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This show is the culmination of many things. The love of barbecue and grilling, the love of radio and all it does for people and the desire to spread knowledge on this subject.

This show is the culmination of many things. The love of barbecue and grilling, the love of radio and all it does for people and the desire to spread knowledge on this subject.
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Los Angeles, CA


This show is the culmination of many things. The love of barbecue and grilling, the love of radio and all it does for people and the desire to spread knowledge on this subject.






2018 Smithfield Grant Program Details! Plus, “There’s a BBQ Hall of Fame”?!?!

Tonight, while Steven Raichlen is in Italy, I visit with first time guest and Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Andy Staples. Andy covers college football but is also known for being able to call out the best places to eat in every city across the country. He also is co-host of the PATT podcast. The natural disasters keep […]

Duration: 01:43:37

Meat Church Gives His side of Pork Belly Burnt Ends. QSB Talks About Winning Sam’s National Title.

Meathead Goldwyn from joins me for his regular 2nd Tuesday of the month visit. Meathead will be on remote somewhere in the greater Chicago area…where will he be?? Tune in and find out! Matt Pittman of Meat Church BBQ joins me in the 2nd hour to give his side of the pork belly burnt ends craze. The debate was started […]

Duration: 01:59:35

Sweet Baby Ray Makes A Surprise Appearance!

Ray Lampe stops by to cure your BBQ illnesses!! What’s with this “Burnt Endz” mania that is whipping around social media…sound like a BBQTD (Barbecue Transmitted Disease). A longtime sponsor of this show and Championship award-winning pitmaster, David Bouska from butcher’s BBQ, stop by to recap his win this past weekend and tell us what’s […]

Duration: 02:02:35

New WFC Final Table Details Announced and the “Impossible Burger Review”!

Max Good from stops by to talk about a cool new tabletop gas grill. we will also explore how more and more “pit” makers are getting into the pellet cooker side of the industry. What tech should they include what features should it have…all will be discussed! Mike McCloud from the WFC is going to brief us on the […]

Duration: 02:00:52

SLAPS Continues their Winning Streak & We Talk a Lot of BEER Tonight!!

Steven Raichlen, the BBQ Hall of Famer and prolific cookbook author, is set to join me in his usual 3rd Tuesday of the month segment. Brett Gallaway from the Steak Cookoff Association will stop by and update us on the latest happenings in the world of steak competitions. We will also take a look ahead at some of […]

Duration: 01:58:13

Meathead is Writing a New Book and he tells us all about it!!

Meathead Goldwyn, from stops by for his normal 2nd Tuesday of the month visit. We talk about green chile cheeseburgers (via New Mexico), his new cookbook project and the great “Junket Issue” of 2017. In the second hour, I will be joined by first-time guest, and BBQ legend,Rick Browne. He has been designated with a doctorate in Barbecue. […]

Duration: 02:01:02

Travis Clark Commits to Finishing out KCBS Team of the Year Race in 2017! Plus, great OBR talk and American Royal recaps with the winners!!

Ray Lampe joins me in his normal 1st Tuesday of the month spot. We talked about his new radio show and his thoughts on the American Royal Open low team count. Then Travis Clark from Clark Crew BBQ and winner of the American Royal Invitational joined me to recap his big win this past weekend!! He also said that he is going to […]

Duration: 02:01:14

The Monolith Grills is now for sale, Tim Schopp Talks Death Door and a look ahead to the American Royal!

Bob Trudnak from The BBQ Guru. Tim Schopp of Tim’s Full Belli Deli Chris Marks from Good One Smokers and Three Little Pigs BBQ Team Shop at Amazon? Now you can help the show while you shop Amazon. If you save this link, the show will get a small % of your purchase that will be re-invested back […]

Duration: 02:01:03

MMA Creative and KCBS to part ways at the end of 2017!! Embedded Correspondents Segment wins again!!

Max Good stopped by for his normal segment and talked about the review of Myron Mixon’s smokers. We specifically talked about the water smoker. We also talked about the policy on having a grill company “pick up the expenses” for a potential review. The BBQ Central embedded correspondents segment was a hit again!! Now […]

Duration: 01:56:37

BREAKING NEWS: Cookin’ Pellets announces new “Apple Mash” flavor now available for sale!

BBQ Hall of Famer, Cooking class instructor, and cookbook author, Steven Raichlen was supposed to show up…but something happened and it didn’t happen…I will look to re-load soon! Brett Gallaway from the Steak Cooking Association gets us caught up on what has been happening and tells of a story where one of his contestants took a top […]

Duration: 02:00:20

Smithfield wants to give you $5,000 for grilling, Meatheads re-visits the stall and Reggie Kelly stops by for a visit too!

