (Shawn is not a fan lol). We also go over the Bulls' draft picks, trading Jimmy Butler and plenty of laughter to last you for a while. It's always a fun show when these fellas are on and the trend continues on this one. BAWL! on Bulls. We here.


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 81 - Keep it Thoro

Yooooooooooo!!! Welcome back into the exquisite insanity better known as BAWL! On Bulls. We're happy you stopped by. We gotta lot to discuss people. On this one, we talk the Bulls huge trade if Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. We get into who we got back, if th


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 80 - Finals Break

Peace and Love song listeners. We are here on BAWL! On Bulls to give you something special. First up, we five our Finals predictions. We will see if Big DAVE can break his losing streak of picking Finals winners. It's been a while. Then, we re-air our interview from BAWL! with producer/DJ/old school video game enthusiast Amerigo Gazaway. It was so nice we had to play it twice. We go on hiatus but will be back for the Bulls Draft. It's BAWL! On Bulls people. Enjoy the Finals!


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 79 - Whew!

Well, that season was certainly something. Welcome in to BAWL! On Bulls. This week, Dave and Chris talk the WTF factor that was the Bulls press conference, Dave is iffy on Niko leaving, and what is the plan for the team moving forward. Plus, we talk Harde


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 78 - Action Jackson

Bulls season over. BAWL! On Bulls not. We still here son! Thanks for joining us. On this one, M.C. extraordinaire and Bulls enthusiast Dee Jackson of the group 80s Babies drops in to talk all things Bulls. From Rondo's season and short but awesome playoff run, Milo's trash abilities, the best piece of the Bulls future and what the focus should be going forward, we covered it all. Plus we discuss Kendrick Lamar's new album and his place among Hip Hop Greats. Oh and we have an exclusive new...


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 77 - The Blackout

So what do you do when you have a guest on you show that elevates it and makes it that much better? Have that guest back on, of course. We brought back our people Dre from the ETMF podcast and boy the show went up. When we weren't discussing trading Jimmy Butler, the most disappointing Bulls team and Lebron being top 3, we were debating the legacy of Jerry Krause and if he should get more blame or credit. Plus a Rusty LaRue mention?!? Oh yeah, this show was great. Tune in, kick back and...


BAWL! on Bulls Episode 76 - Get In The Van

Welcome back one and all. Missed us, did ya? Wanted more BAWL! on Bulls? Well Kaboom! We back up in the room! On this one, we discuss the trade that sent Taj and Doug to OKC, what we got back and what it means for the team and fan base. Plus, Dub goes on a tangent about Draymond Green and his feets of fury and a whole lot more. These shows are coming at you fast and hot. Dinner is served fine people. BOB is here to stay!


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