Meathead Goldwyn from stopped by to discuss some Facebook question we got that included when to wrap ribs, what the stall is, should LPG be allowed in competition BBQ and so forth. Former NFL great Reggie Kelly visited during the 2nd hour to talk about his new Kyvan products that are hitting the market…he also […]

Duration: 01:59:52

The Guy Who Had His 1,700lb BBQ Pit Stolen Over The Weekend Is On THIS Show!! Also, Gator Pit Making a Pellet Cooker???!!

Welcome to August, Centralites!! While 2017 is rapidly coming to a close, your BBQ health still needs to be monitored. Helping us keep you in check, is monthly guest Ray Lampe for the Ask Dr. BBQ segment. Rick Baker from Alfresco Homes talked about the Fornetto charcoal oven at 9:35pm Eastern. Ritchey Robin from Gator Pit talked […]

Duration: 02:01:12

What does “Made in America REALLY Mean?? Plus a incredible segment with the Official Embedded Correspondents of the show.

Max Good, from, stops by for his normal 4th Tuesday of the month segment. Tonight, we will discuss what “Made in America REALLY means. We will also cover a few items that Max has been tinkering with as well. Also on the 4th Tuesday of each month, the newest segment (not officially named yet) finds us getting back together […]

Duration: 01:57:38

To allow propane cookers in competitions or not??!! Steven Raichlen talks about how to write a book…and more!!

Steven Raichlen, from Barbecue Bible, stops by for his normal 3rd Tuesday of the month segment. Tonight, we will be talking about the completion of his newest book, the Project Smoke TV show, the best summer cocktails and more. In the 2nd hour, I will be joined by 2017 BBQ Hall of Famer and owner of Head Country, Paul Schatte. […]

Duration: 02:09:30

Recap of Grillstock 2017 From Dr. BBQ And We Talk To a 14 time Emmy Award Winner (Sam The Cooking Guy) in the 2nd hour!!

On the show tonight: Ray Lampe (Dr. BBQ) comes through to talk about the 2017 version of Grillstock in England…also some other stuff!! Jason King talk about what it takes to have a GOOD YouTube Channel! In the 2nd hour, Sam The Cooking Guy stops by and talks about his awards, Canada Day, the 4th of July and walks […]

Duration: 02:00:42

The Smithfield Grant will be BACK in 2018!! Max Good talks Myron Mixon Smokers and Sheri Gray talks Pork Tenderloin Sammiches!!

Max Good from stops by for his normal 4th Tuesday of the month spot. Tonight we will be talking about the best “High-Tec” Gear for the BBQ and Grilling season. Tonight I introduce the newest segment to the show…this will (potentially) be a once per month installment with the BBQ Central Show “Official embedded correspondents”. There are currently (3) […]

Duration: 02:01:57

Blake Carson mentions that the entire legal system is set up for extortion & Steven Raichlen talks about BBQ University!

Steven Raichlen from The Barbecue Bible stops by for his normal 3rd Tuesday of the month segment. Tonight we cover BBQ University, the upcoming 4th of July holiday, Summer trends and Texas BBQ. Brett Gallaway from the SCA stops by to talk about some of the big events that have taken place since our visit last […]

Duration: 01:59:57

Meathead says DON’T cook steaks caveman style and Jess Pryles has a new pit on the market for you to check out!

Meathead Goldwyn from stops by for his normal 2ndTuesday of the month segments. Tonight we cover the questions you asked from the Facebook page…and more! In the 2nd hour, I will be joined by Jess Pryles. We will cover a bunch of industry topics to include her new BBQ Pit partnership and tlalk about […]

Duration: 01:58:48

BBQ Legend Paul Schatte talks about the origins of Head Country BBQ Sauce plus Fervor Gas grill talk!!

Keeping up with BBQ legends coming on the show, Paul Schatte from Head Country BBQ joins me to talk about his history in the industry…both business and competition BBQ. I will also talk with Mike Lang from theAnother Pint Please food blog. In the 2nd hour I will be joined by Rick Baker, the Brand […]

Duration: 01:56:33

First Interview with 2017 BBQ Hall of Famer Jeff Stehney (Slaughterhouse Five & Joes KC)

Andy Husbands and Chris Hart join me in the first hour to talk about their new cookbook entitled “Pitmaster“. Sterling Ball from Big Poppa Smokers stops by (around 10:14pm Eastern) to recap his big win in Nevada this past weekend and I also meet BBQ Legend Jeff Stehney for the first time (around 10:35pm Eastern) […]

Duration: 02:00:14

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